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Artist Jack Jiang Influences Tattoo Art with Asian Style

Updated on June 22, 2012

Artist Jack Jiang's booth was a hit attraction at the 17th Annual NC Tattoo Convention held in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lots of people stood by to watch him work, and purchased some of his artistic creations to take home.

You can see from the pictures that Jack's style of artwork has an influence on tattoo art. Asian artwork from various countries is often incorporated in tattoo art. The art of tattooing, itself, began in the far away East, in the countries of Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Enjoy the pictures from Jack Jiang's booth as well as a video of the artist working on a hand painted print. Don't forget to check out the links to other events from the convention.


Jack Jiang Working on a Print

Right and Below:

Jack Jiang's booth at the tattoo convention contained a variety of books, jewelry, and decorative artworks. There were several types of hand carved wooden masks on display.


At Right:

One of the popular items Jack sold at the show were custom carved ink stampers. Jack carved requested symbols into the bottom of stone stampers, which he then used to create a unique custom print.


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      prozema 5 years ago

      Obviously you are an accomplished artist. On hubpages we expect interesting articles. This piece reads like an advertisement. Perhaps you could write hubs on the history of Asian art or artistic techniques. Write hubs on interesting symbols and styles. Explain the inspiration and philosophy behind the pieces. Repeating key words like "Asian Art" would bring more traffic to your page. You can still offer links in the articles or put your website on your author profile. I think you'd get the response you're looking for.