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Inspired To Knit

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

From the title, you might expect the book to be design oriented, teaching you how to design your own knitting patterns. Instead, you see the author take us from her source of inspiration to the resulting pattern. There are many books out there on how to design a knitting pattern; how many stitches, different kinds of decreases, general shapes for garments. But there is a huge difference between knowing how to design something and knowing WHAT to design.

The inspiration sources are clear, and it can really get you thinking about what inspires you. (Personally, I keep a notebook where I can scribble ideas for knitting patterns.) There are "Design Workshops" amongst the patterns, and these are helpful for someone who wants to design but doesn't know where to start.

Would I knit every one of these patterns? No, but a lot of them are beautiful and inspiring in of themselves. Walk in the Woods Jacket has some of the most beautiful color work then I've ever seen in a knitting book. There are flowers that travel over the garment in splashes of brilliant color. I love the Snowdrift Cardigan (cover pattern), and how there are cables that circle the sleeves cuffs like bracelets. The Wedding Ensemble is not something that I would wear to my wedding, but the cap sleeved top is stunning, with little buttons running down the back to close it.

I think it is important as for all designers to consider their sources of inspiration. If you collect images or thoughts that inspire you, and save them in one place, you can then channel those great thoughts into the creation of something beautiful. I will certainly say that this book inspired me!

Inspired To Knit

Walk in the Woods Jacket has some of the most beautiful color work then I've ever seen in a knitting

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The Best Section

Finding Inspiration: This section makes me think of Project Runway and inspiration challenges. She is really designing fashion as much as knitware, and this chapter has good tips for how to turn the things that inspire you into knitting!

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Inspired to Knit
Inspired to Knit

Four mini workshops with 24 patterns and spectacular photography in this compilation help knitters think creatively, find inspiration in their surroundings, and shape those elements into garment design. Stunning patterns are arranged by season, reflecting the colors and beauty of nature that inspire feminine designs. From an amber-beaded cardigan that captures the feeling of hay fields drying in the sun to a long, belted coat with a spray of coral roses inspired by flowers in local markets to an intarsia jacket that evokes memories of a fall hike in a forest, each pattern is rich with color, detailing, and romantic knitting style. The design workshops throughout this guidebook challenge knitters to find inspiration in their surroundings, build color palettes, swatch creatively through knitting and sketching, and finesse their style and fit.

S. Charles Collezione: 27 Luxurious & Vibrant Designs (Knitting) (Fall/Winter 2006 Collection)
S. Charles Collezione: 27 Luxurious & Vibrant Designs (Knitting) (Fall/Winter 2006 Collection)

The sophisticated designs in this collection are enhanced by the textures and luxuriousness of the S. Charles Collezione yarns used to create them. Patterns include jackets and coats, cardigans and pullovers. 27 Luxurious & Vibrant designs.


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