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Knits For Dogs & Cats

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

Finally, a knitting book for both dogs and cats! Most people prefer one over the other, and cats are underrepresented in knitting patterns. The book is divided into two sections, Knitwear for Dogs and Accessories for All. As you can tell from those section titles, the patterns in the book are fairly dog heavy. (But seriously, I'll let you try to put a sweater on a cat!)

The dog sizing chart is fantastic, with the largest dog described as 23 inches long. It is helpful to have suggestions on how to adapt a pattern for different sized animals. The sweater patterns are pretty cute, not worth raving about but nothing to complain over, either.

The is one HUGE problem with this book. You never see an actual live dog or cat with any of the finished objects. There are some actual photos of the finished project, but they are all sown as cartoons on an animal! How are you to get a sense of how the garments fit? For this reason alone, this is my least favorite dog book. A bit too much is left up to the imagination.

Knits For Dogs & Cats

The dogs and cats don't get an equal share, but are both represented

More books by Tina Barrett - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.

Natural Crochet for Babies & Toddlers
Natural Crochet for Babies & Toddlers

Why put anything less than the healthiest fibers next to Babyâs skin? These 20 projects feature a terrific assortment of baby clothes and accessories made from pure, organic, chemical-free yarns and materials. And all the items are funky, colorful, fun, and completely contemporaryÂjust right for the modern baby! Thereâs a matinee jacket made of soy silk, an alpaca wool blanket and pillow set, a corn fiber sundress, and many other adorable things. This collection is sure to appeal to the growing number of ethically aware and eco-conscious parents. 

Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers
Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers

This is a fantastic resource for the growing numbers of Âgreenâ parents: a knitting book using only organic yarnsÂfrom traditional pure cotton to innovative fibers such as corn and hemp. Created by a knitting supplies entrepreneur who knits for her own children, it offers a varied selection of eco-friendly projects: seven adorable designs for babies, from the Cotton Blanket and Toy to the Wool Muff, Hat and Mitten set; and eight for toddlers, including a Hemp T-shirt and Combats, and a Wool Hoodie. Also included are accessories such as Cotton Diaper Liners and an Alpaca Lavender Pillow. Instruction in knitting basics, plus tips on garment care and yarn sources, make it perfect for knitters of all abilities.

Knits for Dogs & Cats
Knits for Dogs & Cats

Glam up Fido or Fifi with these stylish, eye-catching knitted animal outfits and accessories! Your pets will be flawlessly dressed for any occasion thanks to everything from the laid-back Sunday attire to the glitzy party wear. Select from such fashion-forward items as a Striped Hoodie, Mod Parka, or Ballerina outfit for your pooch, plus a Scarf, Bandana, Corsage, Blanket, Fish Cushion, and Shoe Chews for both dogs and cats. There are also fetching hold-alls to carry small pups, comfy chairs for cat- or dog-napping, and exciting toys for everyday play. The projects are quick and simple, and come complete with helpful advice on measuring your pet, choosing alternative palettes, and adorable illustrations of dogs and cats modeling the garments. A Selection of the Crafterâs Choice Book Club.


The Patterns:

The Patterns for Dogs

* Sweaters (17)

The Patterns for All (Cats I suppose)

* Dogs - Fur Bone, Shoe Chew, Bandanas, Doggie Bag, Cable Twist Scarf, Blanket* (Could work for both)

* Cats - Princess Pussycat Throne, Kitten Mitten (Lots of toys attached to the fingers for you to dangle in

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Is it fair?

Sweaters for Dogs: 17

Sweaters for Cats: 0

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      I've never read it, but it seems like fun to make the projects! Thanks for sharing your review!