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Janome vs Brother - The First Sewing Machine

Updated on September 15, 2014

The Best Starter Sewing Machine

You are looking for your first sewing machine, and you certainly have the names of the big ones, Brother, Janome, Singer, Bernina, and you wonder which one is the right one for you? You will hear opinions from sewing machine owners swearing by their maker, some of us have more than one maker and we love all of them.

As an owner of two sewing machines, actually my wife is the owner, but she would let me sometimes to use them, I was always tempted to make comparisons between the two. This page will show you my findings about the top sewing machines makers.

Singer sewing machine the patent model; Photo Credit: cliff1066
Singer sewing machine the patent model; Photo Credit: cliff1066

Janome vs Brother vs Singer

Janome vs Brother vs Singer the Best Sewing Machine

There was a time when Singer was the number one competitor on the sewing machines market, and their machines are known for their reliability, many people still use old Singer machines. They just don't die. This has changed in the present days, the best sewing manufacturers make equally reliable machines, with comparable features at reasonable prices.
The best, and most known companies for sewing machines are Janome, Singer, Brother, and Bernina. Other great manufacturers are: Viking, Husky, Elna, BabyLock, and Pfaff.

My wife was very fond of her old Singer, and we still have that machine, and we sometimes still use it for odd jobs from time to time. However, we also bought a newer Brother sewing machine. I had to use my special persuasion skills to convince my wife to try the Brother, and when she did she immediately loved the machine.

Janome was a love at first sight, when my wife helped her sister with a project, and she had to use her sewing machine. She said she absolutely loved it, and if she had to decide between the Brother and the Janome it would be very difficult. This is the story with us buyers today, the three manufacturers are very strong on the market, and they gracefully compete to bring us the best products. All the machines are very reliable, fully featured, and they are great for any start-up sewing machine.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The Janome 2212 is an entry level sewing machine that excels in almost every aspect. It is not a computerized machine, and because of this has less stitch options, but realistically, it's more than you need as a beginner.

The fewer stitching options might look like a disadvantage, but it is also an advantage, because the mechanical machines are simpler, hence less things to break. It is very reliable, and it has a great look and feel. It is a simple machine, it has all of the needed features for a beginner, and it just doesn't break, if you take care of it.

This machine is very easy to carry, it is not heavy, and you can take it to your sewing classes easily. It is just great from this perspective.

  • Easy turn dial pattern selection
  • 12 built-in stitches including a four-step buttonhole
  • 25 years warranty
  • Stitch width adjustment and length adjustment ensures ease of use
  • It is easy to carry around weighing under 13 lbs
  • Hook-Free Arm
  • Maximum Speed: 860Dial Pattern Selector
  • Manual Tension Control
  • Drop Feed Dog
  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Built-In Thread Cutter
  • Zigzag Width Adjustment
  • Max Zigzag Width: 5mm
  • Stitch Length Adjustment
  • Max Stitch Length: 4mm
  • 0-2.5 Stitch Length For Reverse Stitch
  • Two Retractable, Vertical Spool Pins
  • Slit Type Take Up Lever
  • Incandescent Lamp
  • Push-Pull Bobbin Winder

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine
Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

This is the perfect first sewing machine, because it is a simple machine it is simple to operate, and the learning process should not be very difficult.


Janome DC2012 Sewing Machine Video Presentation

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

The Brother CE7070PRW is another starter sewing machine, it is about the same price as the Janome 2012, and is also a good fit for the first sewing machine.

What sets it apart from the Janome is the 70 stitches. You have all the basic stitches and a lot of decorative stitches, if this is something you might need as a beginner, then this machine is for you.

Being a computerized sewing machine, it has more options than a mechanical one. Among the most important features are the 70 stitches, the built in one-step buttonholes, and seven specialty feet for buttons, zippers, monogramming, etc...

  • LCD display screen with easy stitch selector
  • Professional, elegant buttonholes
  • Wide table for larger projects
  • Easy threading, with automatic needle threader
  • LED lamp
  • Convenient stitch chart
  • Quick-set bobbin
  • Needleplate markings
  • 25 years warranty
  • 70 stitches
  • 7 one-step buttonholes
  • Complete set of accessories

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table
Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table

If you are looking for more bang for your buck this is a winner, and do not forget that these machines are used by the Project Runway show.


Brother Sewing Machine Tutorial

SINGER 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

It wouldn't be fair to not include a Singer in our review, especially that we own one. It features 100 stitches and 6 fully automatic one-step buttonholes. It includes a full set of accessories.

  • 25 years warranty
  • 100 stitches
  • 15 pounds
  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • 10 specialty feet included in the accessory list
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Programmable stitch width and length
  • 6 automatic one-step buttonholes

SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with 76 Decorative Stitches, Automatic Needle Threader and Bonus Accessories, Best Sewing Machine for Quilting
SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with 76 Decorative Stitches, Automatic Needle Threader and Bonus Accessories, Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

The Singer 7258 stylist is a great machine for a beginner, and it includes even features for more advanced operations so will not need to replace it soon, with a more complex one.


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    • notsuperstitious1 profile image

      Edith Rose 3 years ago from Canada

      Right now I own a Pfaff sewing machine, but if I ever have to replace it, I would choose Brother.