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Fact About The Amazing Art Kolam - You Need to Know

Updated on August 23, 2017
Color Kolam
Color Kolam | Source

The Floor Decoration - Kolam

I am glad to present you an incomparable floor painting technique called Kolam. Kolam used for floor beautification in some part of India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

the amazing art Kolam is an ancient indigenous art form rooted 5000 years ago, ancient Dravidian tradition. People of Tamil Nadu believe that Kolam gives considerable luck to which they draw Kolam in front of their home.

Kolam regarded as art as well as devoutness. They create a new day with enthusiasm. Throughout Tamil Nadu, Kolam is also viewed as an act of devotion and inviting Lakshmi the goddesses of wealth and health.

It is the only kind of art which is astunning and draw every day by females. It symbolizes prowess and presents a welcoming atmosphere. This elegant floor design is one of the vital parts of Tamil culture.

Amazing Art

Kolam Drawing
Kolam Drawing | Source

What is Kolam?

The stylish Kolam designs beautifies the houses in the hamlets and metropolises of Tamil Nadu. In Basic, the Kolam gives the impression that a kolam design is easy and enjoyable exercise for females. But it requires training and dedication.

The amazing art Kolam drawings are showing the focal attraction of Tamil land and a Tamil way of life. It is not only a decorative art form, but it has a meaning within this fabulous artwork and show.

Usually a Kolam begins with dots and strokes going around these dots. Most of these drawings completed with a single line, going in pretty zig-zag patterns around the dots.

Kolam drawn as animals like cows, horses, bulls, elephants. Amphibians like sparrows, peacock, flowers like jasmine, Lilly depicted by some designs of Kolam. Some other concepts portrayed like lotus buds with full blooming lotus buoyant in the water. And many more designs exist for chariots with horses and bullocks with cart etc.

Within the Tamil populace, Kolam regarded as the factor which brings prosperity and profitability. It has connected with the surroundings, or commemorations.

But Kolam is the perfect prayers to the goddess mother Earth. The divine Kolam drawings transform Tamil Nadu into a freethinking, stylish also committed land. As per records, this art can trace back to the era of the Indus Valley, Harappan Civilization.


Kolam - Mirror of Tamil Culture - Vid

Kolam Drawing - Useful Books from Amazon

Kolam Art
Kolam Art

This book guides you to draw 10 beautiful Kolam designs. Selected patterns of kolams and its step by step instructions are really amazing. It is a very useful hand book for those who interested to learn kolam.


Amazing Art Kolam in My Observation.

After some keen observations, I have noticed these Kolam arts are set up just one in-segmented, closed chain of stroke. It could draw up of two or go through with a series of lines, each joining and make one design of the Kolam.

The amazing art Kolam has displayed in the frontal area of their residences. And also, at the places of worship for celebrations, to ward off negative energies. On ritual events, the Kolam design prefers to be too elaborate and ornamented.

Some radiating colors are also applied for depicting kolam. As a habit Rice flour used to make the gorgeous spiritual Kolam ornamentation.

I hope the Kolam represents an assumption for a stranger. Kolam art excited to see, understood about the traditions and principles of Tamil people.

I am proud that such a cute and the intricate Kolam design, of course, points out the discerning wisdom of my country and Tamil people.

Kolam Floor Decoration

Kolam Floor Decoration
Kolam Floor Decoration | Source

Kolam Floor Decoration

When I was a teenager, I used to go jogging before dawn. In the early hours, there were full of activities in the streets of my city. Women engaged in this daily practice because it is one of the first ventures of a day for them.

Not only in my hometown, throughout Tamil Nadu, has this kolam art drawn by millions of females in the dull glow of pre-dawn. I saw them, usually splattering water to moistened and clean up the floor.

Before drawing their kolam design, they are establishing a darkened wet area to promote their kolam design. The next step is pre-arranged dots put in order. After that line sketched around the dots or linking the dots to create a beautiful Kolam.

I always wonder about their skill and speed in the art. They define the shape with pinches of rice powder or limestone powder. They just hold a small amount of powder in the middle of the thumb, and of course the first finger. At even, they allow the powder flow into a constant order by preceding the hand in the needed way.

Kolam Designs

A kolam can drawn sizes up to three meters by three meters. It may include a few tough geometrical designs. The design repetitive several times.

That create lines, points, equal-sided square. And also makes rounds, triangles, conch, greenness, plants and flowers united in complex ways.

It supposed that, If any break in line of a kolam, there is an opportunity for evil spirits to come in. It is a traditional Hindu thought.

The amazing art Kolam drawn with rice flour for invites spiritual deities into the residence, and send off the evil spirits. Kolam is a symbol of opportunity, and it is the most well-known kind of female artistic manifestation.

Colorful Kolam Design

Tamil Culture and Custom

Tamil ethos and understanding of the ancestors have the proven ends in perspective. And also there are different principles to follow.

Right now we will try to understand the fundamentals of this kolam. People do not understand the reality, or any principle, which affect the presentation.

The appreciated conventionality of ancient Tamils is now broken up. There is an ideology behind using rice powder to make the floor decoration.

The reason is to nourish myriads ants every day, which gets into foul intrusion inside the house and keep annoying. But the continuation of this action stopped, pulverized limestone used for decoration.

Exactly the best plan for evolving service and compassion to small insects are at a loss.

Drawing a Kolam Art - Vid

What is Your Opinion?

Did You Know About Kolam?


Rangoli is a folk art of north India.

Today, this ancient magic, Rangoli is with us everywhere in India. Rangoli executed from the temple premises to the Indian housewife's drawings of multicolored designs.

People painted on the floor as promising auguries, household good wishes and salutations. This art can paint on the ground or on the walls. This art used on some special occasions like festivals, ceremonies etc.

Rangoli, the epithet originated from two expressions. The - "rang" - means color and 'aavalli' - indicating colored creepers or chains of colors.

The origination of the Rangoli can trace back in the Chitralakshana, (the oldest Indian art book). In fact, all the themes of Rangoli drawings taken from nature. Rangoli supposed to provide fresh fortune and properties.

It is obvious that the size and shape of Rangoli subject to the person making the design. A new method of drawing Rangoli paintings is blending of cement, pigments with nice marble powders.

This is a proven style, but wants some prior training. Marvelous pictures can draw using this method.

Rangoli Design - Vid

Rangoli Drawing

Rangoli -A Step By Step Learning Book
Rangoli -A Step By Step Learning Book

This is a great book on learning Kolam/Rangoli art. The step by step instructions guide you how to prepare and draw beautiful kolams and colorful rangoli. This is very useful book for Rangoli enthusiasts


How to Draw Kolam - Vid - 9x9 Sikku Kolam

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