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Learn Quilling

Updated on February 21, 2012

Want to Learn The Art of Paper Quilling? Start With Some Great Resources Here!

The art of paper quilling is an exciting and beautiful craft. While it may not look all that easy, once you get started with the proper instructions you'll find this is a very enjoyable and creative craft that is not really as hard as it looks. With just a few supplies you can start making gorgeous paper crafts using your quilling techniques.

This page is a work in progress as you'll find I continually add new things to my Squidoo lens pages as I receive new ideas and find new resources.

Quilling: How Difficult Is It To Do?

Why Is "Secrets To Quilling Success" The Best Quilling Instructions On the Market?

Jenn Spencer explains her new quilling course

I recently created a course titled "Secrets to Quilling Success" as an instructional course for beginner quillers to fill in all the gaps that other courses and books on the market left out. I noticed that there were major problems with other quilling books for beginners since there was nothing that was easy to understand, easy to follow, and that included photos and videos. Most crafters like to start off a new craft with step by step instructions so they can learn the easy way without wasting a lot of time and money experimenting with a new idea. I definitely agree and realized that for the art of paper quilling, photographs and easy to follow video instructions were a necessity and something not available in the current market. The new course I created was made to expose the secrets of quilling basics and get new quillers started on the right foot instead of providing vague instructions with hard to understand diagrams like I've seen in so many other books.

If you are a beginner quiller and looking to start this new craft, please don't be turned off by the current books on the market that are not geared to teaching you quickly and with ease. The majority of those books are for more advanced quillers looking for patterns. "Secrets to Quilling Success" however was designed with you in mind and is completely geared towards beginner quillers so that you can become an advanced quiller quickly. Then you'll be able to start getting new inspiration from quilling books, but not before you learn my secrets and perfect the basic paper coils and paper scrolls you need to learn in order to make larger patterns and designs.

The other thing I didn't like about most quilling books was that they were mostly flower designs but quilling is so much more and flowers are really just the start of this amazing craft. I wanted to put together a course that taught you all kinds of different designs you can make with quilled paper, beyond just flowers. Now you'll actually be able to use the designs you learn how to make AND you'll learn how to create your own designs and quilling patterns.

You'd need to buy at least 5-6 books maybe even 8-10 if you wanted to get all this information on quilling, plus all my secret tips, plus all the patterns and ideas for creating your own patterns. Or you could buy someone else's digital book for more money and not even get the DVD instructions delivered to your home...but why would you? You want to learn how to do quilling the easy way and you want your creations to be wonderful and gorgeous.

Plus you'll get a DVD to watch at home any time you want - so you can make quilling crafts right along with me - try finding that with any other book on the won't!! Check it out at (my quilling site where you can take a look at "Secrets to Quilling Success"!)

Quiling Books On Amazon - Great option for ADVANCED Quillers

Most books I've seen are pretty challenging for beginners to follow because the instructions are not clear, unless you can simply view a photograph of a finished project and recreate it without step-by-step quilling instructions. However if you are advanced and able to do that, there are some really cool books available. They are much cheaper through than in crafts stores (if you can even find one that carries quilling books!)

Youtube Video of Quilling Photos

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    • irminia profile image

      irminia 5 years ago

      Lovely artistic activity!

    • JenaleeMortensen profile image

      JenaleeMortensen 7 years ago

      Quilling is fun to do. Thanks for making a lens on it.

    • noobeegin profile image

      noobeegin 7 years ago

      There are so many wonderful quilling lenses here at Squidoo. Here is another one. Thanks for sharing.