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Photography for newbies

Updated on February 12, 2015

Your camera

Before you can just start taking pictures, it's a good idea to learn how your camera works and how to adjust your settings. Although your camera may come with different modes set into your camera it's a good idea to learn about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Shutter speed is how long or short the shutter is open for, higher the shutter speed the faster the shutter closes, and vice versa. But higher shutter speed the means less light enters the lens. The higher shutter speeds are good for action shots with quick moving objects.

aperture messes with how blurry the background, a bigger aperture has more detail in the background and a smaller aperture as a more blurry background. The measurement of aperture is shown in f numbers like f/2.0 or f/8.0. and this too might mess with the light so you will need to have a lower shutter speed or a higher ISO.

ISO is basically the tool that regulates how much light is let into the picture the lower the ISO the darker it will be. But a higher ISO will give you a grainier picture than one with a lower ISO.

These three tools are the building blocks of a great picture!

The rule of thirds

Now that we've covered the basics lets move onto some picture taking techniques. The rule of thirds is the most used technique that I use when taking pictures. What you do is instead of centering the object, that your taking a picture of, in the center of your picture offset it a little to where the object is more on one side of the picture than the center. So instead of splitting the picture in half you splitting it into thirds. This gives your picture a more elegant look than if it was in the direct center. And you could use a higher aperture to blur the background to make it even cooler.

Taking action shots

Action shots need to include two things, one: it has to have a higher shutter speed, and two: lots of light. Action shots may include someone running or a person hitting the baseball but what makes action shots different from the rest is that everything is perfectly still no blurs or movement of any kind. this type of photography isn't super hard but might take a while to get good at it.

Some of my favorite pics

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