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Knit So Fine: Designs With Skinny Yarn

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

This is one of the most fabulous knitting books I have ever found. The sweaters are modern and stylish. They look like you could walk into a department store and purchase them off the rack. You would certainly impress your friends when you show up wearing one of these! The refinement from these patterns comes from the fact that they are designed with really skinny yarns. This gives the knitter a finer control, and makes the finished product look much more expensive.

In the intro, the sentiments that the authors utter are true. Many people I know have fears of yarns skinnier that worsted weight. I knit mittens and gloves with fingering weight, but the idea of making a whole sweater and the hours that it would take me is daunting. These patterns are so beautiful that I may have to change my mind. They show a great example of a barbie doll wearing a dress knit in worsted weight and then in a skinnier yarn. There is no doubt which looks better.

This isn't to say that sweaters knit with chunky yarns aren't beautiful. It just means that you have less space to worry about fit and detail.

This is a book I would not mind adding to my personal collection (hint, hint!) I think that the patterns are classic timeless and fashionable. The tips in this book are relevant to both beginning and experienced knitters.

Knit So Fine: Designs With Skinny Yarn

The tips are helpful for an experienced knitter, not just the beginner.

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Notable Pattern:

The Asymmetric Cardigan has beautiful texture and is super flattering

My Favorite Patterns

Cabled Vest - A sleeveless top, with an asymmetric cable winding down one shoulder.

Kimono Top - The fastening used in the photo is with bamboo knitting needles. What a fun idea for an accessory! Since this is a wrap top, I would be less concerned about the fit.

Mohair T-neck - This looks like a sweater that I would pick up off a rack in a store, try on, and the buy.

Fingerless Elbow Gloves - these are just stunning with a complex cabled pattern

Any other thoughts?

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