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Knit Nativity Patterns

Updated on December 11, 2012

Knit a Nativity to Remember the Reason for the Season!

A handcrafted knit Nativity would be a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift that anyone would enjoy receiving. In addition it is a great way to help remember the true reason for the season.

My most cherished holiday decorations are handmade ones. Christmas decorations that are handcrafted with love, like a hand knit Nativity, are the ones that tend to be passed down from generation to generation. Not that there is anything wrong with buying decorations in the store, but there is something very special about decorating your house with things you created with your own two hands.

I have to be honest that I typically prefer crocheting, but there are a couple of knit Nativity patterns I found recently that are just begging me to pick up my knitting needles again! Keep reading to discover some of the creative knit Nativity patterns currently available. You may just be tempted to get started on a project that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Image: Knit the Nativity on Amazon

Knitivity: Create Your Own Christmas Scene

A Knitted Nativity to Make and Cherish Forever!

I love that the Knitivity book tells the Nativity story right along with the knitting patterns. I think that is a wonderful presentation that helps you to remember the reason for creating such a special Christmas display. It's definitely worth adding to your knitting library.

The patterns in Knitivity are suitable for knitters of all skill levels. Included in the book are 16 different knitting patterns and instructions for making a manger and a stable.

Knitivity: Create Your Own Christmas SceneCHECK PRICE

Knit the Nativity - from author and crafter Jan Messent

Knit the Nativity
Knit the Nativity

Knit the Nativity includes patterns for all skill levels of knitting, making it a great group project. There are patterns for all the Nativity figures and animals. What is unique about this knit Nativity pattern book is that absolutely everything is crafted from yarn - the gifts from the Wise Men, the manger, and even the stable walls.


What I love about the Mini Nativity Knits book is that each of the figures can be completed in a couple of hours. People are busy these days, so it is nice that these knitting patterns won't take you forever to finish.

Knit Nativity Scene ePattern

This Knit Nativity Scene ePattern includes patterns to make 9 figures - the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the 3 Wisemen, an Angel, and 2 Shepherds.

What's unique about this pattern booklet is that it is an ePattern. Immediately after completing your purchase, you will receive a download link. Simply download the pattern and you can start working right away. No hunting for the book in craft stores or waiting for your pattern to ship! Also, you can print the pattern as much as you want, which is nice if you spill your coffee on it or accidentally throw it away. No problem! Just print it again!

Knit Nativity Scene PatternsCHECK PRICE

E-Patterns: Love 'em or Hate 'em?

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Find Rare or Out of Print Knit Nativity Patterns on eBay!

If I am looking for a hard to find knitting pattern book, the first place I go is eBay. Chances are someone somewhere is selling it.

Get Free Shipping on Your Knit Nativity Pattern and Supplies

Amazon has free shipping on most orders over $25. So if you are buying a pattern book, why not go ahead and get the supplies you need to make it as well?

Knitting Supplies on Amazon

I love to buy my craft supplies on Amazon. I can shop at any hour of the day and they ship everything right to my door. It's much more convenient than having to run to several different discount and craft stores to find everything I need for a project.

Let's Talk Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

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Questions or comments about Knit Nativity patterns or knitting for Christmas? I would love to hear from you! (You don't have to be a Squidoo member to leave a comment!)

What Are You Knitting for Christmas?

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    • Scraps2treasures profile image

      Scraps2treasures 5 years ago

      @Ruthi: Thanks for visiting Ruthi! I am with you - crochet is much easier for me!

      There are actually several crochet Nativity patterns. My favorite is the one from Leisure Arts.

      I actually did that crochet nativity lens before this one. In the process of making that lens, I found all the cool knitting patterns and thought I would share those too.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      A knit nativity scene is an excellent idea! Now, if you have a crochet nativity pattern, do let me know! Crochet is so much easier for me, even though I used to knit all my sweaters. (That was before this computer addiction happened, ha!)