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Knitted Laptop Covers and Sleeves - Knitting Patterns For Notebooks and Netbooks

Updated on August 29, 2013

The internet is a valuable resource for knitters of all levels of experience these days with a wealth of information on all kinds of knitting topics from stitch tutorials to free knitting patterns for a wide variety of things from mundane sweaters to cool stuff like knitted laptop sleeves. It makes sense then that any serious crafter's laptop computer is never far from their thoughts and it makes even more sense to take your love of knitting and make yourself a knitted laptop bag or woolen laptop sleeve.

A wool knit laptop cover slips over your portable computer when it is not in use and offers protection against scuffs and scrapes which can scratch up the outer case and make it look old and beat up long before its time for a replacement. A thick wool and/or a cable knit laptop sleeve protector offer natural padding to protect the laptop when it is dumped inside a bag.

Laptop sleeves are simple to make and can be easily embellished to suit your personal style. Think about adding some felt flowers or beading on a fun phrase or motif. The are lots of options and you'll have a unique laptop sleeve personalized to you.

The following selection of free laptop cover knitting patterns, which also features a few crochet patterns for laptop covers too, offers up some great ideas to get you started.

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