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38 Fun and Easy Ladybug Craft Ideas

Updated on September 25, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

lady bug crafts ideas
lady bug crafts ideas

Finding lady bug crafts has been an enjoyable pursuit because, I think, making ladybug crafts is something kids love to do. No matter if they're making a paper plate, egg carton cup or a felt ladybug craft, kids are always enthusiastic learning how to make them.

I think that I have found a really nice group of ladybug craft ideas that include a nice picture and the instructions or tutorials for making the project. Some of the projects would be considered art projects rather than craft projects and can be used in the classroom.

To make the colorful Swirling, Twirling Ladybugs shown above, find the instructions at CRAFTS BY Amanda.

1. 3-D Paper Ladybug

These little lady bugs are sooooo cute. They would be so pretty added to a greeting card that you have fashioned yourself, or as a classroom project. Even seniors would find this a fun project. Go to crafty morning for the instructions to make a 3-D ladybug.

2. Golf Ball Ladybug

This would be such a fun project to do with the kids. You'll probably want to spray paint the golf balls before hand, but then making the face and dots with a black Sharpie or paint pen, will be nothing but fun. Then add the google cute. The directions for making golf ball ladybugs is found at Turning the Clock Back.

3. Egg Carton Ladybugs

Imagine how many ladybugs that can be made with just a few egg cartons. This would make a great project for a classroom or for a scout meeting. You'll find the instructions at FREE KIDS

4. Yarn Ladybug

Plan on spending an afternoon with the kids while you show them how to make a yarn ladybug. You'll have all the information you need to do this project by going to Parents for directions.

5. Ladybug Wind Chime

I really like this little ladybug wind chime made using a clay pot. For the instructions, go to DLTK Crafts for Kids. I know this wind chime would look great on my patio.

6. Pyssia Bead Ladybug

I have never made any crafts using these pyssia beads, but the project looks simple enough for even the little kids to do. See the instructions for this craft at,

7. Recycled Bottle Lady Bugs

8. Bottle Cap Ladybug

This little ladybug, or a bunch of them would look so cute among the leaves in your flower beds or as picks in house plants. Find the instructions for making them at

9. Lady Bug Costume

You just might not be able to get your son or daughter out of this cute costume once they see how great it looks. Find everything you need to know to make this costume by going to the 7 ALL TOGETHER site.

10. Craft Stick Ladybug

This is such an easy, simple craft that even the littlest kids will be able to make a craft stick ladybug. See how easy this bug is to make by following the instructions at Inna's Creations.

11. Little Ladybug

Preschool and kindergarten children will find this a fun and busy craft. For a list of supplies and instructions to make this little ladybug, go to eight little monkeys.

12. Ladybug Bookmarks

Make ladybug bookmarks to give as little favor gifts or add them to a book gift or use on a gift package. So many ways to use these little bookmarks. A great gift for teachers to have on hand to give as book reading incentives. Go to to see how you can make a large number of these inexpensively.

13. Bowl Ladybug

Kids three years old and older should have no trouble making a bowl ladybug. Use paper bowls or any old bowl that you don't want to keep. Let the kids experiment with different colored ladybugs. You'll find this quick craft's instructions at I Heart Crafty Things.

14. Bowling Ball Ladybugs


You can usually find old bowling balls at garage sales at an inexpensive cost. I think if I can't find bowling balls I'll try using extra large bowls.. .I know I'll find something to make these from. I'm not the best bowler, but I'm not ready to make a ladybug out of it yet. Find the directions for this project at BIRDS & BLOOMS.

15. Finger Puppet

Make a cute little ladybug finger puppets using the directions found at Artsy Momma. These would be a really cute party activity.

16. Chenille Ladybugs

Whether you call them chenille strips or pipe cleaners, you'll enjoy making these ladybugs. AOK Corral has a pictured tutorial to make following their instructions super easy.

17. Clay Pot Critter

This clay pot critter would make a great gift for a teacher. Go to DecoArt to find the directions for making this terrific craft.

18. Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home

This is a nice classroom project that the kids really got into. A good lesson using scissors and glue. Find the directions for this Ladybug art project at Kids & Glitter.

19. Lady Bug Magnets

20. Memo Board

If you know someone who loves to decorate with ladybugs, consider making them a gift of a Ladybug garden memo board. The tutorial at Everything About Ladybugs! gives you all the information that you'll need to make this memo board.

21. Ladybug Wreath

Different sized ladybugs, and many of them, makes this a very cute Spring wreath. You'll be using three sizes of Styrofoam balls to the ladybugs. Find the tutorial for this beautiful, whimsical wreath at Everything About Ladybugs!

22. Ladybud Bush

You read that right,ladybud. Imagine a bush full of colorful ladybugs that look like they are buds of flowers. Use this as a classroom art project by going to Kids & Glitter for the directions.

23. Lovely Ladybugs

You'll be proud to give a lovely ladybug to your Valentine. The heart shaped bodies of these lovely ladybugs send a message of love. Go to Disney family for the instructions.

24. Mailbox Ladybug

Here is a unique idea for using the little mailboxes found at craft and discount stores. You'll find everything that you need to know about making this project at Everything About Ladybugs.

25. Garden Bugs

Now, here's a bug that you can actually welcome into your garden or flower bed. You can learn how to make garden bugs with golf balls by following the tutorial at EMPRESS OF DIRT.NET.

26. Ladybug Note Holder

Make note holder refrigerator magnets that look like ladybugs. This project uses old CDs and shopping bags to make the note holder. See how this project is done by going to the site.

27. Paper Ladybug

You'll enjoy showing the kids how easy it is to fold the paper and then cut the shape to make a ladybug. This is such a cute and easy craft for kids or anyone who loves ladybugs. Go to Katie Claire’s Cottage and follow the instructions given there.

28. Ladybug Pencil Holder

A cute and useful little ladybug pencil holder for your desk at home or at the office. This is a craft that older kids or adults are more likely to enjoy making. Find the instructions at LIFESTYLE HOW STUFF WORKS to make a pencil holder like this.

29. Buggy Pencil Toppers

When you want to entertain the kids on a hot or rainy afternoon, this will be easy and fun for them to make. See how the buggy pencil toppers are put together by going to JUMPSTART for the tutorial.

30. Plastic Clay Ladybug

Sculpty clay is the medium used to make these nice little ladybugs. If you enjoy crafting with clay you'll enjoy making this project following the instructions at Everything About Ladybugs.

31. Plushie Ladybug

Kids all seem to love plushie toys and this is an easy one to make. The instructions for this craft project can be found at This would be a nice baby gift.

32. Fun With Addition

The kindergarten kids must have a lot of fun learning their additions in this classroom. See this and other excellent ideas for teaching addition by going to the Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten site. A printable ladybug template is included with the instructions.

33. Ladybugs by Amanda

Painted paper plates and some fabric scraps are all you'll need to make ladybugs like those in this picture. You'll find the instructions at Everything About Ladybugs!

34. Ladybug Votive Holder

A ladybug votive holder would make a nice table decoration for a themed party. You can find the tutorial for making ladybug votive holders like the one shown above by going to the site.

35. Treat Holders

I'm not familiar with what Sweet Treat Cups are, but I know that this is a really nice project that I'm sure I could find a container to use instead. It's probably an item not sold in the Midwest. Find the directions at Inspiration Ink for the ladybug treat holders.

36. Ladybug Windsock

Wouldn't you love to have a ladybug windsock? If you would like to make this project, you can find the tutorial for making it at Kids family fun.

37. Ladybug Painted Rock

You'll find a great step-by-step tutorial on how to paint a ladybug rock when you go to the Patty Donathan site. This is a really summer, outdoor project for the family.

38. Ladybug Hair Clips

Whether you make your ladybugs red and black or of other colors, they are a cute idea for hair clippies. You'll want to follow the instructions at Katie’s Nesting Spot to make ladybug hair clips like those shown.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

Have You Ever, or Would You Make a Ladybug Craft? - or leave a message.

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    • eilval profile image

      Eileen 20 months ago from Western Cape , South Africa

      Love the egg carton lady bugs , really so easy to make!

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 4 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      These are really cute & clever ideas for crafty ladybugs. My craft is crochet and I've crocheted quite a few plush ladybug toys in my time. :). I've also made lady bug coasters & magnets out of plastic canvas & yarn.

    • profile image

      Ibidii 4 years ago

      Cute ideas! Great lens! I made several kinds of lady bugs. Some out of plastic canvas and some out of felt! Both on my lenses! :D