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Last Minute Christmas Craft Ideas

Updated on February 1, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

When the Christmas season begins, it always seems that there is enough time to make Christmas decorations and gifts. But suddenly, the Christmas Eve comes and we are not ready. Last minute Christmas craft ideas will help you to avoid embarrassing situations. Hand made crafted gifts and Christmas decorations are the best ways to show that you care about somebody.It is not important, that those things are crafted on the last minute before Christmas. Especially, if nobody knows it. The most important thing is how much love and good feelings you put into your crafts.

You can find various last minute Christmas craft ideas in this lens: home made cookies or jams Christmas cards and origami, crocheted and other easy to do gifts and decorations for Christmas. Choose the best one for you! Merry Christmas!

Image credit: Aurevilly via Wikipedia Commons

Handmade Journal
Handmade Journal

Popular Last Minute Christmas Craft Gift Ideas

Personalized calendars and handmade journals

If you are stuck with choosing Christmas gifts and have no ideas for Christmas presents, there are some things that will always do well. The personal touch is needed to make calendars, books or journals into a perfect personalized gifts, that will be loved by everybody. Do you have a friend who is interested in archeology or traveling? Choose a journal that would amaze even Indiana Jones. Have a business person in your family. Consider gifting him or her a workbook with a monogram. Somebody loves cats or or dogs? Why not to make him/her a personalized calendar with cute kitties or puppies. You have bunch of options to choose from.

Many templates can be found online to create a personalized calendar for Christmas gift. Homemade Gifts has a very nice template for calendar to download. Following the instructions you will be able to create a personal gift using your family or friend photos.

Another quite popular idea for Christmas gift is a book or journal for diary or various notes. Surely, you can buy such a journal, but think about making your own journal. Check Pinterest photos for handmade book ideas for Christmas.

Making Crafts for Christmas Gifts

Do you like making handmade gifts for Christmas?

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Kusudama Ball
Kusudama Ball

Last Minute Origami Christmas Gifts

Fast and Easy Origami Gifts

If you do not have time for making gifts try origami. Origami is a Japanese paper folding art. It requires accuracy, a sheet of paper an some time. Internet is full with instructions, so you only need to find the right one. Origami gift cannot be impersonal. While folding your origami you usually think about the person. So, this is a perfect solution for Christmas.

You can check Origami Make website for various instructions. Here you will find Christmas trees, stars and other motives, that are related to Christmas.

A great idea is to make origami using cash as a folding paper. In Origami Resource Center you will find plenty of instructions how to make cute origami from your dollars. I have only one tip: practice with regular paper first.

Kusudama balls are great gifts for Christmas too. Also, you can try learning some other modular origami to make a Christmas tree.

Origami - Dollar Bill Heart - Make your own origami dollar bill heart fo Christmas

Origami Ideas and Paper Supplies for Christmas

Printable Christmas Card
Printable Christmas Card

Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas

Make your own Christmas cards

Handmade cards can be very simple or very difficult to make. It depends on your wishes and experience. Simple design can look as great as an intricate cross stitched Christmas card. You can always check Pinterest for inspiration. Try visiting a website by Marthe Stewart for Christmas cards ideas and instructions.

The most easiest way for making homemade Christmas cards are printable templates. This method is very convenient when you are in hurry. Find templates on the internet and be ready for last minute printable cards challenge. You can check Go Free Cards website for printable cards templates.

Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies

Baked Gifts

Cook your greetings

Food gifts are always good for Christmas. Baked cookies can work as last minute Christmas gift. Do not forget to pack those cookies nicely and you will have a perfect personalized gift. I bet you will not find anybody who do not like Christmas cookies. So, turn in your oven and start cooking.

The most amazing thing about Christmas cookies are their decorations. You can check various blogs online for fresh ideas. There are plenty of them.

Image credit: OakleyOriginals vis Flickr

How to decorate Christmas Tree Cookies? - So it Yourself!

Christmas Cookies Supplies

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