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Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Games - Turn your Photo into a Jigsaw Puzzle

Updated on April 25, 2009

Photo Puzzles and Puzzle Games

Jigsaw puzzles have been one of the most popular puzzle games since the mid 1700s when a map maker from London, John Spilsbury, first created commercially available puzzles.

They have endured for hundreds of years because of the fascination people have with creating order from chaos, an image from a fractured box of meaningless color. The reward of finally completing the jigsaw puzzle is always deeply satisfying.

Unlike many puzzles, jigsaw puzzles have the added bonus of providing the successful puzzler with something enjoyable to look at - a beautiful scene, a famous work of art, a map, or some other picture which can be kept as something to enjoy for its own sake. It is for this reason jigsaw puzzles continue to be as popular today as they have ever been and appeal to a wide audience and age range.

What has changed is the ability to create high quality personalized jigsaws from photographs you supply. This has resulted in this widespread popularity of Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. One of the leading suppliers of these is Photographs can now be scanned into a computer, or simply transferred directly from a digital camera allowing people to purchase jigsaw puzzles that use their own photograph or artwork.

Photo Puzzles and where we are today!

Personalized jigsaw puzzles have been around for quite a while now, but what many people don't realise is just how much the manufacturing process has developed in the past few years.

Early examples of personalized jigsaws were often fairly flimsy affairs, limited in size and offering only a few puzzle pieces. This resulted in a puzzle which was small, easy to complete, and not very satisfying. Today the situation is different.

It is now possible to order a large jigsaw puzzle based on any photograph you supply. Puzzles are now manufactured to a very high quality standard, the same of better that you would buy in your local store.

High quality personalized puzzles are now available in a wide range of sizes and piece counts catering to a more demanding market. These puzzles provide more choice, more durability, and even more of a challenge!

Poster sized puzzles can now be produced with 1000 or more pieces displaying your favourite photo or artwork. Your photos will never look so good or given you so much fun.

Quality has also improved dramatically in recent years with excellent printing quality, and high grade cardboard with good quality adhesive now being used. Today's technology also allows the manufacturers to enlarged, enhanced and corrected your photo so it produces the best possible looking puzzle.

Don't however take quality for granted as all suppliers are not created equal. As a general rule, buying a personalized jigsaw puzzle from one of the larger suppliers such as is a safe bet and will give you and your family hours of fun.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzlesfrom

Turn your favorite phototographs into high quality Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. This is a great way to enjoy your photos and makes a unique gift to give someone close to you. Ordering is easy! Select the puzzle size you want below and upload your image file.

Kids Puzzle Sizes

30 piece Puzzle (Price $15.95)

48 piece puzzle (Price $15.95)

100 piece puzzle (Price $20.95)

165 piece puzzle (Price $19.95)

240 piece puzzle (Price $20.95)

Adult Puzzle Sizes

300 piece puzzle (Price $25.95)

500 piece puzzle (Price $35.95)

672 piece puzzle (Price $69.95)

Xtra Large Puzzle Sizes

1200 piece puzzle (Price $139.95)

1500 piece puzzle (Price $159.95)

Panoramic Puzzle Sizes

750 piece puzzle (Price $59.95)

1000 piece puzzle (Price $99.95)

Large Piece Puzzles

35 piece puzzle (Price $25.95)

70 piece puzzle (Price $69.95)

105 piece puzzle (Price $99.95)

Get Personal with your Photos

Personalization and More Choice is the Future!

The photos you take always tell a unique story capturing that special event or experience. There is really nothing more personal than these memories - moments in time captured on camera. That's why using your photos to create a personalized photo puzzle for someone close to you is a great gift idea. You're not only giving a unique and fun present, but bringing life to those special memories.

The possibilities for a Photo Puzzle are unlimited and offer a great gift idea for all types of events and celebrations. Birthdays, Family Reunions and retirement gift are all popular times to give a personalized photo puzzle.

21st Birthday Picture Puzzle

21st Birthday Picture Puzzle
21st Birthday Picture Puzzle

Wedding Anniversary Gift

with that Personalized Touch

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles say it all when you're looking to give an unusual gift with a personalized touch for a special occasion.

They are perfect for wedding anniversaries to surprise your wife or husband with a gift made from a special photo of a treasured time in your life, presented in a fun and unique way. Even better is that you get to pick the memory!

You can choose your favorite wedding picture; a photo of the two of you on your honeymoon; or perhaps a picture of the family and kids.

A Photo Puzzle is extra special as it's not only brings fun in itself, but it's the one gift that also brings back happy memories. Every time they look for a piece of the puzzle, they will be thinking of that special time in their life.

Family Christmas Puzzle

Family Christmas Puzzle
Family Christmas Puzzle

Photo Puzzles can also have fun practical uses as well.

A unique way to announce your party of event is to use smaller postcard puzzles and send these out as invitations. What a novel and creative way to send an invitation! Use them for birthdays, parties, special announcements or as a giveaway gift. You can create silly and funny ones that children will simply love to put together.

For that really special anniversary or announcement, why not use a photo puzzle to surprise your partner with a second honeymoon or a unique gift they have always wanted. Just incorporate the clues or words into the puzzle that reveal the secret. Think of the surprise on their face as they gradually realize the contents of the special message within the puzzle. It's a great way to surprise someone!

After the puzzle has been solved and the last piece put in its place, the enjoyment does not stop here. A personalized photo puzzle get made time and time again because it's not just the fun of the puzzle, but the memories that go with it that add to the fun. What better way to spend a few hours solving a picture puzzle made from a happy memory? Another popular idea is to frame the completed photo puzzle and hung it on the way. This is a great way of remembering not just the fun, but the memories that the photo puzzle displays. The Photo Puzzle is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

1st Anniversary Picture Puzzle

1st Anniversary Picture Puzzle
1st Anniversary Picture Puzzle was launched 2004 and since then we have manufactured and sold thousands of personalized photo jigsaw puzzles and photo collage puzzles to customer all around the world. We have a two professional graphics designs on staff to adjust and enhance each and every image they receive to ensure that the finished puzzle looks the best it can be.

Our puzzles are printed as professional photo enlargements offering a level or quality and durability that matches or surpasses some of the best puzzles available on the market.

It would be our privilege to make a puzzle for you based on any artwork or image file you supply to us. To place an order for a photo puzzle or photo collage puzzle, just visit our site, choose the puzzle size you want and upload your image at the time of placing your order. Visit our website for more details.

Tell us what you think. Please leave your comments below.

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    • BunnyFabulous profile image

      BunnyFabulous 5 years ago from Central Florida

      These look like really nice puzzles. Would be really sweet for a grandparent who likes puzzles. They could put together pictures of their grandkids.

    • BunnyFabulous profile image

      BunnyFabulous 5 years ago from Central Florida

      These look like really nice puzzles. Would be really sweet for a grandparent who likes puzzles. They could put together pictures of their grandkids.

    • BunnyFabulous profile image

      BunnyFabulous 5 years ago from Central Florida

      These look like really nice puzzles. Would be really sweet for a grandparent who likes puzzles. They could put together pictures of their grandkids.

    • profile image

      themissingpiece 5 years ago

      We also make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles and our are made of the best materials in the industry. Personalized gifts are absolutely fun

      The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

    • caronia profile image

      caronia 6 years ago

      love to put them togheter, help me to put away everything from my mind and relax !!!

    • KandH profile image

      KandH 6 years ago

      I had no idea you were on Squidoo, I recommended your website to a friend of mine who is honing his photography skills because I thought he should look into getting some of his images of Barbados made into puzzles and this would be a great place for him to start - as I told him: they would make great gifts and I would definitely buy them :) I will be sure to follow up with him!

    • profile image

      Spikey64 6 years ago

      What a great find this lens was I have been agonising over what to buy my neice for her 21st birthday. She will love a 21st jigsaw. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      A well written and interesting lens! It is obvious that with things changing and getting better than they were in the past, these puzzles show the changing times. It is amazing what can be done these days! And for the relative or family member that has everything, a personalized puzzle would be the perfect gift - at a reasonable price too! It proves that the best gifts do not always have to cost the most!

    • profile image

      LKUnlimited 6 years ago

      I just think this is such an original idea for a gift, especially for those on our gift lists who are puzzle lovers. I can think of so many creative ideas for these photo puzzles, and so many gift giving occasions where they'd be especially appreciated.

    • profile image

      lumpy22 6 years ago

      Nice lens I am reading your one after another.

    • profile image

      kpcwriting2 7 years ago

      Awesome lens and great ideas for a super and unique present. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      barrycrow60 7 years ago

      I am a collector of the puzzles and i do have thousand of it at home.

    • profile image

      johnnyhide 7 years ago

      Since i was a child i receive a puzzle as a gift and i love it so much.

    • profile image

      dickfeind 7 years ago

      Yes, with their picture they will have the good mood to play with it.

    • profile image

      kate00moss 7 years ago

      Wow this is good. Hope parents will give attention on this.

    • profile image

      tiffanydiamonde 7 years ago

      This is a good alternative instead of computer games.

    • profile image

      jcarmen33 7 years ago

      It gives your children a good IQ.

    • profile image

      texasprojectw 7 years ago

      i love photo puzzles.

    • profile image

      crystalshane777 7 years ago

      Cool lens love it guys.

    • sanukmak profile image

      sanukmak 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Greg, we would be happy to make these up for you. Please email us at sales(at) and I will provide you with a quotation.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I'm interested in making a puzzle to market, what would the cost be for say 100 puzzles to start with 250 pieces of a picture I furnish?

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I have a large poster and would like to have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. Can you do this?

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I recently came across your blog and found very valuble information. Keep it up!

    • profile image

      art4thehomeless 8 years ago

      That's really cool.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      A brilliant idea. I didn't ever think of such a great idea until my son and daughter in law had their wedding picture done.As a family we have always enjoyed doing puzzles.

      I have already started looking through my pictures to find one to 'puzzle'


    • Superwife profile image

      Superwife 9 years ago

      you have a very cool lens here, totally lensrolled to my scrapbooking for cool girls!

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 9 years ago from Croatia

      You are one of October graduates! Come by and answer few questions to show the way to those who will follow! Wish you many, many more great lenses!

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 9 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      Before my Squidoo days I used to do a lot of jigsaw puzzles on the computer. I made the pieces really, really small so that I had to group shapes and color before I did anything else. Thanks for posting this lens.. I just might have to do a puzzle soon. Ggggg 5*s, fan, favorite and lensrolled to my favorite lens.

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 9 years ago from Croatia

      This lens entered Fresh Squid Contest for November as one of the lenses that has been featured on Fresh Squid group during October!

    • profile image

      SteveThorn 9 years ago

      We have developed an iPhone jigsaw puzzle game for the iPhone: Puzzoodle Jigsaw.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I loved jigsaw puzzles growing up, and think it really helps a child to develop their problem solving and visualization skills. I think a family photo puzzle would be a great way to get a child interested in puzzles! Thanks!

    • Paula Atwell profile image

      Paula Atwell 9 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Gifts for the holidays????? Hmmmmm . . .

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 9 years ago from Croatia

      Welcome to Fresh Squid group! Glad to have you aboard!

    • James20 profile image

      James20 9 years ago

      This is a fun thing to do with your kids. I have done some with my son.


    • WhitU4ever profile image

      WhitU4ever 9 years ago

      What a great idea! Puzzles are a fantastic activity for the winter months, and these seem like a great gift... one that adds incentive to glue it together and frame it for a spot on the memory-wall.

    • profile image

      saraht43 9 years ago

      Jigsaw puzzles are lots of fun. Great lens.

    • Robyco profile image

      Robyco 9 years ago

      More great jigsaw ideas, wonderful.

    • profile image

      dandepp 9 years ago

      Interesting and amazingly in depth lens on jigsaw puzzles - apparently I was rather good at them when I was 2 years old, though I think Ive lost brain cells since then! 5 stars!

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I want my photo on a jigsaw! I want my moment of fame! But seriously, I know just the photos I want turned into puzzles (and they're not of me). And, as you suggest, taking the completed photo puzzle, framing it and hanging it on the wall would double and quadruple the memories. A wonderful idea. And a wonderful lens to feature it too. Let's see if the 5* I give you can be made into a puzzle of "with 1000 or more pieces" :)

    • MatCauthon profile image

      MatCauthon 9 years ago

      A very nice gift idea? How many pieces is the biggest puzzle set? 5*

    • Haveagood1 profile image

      Haveagood1 9 years ago

      Good lens! I love jigsaw puzzles.

    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 9 years ago from Edinburgh

      Very nice lens :)

    • Stazjia profile image

      Carol Fisher 9 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

      I enjoy doing jigsaw occasionally - when I can tear myself away from the computer! I didn't know you could get your own photos on a jigsaw. Good lens

    • profile image

      CubicleJoe 9 years ago

      All your jigsaw puzzles are neat. Great for everyone and for any occasion.

    • BFunivcom profile image

      Allan R. Wallace 9 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

      My father used to love jigsaw puzzles, he would even frame completed ones and hang them in the patio. I can imagine taking a picture, say of the ship he served on in WW2, and giving it to him in a box, ready to be assembled.

    • ArtByLinda profile image

      Linda Hoxie 9 years ago from Idaho

      Christmas is coming up, these would make great christmas gifts, wouldn't they!

    • profile image

      ChristiannaGarrett-Martin 9 years ago

      This is such a great idea! Brilliant Lens.

      5 Stars -


    • DividingLine profile image

      DividingLine 9 years ago

      These jigsaws really do make a wonderful personal gift.

    • profile image

      saraht43 9 years ago

      I so want one of these. Gotta decide which of my many photos I want on it.