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How to Knit a Baby Blanket

Updated on June 12, 2011

There's Nothing Nicer than Light Warmth of a Treasured Baby Blanket

Who doesn't love babies? If you have one on the way, know someone with a baby on the way one of the best ways to show your love is to knit a hand made baby blanket. Baby blankets are also a great way to practice bringing your knitting up speed with their smaller size.

Baby blankets can be simple, intricate, modern, or traditional. They can be lacy, plain garter stitch, or can use complex techniques such as entrelac. You can do stripes, solids, made with variegated yarns in any yarn weight. Most people use an easy care yarn, either acrylic, or a washable wool or wool blend. Cotton, bamboo, and other non wool yarns are also an option.

For this page I am going to feature five easy and free baby blanket patterns to spark your creativity. I will also add some links for learning to knit, for the new knitters or folks who want to learn to knit.

6 Free Easy Knitted Baby Blanket Patterns

Diagonal or Grandmother's Favorite Blanket

Knitted from corner to corner, just like the famous "grandmother's favorite" dishcloth pattern.  This is the pattern with which I teach new knitters.

The pattern link requires a login.  Registration is free at this trusted site from Lion Brand Yarn.

Sweet Remnants Baby Blanket

 Another diagonal baby blanket- this one uses scraps to create this beautiful stripey blanket.  It can be made in any size, but baby sized is easy!  The eyelet edging makes it quite special.


The pinwheel or round baby blanket pattern looks so much harder than it really is!  Use cicrula needles and all yo uhave to dois the knit stitch and stategically placed Yarn Overs. (YO) A yarn over is where wrap the yarn around the needle before making the next stitch to create an increase and hole that makes the pinwheel pattern.


This lacy bably blanket is based off of the classic feather and fan stitch.  With the recommended cotton yarn and colorful stripes this makes a striking new take on an old favorite.  With feather and fan (sometimes called Old Shale) you get a gorgeous looking lace that is so much easier than it looks.  Great first lace pattern.  The lace is made from yarn overs (YO)  and knit two together (K2tog) stitches.


The checkerboard, or squares pattern is a very nice way to give interest to a monochromatic blanket.  In this freebie, from the How Stuff Works website, uses 8 knit stitches follwed by 8 purl stitches in combination to form the squares.  Simple and lovely.


What could be easier than knitting garter stitch squares and then connecting them into a bably blanket.  Squares are the ultimate in portable, modular knitting.  The colors of the Red Heart baby yarn called for here are very pretty, but like all these patterns, use any yarn you like. 

Love the idea of knitting squares?  Check out my other Squidoo page which is all about knitting patterns you can make using only squares and rectangles.  I also have a lens about Loom Knitting Lens.  Interested in crochet?  Then try my lens Coolest Crochet Patterns using Granny Squares.

Great Stuff on Amazon

Video Tutorial - The Knit Stitch - Great Video from the Knit Witch

I think the best way to learn to knit, or learn a new stitch is to use Youtube videos. Put your laptop or computer in front of you, and hold your knitting test piece in your lap. Use the pause button to pause and follow along with the video to learn! Rewind helps, too!

What's your favorite thing to knit for baby?

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    • Mar1anneC profile image

      Mar1anneC 6 years ago

      @nightbear lm: Thanks for the SquidAngel blessing, Nightbear. :-)

    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 6 years ago

      Very cute patterns, and you're right about how wonderful it is to knit for baby. Blessed and featured on my angel lens for June 2011

    • Mar1anneC profile image

      Mar1anneC 7 years ago

      Oh yeah - those baby "cocoons" are so cute!

    • Lemming13 profile image

      Lemming13 7 years ago

      I love making sleeping bags for them; they look so cute in a little hooded snuggle-bag. Lovely lens, blessed.