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Embroidery Sources Of Inspiration

Updated on April 6, 2012

Creative Embroidery Stitches Design Ideas

If you are interested or have a hobby in creative embroidery, which you can also called creative stitchery, then you will need to have several sources of ideas and inspiration that you can find almost everywhere.

  • You can find the creative stitchery inspiration from flowers or tree leaves
  • Watch when there is fireworks. The sparkling of fireworks can trigger creative idea for your embroidery project.
  • You may be inspired by placing different colors of threads against several colors of fabrics.
  • As a motivated beginner to creative embroider stitchery, you can base your project idea by copying pictures or simply cut a small area of pictures to serve as inspiration.
  • These are other areas that many embroidery designers have found ideas: illustration from children's books, colorful images within magazine pages, greeting cards, such as Christmas or birthday cards, colors found in wrapping papers.
  • There is no limit to the areas of inspirations that you can find for your embroidery works
  • You can use your creative imagination to express colors and stitchery design relationships. This you can accomplish by combining threads and types of stitches on fabrics in your projects.


Embroidery Shapes And Colors

Do not bother yourself too much about the shapes or how the stitchery will form or how the colors of the stitches will look on the embroidery project.

What you should concentrate on is how you can become involve in making the visual image to look more of a creative stitchery illustration.

When you are used to embroidery creation, you will notice that you may not need any inspiration or ideas from anything, because you may have had enough experience you need to explore the creative stitching projects on your own.

Creative Embroidery Inspirations From Nature

Many embroidery designers have also discovered inspirations in:

  • Water
  • Patterns in clouds
  • Different weather conditions
  • Plant life
  • Vegetation in water
  • Fish
  • Coral
  • Seaweeds
  • Shells
  • Insects
  • Birds and others

Embroidery Inspirations Around The Home

These are some of the objects in the home you can find inspirations from:

  • Your home decorations and ornaments
  • Different fruit in bowls
  • Flowers that are placed in a jar of water
  • Several sweets in a glass jar
  • Try to observe objects that lie flat or curved on any surface
  • Watch how the reflections of light on water looks

Embroidery Ideas From Entertainment Areas

Entertainment is another area you can get inspirations from:

  • Amusement parks apparatus
  • Magician shows
  • Circus
  • Colors of flickering neon lights
  • Different colors that comes with tents
  • Colorful imagery from your computer

Embroidery Inspiration Video

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