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Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern - Knit Free Patterns

Updated on September 12, 2014

Knitted Leg Warmers

There are many uses of knit leg warmers. Leg warmers are part of fashion styles if you wear them the right way.

Leg warmers can be worn with other garments to give an extravagant fashion look. It can be worn with skirts, preferably mini skirts or tights.

Knit legwarmers can be worn with flat shoes such as sneakers. The leggies should go over the shoes to make it look very impressive.

Many people wear their warmies over their jeans to make it look like knee or ankle length boots.

The right way of wearing leg warmer is to either wear it at knee level or below the knee and never above the knees.

Below are some of the easy to knit patterns that knitting beginners and intermediate knitters can use.


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Leg warmers Knitting Patterns

I will list about three free knitting patterns you can use to knit your favorite leg warmer. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate knitter, you can use these free easy to knit patterns to practice your craft:

  • Lovely 80's Leg warmer knitting pattern

Leg warmers are back in fashion again. Just like fashion boots for ladies are worn all year round, leg warmers can give nearly the same impression that women boots give.

This is what many knitting crafter does when time is not on their side, and they want to look gorgeous for that great occasion. They look for one of their old sweater that is no more in use. they cut the sleeves and stitch the ends and use it as leg warmers.

Wearing legwarmers with high heels will make the wearer look great and smashing. make sure you know which side to wear your leg warmers, because if you wear it the wrong way, it will slip down your calves and you may feel uncomfortable moving around in them.

You can knit your leg warmer as flare or straight, depending on the fashion style that suits you. You can follow the instructions on the same pattern to knit different colorful leg warmers, adjusting the size to fit your legs.

Leg Warmers Crochet Video Tutorial

Leg Warmers Wearing Tips


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you LINA for visiting my hub. It depends on the type of jeans you want to wear the leg warmers with. If it is like mini jeans skirt, i think it should be ok. But if you wear it under your jeans trouser, no one can see it and it won't really matter. So, wear the leg warmers, take a look at yourself in the mirror or ask a close friend or family member of how he/she feels you look. Just have fun.

    • profile image

      LINA 6 years ago

      hi, i love your video. I want to know if it`s ok to wear jeans with leg warmers, i don`t want to look ridiculuos. thanks