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Softies - Making Soft Toys

Updated on December 1, 2012

You can sew your own special toys!

Need to Make something for Someone Special?

I'm the KnitOwl.  Get some cloth, felt, needles and stuffing together and lets make toys! 

Here at this lens are links about making soft toys for kids, babies, for gifts or just for fun!

See My Tutorial on Designing your own Toys

My lens on: Making Baby and Toddler Clothes, burp cloths and blankets.

From a 2D pattern to a 3D toy

When I sit down to design a special toy - I make a lot of drawings to turn the 3D item into a set of 2D panels that will fit together to make a complete toy. Once the drawings are made I can cut the pieces out of paper and then out of cloth and start to work them together into a finished object. In my 'Designing your Own Toys' tutorial I go through splitting out the toy into different 'views' and then working out where seams will go and how they will be shaped. Overall though, it is a trial and error process and using the things that have worked before.

absolutely amazing

you have to see the pictures in this one!

Japanese Toy Patterns on Ebay

Some good search terms are softies, nuigurumi and chirimen toys. Many toy artists get their inspiration from vintage or Japanese toys!

Tips from the KnitOwl

Turning Inside Out

Remember the eraser-end of a pencil, or a capped pen, or a long dowel can help you get those tough areas turned all the way inside-out. Just be careful you don't push too hard for your seams, and don't use a sharp pointed item!

The same tool can help push stuffing into those hard-to reach places!

My Patterns - KnitOwl toy patterns - some are free

patterns I have made and/or been asked to make and where to find them


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