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Jump Photos

Updated on August 23, 2017

Jump Photos by Philippe Halsman : Have They Started a Trend?

Think of the word "jump." What comes to mind? Jump photos show someone in the midst of a jump and reveal something about the person you don't see at other moments.

At least that is what Philippe Halsman believed when he set out to create his series of photos of famous people in the midst of a jump. Halsman was able to capture a wide variety of famous jumpers, from Marilyn Monroe to Richard Nixon to Fred Astaire. Movie stars, politicians, artists, and academics were among Halsman's jumpers. The video below is a fun way to see some of these photos, though the books on this page will have even more Halsman photos.

Photos of people jumping taken by other photographers are becoming trendy, too. There was a facebook page in which all kinds of people post jump photos they have taken of their friends.

This hub will highlight some of the jump photos of Philippe Halsman and show you where you can purchase some of the books that showcase these celebrity photos.

Philippe Halsman's Jump Book

Philippe Halsman's Jump Book. 1986. Paper.
Philippe Halsman's Jump Book. 1986. Paper.

Unforgettable Photos of Celebrities.


Philippe Halsman: Jump

Unknown Halsman

Unknown Halsman
Unknown Halsman

A Book about Philippe Halsman and His Photographs


Philippe Halsman's Jump Photos - Wheeee!

Are you familiar with Philippe Halsman's Photos?

Iconic Photos of Marilyn Monroe - by Philippe Halsman

Surprising Celebrity Photos

Jumping for the Camera

Back in the seventies, I studied photography with a master of large format nature photographs. Celebrity portrait and fashion photography was not something I paid a lot of attention to at the time. Still, although I don't remember Philippe Hallsman's name, his photos are so iconic that they pop right out at anyone who remembers those days and the great stars and public figures he highlighted in his odd way.

I would have loved being there in the room while he tried to convince Richard Nixon to take a leap. Marilyn Monroe or Fred Astaire were probably eager to try the idea. Everyone who agreed to jump appears in photos that are quite surprising which give novel depictions of the jumper. Maybe many of them felt the photos would give the public a fresh view of their personalities, a chance to spruce up their images, so to speak.

What a stroke of genius to make jumping a prerequisite for a photo! Not only how did Halsman get famous people to agree to do it, but what were they thinking when they complied, and what was he seeing in them while clicking the shutter? What a fun idea!

Salvatore Dali Photos by Halsman - Silly Artist with the Famous Mustache

Even Cats Jump in One of These Photos - Great Hitchcock Photo in This Video, Too

Jump Up!

Photos of Delight

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of the jump photos of Philippe Halsman. Whether you are already familiar with these photos or whether you are seeing them for the first time, you must admit that they were a novel idea for their time and hold an interest for us even now. There is something to Halsman's idea that a person reveals something of themselves in the midst of a jump that is often hidden at other times when they are photographed.

Most of these people Halsman photographed were celebrities of one kind or another and so were used to having their picture taken by the media and others and to having their image plastered in magazines, billboards, and elsewhere. Still, many celebrities looked forward to Halsman's depictions of them. Why? Must be that something is released doing something as silly as these jumps. A person is freed in some way and is able to be who they are.

Some less famous people fascinated with the idea of jump photos post their own friends in the midst of a jump online in a photo gallery. You may be interested in checking out some of these photos or even of adding to the collection with photos of your own friends and family members jumping.

Philippe Halsman Talks with Leonard Nimoy - From 1973 T.V.

What Do You Think About Jump Photos? - Philippe Halsman's or Those of Other Photographers?

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