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How To Make Jolly Elves Christmas Craft

Updated on January 24, 2015

Making Jolly Elves Christmas Craft Brings A Smile To All

Looking for a fun Christmas craft you and your children will enjoy making?

These Jolly Elves featured at the Parents Magazine site are fun and easy to make.

In a short time you will have several of these little guys complete to give to teachers, babysitters, coaches, family, and friends!

You can use any color combination to customize your elves to show your school spirit with school colors, favorite team colors, or fashion the elves in holiday colors of green and red.

This article will share the items needed, resources for the items needed, and steps and tips to help making the Jolly Elves a fun time for all!

Here's What You Will Need

The items needed to complete a Jolly Elf (who can make just one though?) are Chenille Stems, Beads, Bell, and Felt.

Items Needed to Make the Jolly Elves Christmas Craft

  • To Make an Elf You Will Need:

* One whole chenille stem and half a stem

* Small and large beads

* Wooden face bead

* Small jingle bell

* Felt

* Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive

* Scissors

* Ribbon

How To Make Jolly Elves

Step by Step Instructions With Tips Below

Start with making the Elf Hat first:

Use a tealight, or something that size, on a piece of cardstock to make a template. Cut out the circle and place on felt. Trace around the template and cut out of the felt. Cut the felt circle in half, this will leave you with two elf hats. With the rounded edge facing down, bring the two ends together and glue with the hot melt gun, leaving an opening at the top of the hat.

Next, make the Elf Scarf:

The scarves are 1/2" W and 4" long. Measure and cut on a piece of cardboard stock to make a template. Place template on felt and trace. Cut the scarf so that it is a 1/2-x-4-inch piece of felt. Create fringes at the ends with scissors. Next fold the top of the scarf at the 1-1/2" mark and make a 3/4" cut with scissors. This slit will be used to "tie" the scarf around the elf's neck by passing opposite end of scar to pass through.

And now for the Elf Body

To make the Elf Body:

First, using a full length chenille stem, fold it in half.

Next, place the following four materials in the following order onto the bent point about halfway down the chenille stem: 1) large bead for body, 2) face bead, 3) felt hat, 4) small jingle bell.

Leave about 3/4 inch above the jingle bell and shape the stem into a loop.

Then, starting on opposite ends, make the Elf Legs and Feet: Thread 4 small beads onto each leg and bend the ends to form feet.

To make the Elf Arms and Hands, and Scarf: Use the half chenille stem to make arms by centering and twisting around the elf's neck area. Thread 4 small beads onto each arm and bend the ends to form hands. Wrap the scarf around the elf's neck,

Lastly: Thread your coordinating thread ribbon through the top loop and hang on tree, presents, door knobs, wreaths, anywhere the little Elves can be seen to bring a Smile to All!

Jolly Elves Supply List and Tips!

Find out where to get your supplies for the little guys here!:

Chenille stems: We found ours at Michaels crafts. You can also purchase the Jolly Elves Craft Pipe Cleaners at Amazon. They are 12" or 6mm long. They are the super thick variety, however the "standard" or non super thick stems seem to work better with the beads and bell going into position easier.

Large and Small beads: I found the Large wooden beads used for the body also at Michaels, but these Large Wooden Beads at Amazon look very similar. The beads from Michael's are round and the diameter of the inner circle is spacious. The selling price for the pack of 35 was $2.99. For the small beads used for the arms and legs, small wooden beads in primary colors look best. The shine on pony beads can be a bit distracting.

Smiley Face Beads: You will want the 25mm Smiley Faces that are available at Sunshine Crafts. or Oriental Trading also offers the smiley face beads.

Felt: Any craft store will have felt, including Sunshine Crafts. Go with the standard weight felt though, the heavier weight is chunky and not as easy to work with when "tying" the elf scarf or fashioning the elf hat. The scarves are 4" long and 1/2" wide. Most pieces of felt are 12" long, netting you 3 scarves per 1/2"W horizontal cut. The hats are also felt. I just checked at and they do have felt pieces if you want to order them online.

Tip: The Parents Magazine craft directions call for a semi circle from a 1-1/2" circle, I found a typical tealight candle to be just the right size to use to trace a pattern for making the felt hats. Cut the circle in half and then wrap and glue the right and left points together to form a cone, leaving an opening for the chenille stem.

Bells: The bells we purchased and are using are the 12mm gold bells we found at Michaels crafts. The opening for use with the super thick chenille stem is a little tight, but with a little patience, the bell fits onto and slides down the stem to sit atop the elf hat. It might be easier using a larger, 13mm Jingle Bells since they are a bit larger.

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    • anne mohanraj profile image

      anne mohanraj 5 years ago

      Really cuate and creative! Thanks for sharing!

    • psiloveyou1 profile image

      psiloveyou1 6 years ago

      very cute project!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Love the Jolly Elves Christmas Crafts idea. These little guys are precious and seem easy enough to make. Thanks for sharing!