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Latch Hook Rug Kits for Boys

Updated on January 9, 2014

Latch Hook Kits for Boys and Men

Latch hooking is a craft that is suitable for men and boys to do. So I have compiled some of the kits available from Amazon, either for boys and men to make, or for a female to make for that special boy or man.

Some of these kits are quite small (for example 8"x8") and these would make a great project for the beginner, or for someone with a shorter attention span. But I have also included kits which make much bigger rugs, for those more experienced and ambitious.

When my husband was younger he made two latch hook items - a cushion and a rug, both of which which we still have today. If you're looking for a new craft for your boy, this is something interesting you could try - suitable for a boy of, say, eight years and up.

The sports rug kit here is available from Amazon

Latch Hook Tool

Bent Latch Hook-Wood Handle
Bent Latch Hook-Wood Handle

This essential tool will not be included in the kits, but you will need to have one to complete these projects.


Vehicle Latch Hook Kits

Many boys and mens like their cars or trains. The 8 inch square car kit or the 12 inch square fire truck kit would be excellent for a boy's first kit. And when it's finished, you could make it up into a cushion for his room.

Fire Truck 12"X12"Check Price

Loco-Motion 20"x27"Check Price

Blue Car 8"X8"Check Price

Tow Truck 24"x18"Check Price

Choo Choo Train 22"x35"Check Price

Firetruck 31.75"x17"Check Price

Tractor Latch Hook Rug Kits

Lots of boys (and men) love tractors or John Deere equipment. Here's some fun kits for them.

Tractor 28"X18."Check Price

Vintage Red Tractor 40"x27"Check Price

Red Tractor 24"x18"Check Price

Boats and Ships Latch Hook Kits

I can almost smell the salt! Three ship patterns for guys who love to be out on the water.

Clipper Ship 35.5"x40.5"Check Price

Windjammer 27"x40"Check Price

Pirate ship 15"x20"Check Price

More kits for the guys

Didn't find what you were looking for above? Here's just a few more miscellaneous kits which will appeal to different kinds of boys and men - whether they are into horse riding, fishing, hunting, dragons, or pirates.

Storm Dragon 20"x40"Check Price

Prairie Sunset 40"x27"Check Price

Aargh Matey 12"x12"Check Price

God Bless America 20"x27"Check Price

Bass for the fisherman 20"x30"Check Price

Autumn Moose for the hunter 63"x39"Check Price


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