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Lalaloopsy Dolls

Updated on September 13, 2014

Lalaloopsy dolls and more!

Lalaloopsys are fun and creative ways for kids to enjoy the cutest rag dolls on the market.

These adorable Lalaloopsy button dolls are a creation from MGA Entertainment, who also market the Bratz dolls and the Best Friends Club characters. Each doll stands approximately 11" tall and comes complete with his or her own unique little pet.

Lalaloopsy dolls come to life through the magical fabric that is sewn to create them, making them a fantasical story for all kids.

If your child is a big fan of Lalaloopsy, she'll love these Lalaloopsy activities to show her creative side. Boys love them too and there are even male Lalaloopsy dolls for them!

This lens also includes Lalaloopsy activities such as online games to play, Lalaloopsy puzzles to create, and Lalaloopsy books to doodle in that provide hours of bitty button doll fun.

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Who Are the Lalaloopsy Dolls? - Sew magical, sew cute

Curious about the Lalaloopy dolls and their world? Check out this great video that takes you into Lalaloopsy land and find out all you need to know about the Lalaloopsies.


Who is Your Child's Favorite Lalaloopsy Character?

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Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls

Who would've imagined the Lalaloopsys come in mini form! How fun! Unfortunately, being just a toddler, these little Lalaloopsy dolls are too small for my daughter, but they are still so cute. I can't wait for her to get bigger because I just know she will love them.

Bea Spells-a-Lot was made from a school girl's uniform on October 16th, which is Dictionary Day. Bea is very smart and isn't afraid of letting people know it. She loves to read, spell and talk A LOT! Her pet is also a bird.

Each twin was made from a piece of farmer's overalls and they were sewn on October 12, which is known as Old Farmer's Day. They are very hardworking, spending all day on the farm from early morning to the evening to get the best, most rich harvest.

Blossom Flowerpot was sewn from the a gardener's outfit. Her favorite place to be is in the garden, tending to plants and digging in the mud. She has an adorable flowerpot hat that has red and white flowers. Her pet is a butterfly.

Lalaloopsy dolls are so popular that they remind me of being a young girl enjoying Barbie and her family. I must admit, Lalaloopsy dolls make me nostalgic for my youth and playing them with my daughter is just too much fun. Do you have a Lalaloopsy story to share? Or a similar doll from your younger years? Tell us about it!


Ace Fender Bender

Bea Spells-a-lot

Berrys n Jam

Blossom Flower Pot

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Dot Starlight

Jewel Sparkles

Marina Anchors

Misty Mysterious

Mittens Fluff n Stuff

Patch Treasurechest

Peanut Big Top

Pillow Featherbed

Sahara Mirage

Spot Splatter Splash

Sunny Side Up

Tippy Tumbelina


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