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Collect Whimsical Angel Pictures|Artwork in a Butterfly Garden|Map Faery Tale Adventures

Updated on June 28, 2014

Collect Whimsical Angel Drawings|Map Faery Tale Adventures| A Pegasus in a Field of Flowers|Earth Goddess Art

Whimsical angel pictures and drawings,stacks of magic beckon me,I map the fairy tale adventure of finding fantasy fairies and a world of goddess art as I collect drawings with earth goddess art to light my path. I find my way to exotic lands by picking flowers given to me by pixie fairies, unicorns blessed by tiny angels who remind me of my journey.

Legends of a pegasus, a unicorn, a dragon, a fantasy fairy bringing you flowers and magic.

Rest here in this field of flowers. Take a hot bath, light some candles,sip tea, eat chocolate or cookies and know a fantsay fairy sends you flowers.

Here you will~

~Map fairy tale adventures...and find lovely treasures like:

~Poems and stories to fill your dreams

~Gifts and collectibles candles wine country gift baskets

~Candles to light your way

~Merckens Chocolates, cookies and cake to make you smile

~Magic things for your bath just for luxury

~Music to fill the air

~A field of flowers


A HUGE Smile !

You are worth the time you spend on yourself...

it's not a bad thing.

ABOUT THE ART on this lens and all of my lenses... All the artwork and poems are done by me. Free gifts of the whimsical angel pictures that beckon me and artwork in a butterfly garden such a lovely adventure, are found on my website.

THE IMAGE is of my painting "Beginning" 24x48 oil, gold leaf on canvas


Winter... Tori Amos-TURN ON THE MUSIC!



I ADORE this song!

Put "Winter" on PLAY while you visit my lens...

'Wonderful Ambiance'

I sing with Tori to the top of my lungs while painting.. ohh poor neighbors! I used to have it on my My Space but now promote a band called Cling there. So it is wonderful to know I can also come to my Squidoo lens and listen to Tori sing "Winter".

My other VERY BEST FAVORITE IS 'SUGAR' but I can't get it to work on here. waa!

Anyway...Ahh so much passion!

Thanks You Tube and of course Tori!

The other UTbue is Butterfly...


Little Earthquakes


Ohhh these "Little Earthquakes"

and more!


Little Earthquakes
Little Earthquakes



This cd does NOT have "Sugar" on it... but I LOVE this cd.. it does have "Winter"

I have been playing this cd a lot lately as I work on a new series of paintings.



Little Earthquakes

A Legend of Pegasus and Flowers... My Inspiration

The poem that inspired me to create this lense

Artwork of beautiful goddess women, my life is art and art is life to me

... so I hope that all of my lenses reflect that in some way. Honestly I guess it would be difficult to miss that. Everything that I look at or think of is most often in regards to art. When I wrote the poem below I decided that the best way to enhance it was to make a lens based on it.

This is the poem that inspired me to create this lens:

"A Legend of Pegasus In a Field of Flowers"

Legend of a Pegasus

I adore you.

I lie down among the flowers

I feel the journey

the flight I longed for.

I imagine them clearly.

I see my pegasus fly

mane and tail

flowing past the night

meeting with the dragon

doing my bid

my battle.


still life portraits

commission me.

I paint the sky and rest there.

I am a token of the breath of flowers.

I speak for them

call upon the moonlight

to reassure my pathway.

My flowers call me in the dark

I rest with one eye open.

Ahh dragon

know my wonderful legend

a history with lessons

a pegasus, a unicorn

a traveler of light.

Do not blend the colors

I want to see them clearly

hold up all your ornaments

I will adore them

they are your jewels

of your well traveled history.

I want to breathe it forever.

I feel me floating

flowers everywhere

like stars in the night

I hear them singing

on the landscape I painted.

I was commissioned by the sun.

Petals of white and pink

I rest my head there

feel the warmth.

In the distance I hear waterfalls

my unicorn drinks in tomorrows adventure.

I wait in longing for the other side

a dream known fully.

I will arrive there surely

as my brush hears my intentions.

I stroke my own sadness

plant a forget- me- not

in the air.

A well kept dragon indeed

softened by baby roses and babies breath

or was it one single orchid?

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

16 March 2007

I send you rainbows and "Orchids"

"Orchids" 40x30 oil on canvas

Available in prints,greeting cards, and other wonderful items at:


Leonardo da Vinci Paintings| Make it Rain| Create Every Day!

critical thinking + creative writing + active reading


Oh the blessings to be had by lovingly seeing the art of old.

Open the doors to critical thinking + creative writing + active reading. Make it rain despite what your inner doubts try to say to you. Turn off those sounds.

Are Leonardo da Vinci paintings in your future?

Or maybe, pictures of kittens cats, fine art whimsical angel commissions, grim reaper artwork? Paint or draw what inspires right?


Oh! Make it rain.

'How to' though is always knocking at the door and peeking in on me to see if I am trying or if I am merely getting by and spending my time just wishing.

Understand your own talent evolves from the practice of what you feel in your longings.

You have it, if you feel it, but it does not know light unless you cradle it often.

Honor your own existence and personal beliefs by forming something that did not exist before. Know that you did the best you could in developing it. What an amazing gift that is possible for anyone who chooses to try.

It's in the practice because of your wanting.

Make it rain.

There may be short cuts, yes I suppose there are, but to create great art, the effort needs to be made continually with constant flow and input into ones own talent.

I always say that "Talent is desire and the rest is practice".

Make it rain.

I say this to myself. I say it every time I know I am being lazy and not putting in the effort to actually fulfill the plans in my head. It takes devotion to accomplish anything at all. It is funny that people often think that art is something one is born with and because of that it explodes or not. It is elusive yet it must be encouraged to become something tangible. It must be charmed and romanced. It also must be held accountable and know consequences, or else we fool ourselves into thinking something is good, when really, it may not be.

Nothing comes for free unencumbered by effort.

I have always felt that it is essential for artists to boost one another, especially during those dry days when imagination feels slight. Those times when the artist sits alone and tries to do what he/she did the last time something turned out really great, to surprise even the artist. We ask, "How did I do that?" The answer is a nebulous trance and yet deep down to create more of the same, it is the practice that pre-seeded it. Those dry days are lived less and less, the more and more effort is spent on defining dreams with concrete endeavors.

Leonardo da Vinci paintings, pict

Utube, Youtube, Thank you for the Inspiration that Motivates Creativity - Be a friend to you.... feed your spirit


You Tube, Utube, brings us the treasure of the

"Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake"

Be sure to watch this short video.

We have all grown to love it haven't we? Record Utube and you have a real treasure any time you want to play it.

A dear friend sent me this beautiful gift this morning. It was this wonderful url that led me to see just the most beautiful video. I just had to share it with you, whoever you are.

Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake, is a stunning treat to see. A ballet circus act from China that is set to a wonderful and moving orchestra of music . At first you see the dancers prepare...stretching. I thought later about that being included in the video and decided that it is a perfect insert. It is a parallel to anything one does that is worthwhile. It reminds me that everything in life takes time, if it is to be good and dare I say excellent, it all takes preparation.

We all need things around us to inspire, especially if you are an artist as I am one. I am prompted to create after getting a buzz from something so touchingly beautiful like the Utube video,Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

It is just stunning.

We often don't take the time to refresh out souls with beauty if we are busy at all. We must though because otherwise new creations are not possible, not with any freshness at least.

So thank you Utube, youtube, utube, however you decide to phrase it, it adds up to perfectly wonderful and spectaclar!

Take the time to watch this short video.. will you?

It will fill your heart with a little touch of enchantment you did not know before you watched it.

I try to find things like this to promt a creative energy in me.

"Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake" works for me.. so see if it does not work for you.

We are all trying to find that special something but perhaps it cannot be defined by one single thing. Perhaps it takes a lot of things, like many of the ideas I suggest on this lens.

We need to take better care of ourselves. I speak to myself here as well. Taking care means mind, body and spirit.. lest we fall.

Blessings dear ones.. hug yourself today and stroke your own hair.. be a best friend to your own self.


Fantasy Art and a Goddess of Art's Creative Dream

A unicorn came by last night and inspired this story...

"Fantasy Art and a Goddess of Art's Creative Dream"

Fantasy art

mingles with the colors

my palette, my inspiration

my tune, a fairies dream.

Cold and grey

bold and red

midnight meets a sky of lavender

if I choose to paint it so.

I close my eyes and breathe it in.

I am a fantasy artist

I plot and measure my songs.

I seek out inspiration.

I lie on the cool grass

the sky is my blanket

the moon is my compass.

Sometimes it leads me home

sometimes it takes me afar

I land in forests

or un-traveled seas.

I spy a bird in the air

and I become one.

I dream of magic

cloak my breath with requests.

Let me spin around and dance

lift my cares from this earth

plant orchids near my pathway

and line the trail with golden ribbons.

If there is a goddess in me

I will save her from the dragon

or perhaps I will become one.

I am the mystery in my own story.

I am the tailor of my own myth.

I approach the door anyway I please.

Fantasies live in the art of dreaming.

I write it all down

plot out tomorrow what was yesterday

and paint a desert knowing a waterfall.

I draw the surface of pretend

color it with crayons

and put it in an envelope.

I will open my secret in the afternoon

pour tea and eat chocolate and cookies.

I stand at the oceans roar

it tells me to continue dreaming.

I aspire to be the captain of a ship

that sets out to sail toward the Milky Way.

and I hear a spellbinding call,

"Look out to the beyond dear ones

the horizon is just within your grasp."

I turn to see a mermaid


as she treasures the illusion

for the message she sang to me.

I am a little girl today

a goddess and woman too.

I do as I please

the sensations are mine

and I alone define them.

Fantasy art

a legend I describe on canvas

or sculpt with clay between my fingers

it is mine.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

16 March 2007

ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

I paint and sculpt female fantasy art and map faery tale adventures. I dream of beautiful women on canvas and art of exotic women.

Giclee canvas art work, greeting cards and posters are available for sale on my website.

Sign up for my mailing list for FREE ART GIFTS!:

Click my banner right above to go to my website that has FREE ART GIFTS ... just for signing up for my mailing list. Free gifts include a letter from the tooth fairy and drawings of legends of mermaids, fairies in art and whimsical musicians artwork.

I have a website that I post my watercolor flowers on. I am a portrait artist but find flowers and watercolor very soothing.

Today... is very special because you are alive. Today you can go out and smell the flowers. If it is too cold where you are then you need to buy some.

Fairies become more real and a pegasus or unicorn will fly when your heart is opened by the sweetness of flowers.

Check out my new ACEO Squid:

Example found there:

"The Elegant Fairy" ACEO Mixed media, Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

You may purchase this image on mugs,t-shirts, etc., at:



Treasures and flower fairies garden ornaments of the heart - Things I love that cause me to smile like fairies in art


"Have a Fantasy Fairy Frenzy"

I love the small things in life... sweet children's books, baby roses, music and art. I love little flower fairies in the garden. Ornaments that remind me that magic is all around.


The Little Prince
The Little Prince

I love this book. It is one of my favorites. It is a children's book but one that is meant for adults as well. I had a friend years ago who gave me a copy and said that I must read it. I confess that I read the first couple of pages and put it down. I told my friend that I just couldn't get into it. I saw the disappointment on her face and felt bad. I went home and read it that night.

What a treasure!

The illustrations are just so dear and the message it awesome.

HUGE Smile.

Faeries (25th Anniversary Edition)
Faeries (25th Anniversary Edition)

Anyone who loves faeries should have this book. Wonderful illustrations!

Illustrated by Brian Froud, a master at it.

Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal
Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal

I have this book and look at it whenever I feel like I need to know magic. I have several books by illustrator Cicely Mary Barker. This book has little special envelopes to open and special treasures.. not your normal book. Tis a fantasy!

Smiles and hugs!

Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)
Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)

Ohhh! I LOVE, LOVE the illustrations. It all just takes you back to being little again.

So dear that little rabbit!

The World of Faery: An Inspirational Collection of Art for Faery Lovers
The World of Faery: An Inspirational Collection of Art for Faery Lovers


The world of faeries is known to me because I believe in them. So dear. Can't you just hear them laughing?


Evanesence- Lithium


My goal by posting u tube on this lens is to encourage you feel a sense of wonder and magic.


Embrace it

Love your own self

feel and smell the flowers of life

each and every petal is yours to love and hold...

Just like stars in the sky... creativity is right there for you to take in its light.


Evanesence - Lithium on Amazon


Evanescence - "Lithium"

and more




This is the cd that has "Lithium" on it. Great cd!



Kathy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Take time out for yourself... have some tea or coffee.


Make some cookies! HEY! That's an idea huh?

Kathy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cream together:

1 cup 'real' butter (not margarine!)

1 1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 Tbl. black strap molasses

1 tsp. salt

add and blend two eggs

don't overdo this part or your cookies will turn out weird.

sift together then fold into sugar mixture:

2 1/2 cups flour, 1 tsp. baking soda

add and mix to above mixture:

1 cup coconut

3/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal

2 full cups chocolate chips

Bake at 325 degrees for about 12 minutes. Use only an old junkie cookie sheet... not one of the new ones, they tend to make these cookies cake. Take the cookies out 'just a hair BEFORE they are done'. Let them finish up after they come out of the oven.

Ummm so yummy to the tummy!

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"The Lei Giver" 24x48 oil on canvas

"My Muse, My Captain, My Elusive Mentor"

I consider you to be my prison

as if every breath wore a bell

tied to a circumstance

never to be forgotten.

I sit in a garden

under my umbrella

creating music from the rain.

I hear your whispered greetings

soft but clear.

My mind traveled spaces

to interrupt you.

How do I find my place?

How do I continue on?

I handed you a petal

white with lavender edges

I am so very far away from holy.

I am not the unicorn nor pegasus

that I described in all my musings.

I stumbled on all the stars

they are not mine

and yet

I miss them so

and listen for their breathing.

At midnight I am still awake.

I hear you.

I take in all your sacrificial offerings

sift out my own impurities

feel the sadness

of not realizing them before

not wrapping up hope

and protecting it there

amidst the shadows.

In many ways I do not love you.

You must not be surprised

it comes from years of self

seeing ones own image

studying it

defining it

hoping for the best

waking up disappointed.


I feel them.

You simply do not fit.

You insist on being unique.

I follow

and find my own circumference


yet never measuring up.

There you are

in the rain

not sharing my shelter

I guess you do not need it like I do.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

18 March 2007

FREE Art Gifts:

Check out my new Squidoos!

Fantasy Art Woman | Beautiful Women Goddess Art|

Hawaiian Art Watch||"ke ala o Pele"

Sarah Brightman


I love the music of Sarah Brightman


Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me on Amazon




"Eden" is the cd that has Sarah Brightman's -

"Deliver Me" on it.


Whimsical Angels, Fantasy Fairies, I Cradle Their Story

Another spot of magic...

Magic happens

stars blink and moonbeams laugh out loud.

May creativity bloom like orchids

and laughter from fairies be your guiding song.

I will cradle every story

comfort sad endings

hope for the best

and meet your potential with warm smiles.

My forest fairy

mermaid lore

I treasure the fable

the mystery of your treasure.

I count the days

I measure the glow

I know your glances will restore me.

I take a tiny drop of water

let it touch a blossoms stamen

watch it move down to the center

of its connected flower.

One single moment

taken out from the day

to do something so small

insignificant to some I guess.

'Tis often to me as well.

Yet today

at this moment

I see the simple and cherish its visions.

Legends of mermaids

had at times moved past me

I had forgotten to notice

their far away singing.

Tiny yes

it seems I walked right past them.

I did not hear their somber acceptance

that they had been forewarned

by old habits of mine

stumbling in the grass.

Their tears I would not recognize

their heroes had disappeared.

My forest fairy

my mermaids song

sweet breath from your story

shape my footsteps

as the leaf drops from its flowers petals.

Oh laughter

between the tears

I thought I heard you calling.

Poor pitiful glow

stars that shine at night

I had not noticed your glowing

as much at this song now allows.

I had not noticed your importance

to this jealousy of hope.

I tried to glean your energy

I tried to harness your home.

But the sky felt like it was falling

so I could not reach for its hopeful

yet fading, to me, inner tune.

There was a box outside the moon.

Alas I step out of my circle

tie ribbons on its rhythm

and coax my gentle whimsical angels home.

I sing this song to me

I pick its magnificent orchid

and ride the winds song

gently, safely home.

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

free art gifts @

Blessings and Aloha,

Thank you for visiting my store.


Where To Purchase My Hawaiian Art and Mermaid Babies

Where to purchase my Hawaiian Art plus the Mermaid Baby. Safe purchase through Pay Pal on my blog! Under each image you will see a 'add to my cart" to purchase.

"The Mermaid Baby" by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"The Mermaid Baby" by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
"The Mermaid Baby" by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Orange Star Bromelaid"

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

18x24 oil on canvas, completed 3/07

$300. plus shipping

Description: Guzmania Lingulata, Bromelaid w/ apple green leaves, orange

florescence rosettes.

I have many series of work... some tame some full of passion and wild colors and stroke of the brush. I do this to fit different moods of my own and to appeal to different audiences. i may paint subjects like flowers, women, fairies. I paint tight and well defined work and impressionistic work. I do the same with my sculptures, silk painting, glass etching, etc. Creativity is not something that should ever be put into a box with a label that says .. do not change, right? Right.

For Sale:


Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

48x36x2 gallery wrap, oil on canvas, completed 3/07

$1300. plus shipping

Note: This painting is called "Honor" because the woman feels that pathway of Pele, the goddess of the Volcano Kilauea. The volcano erupted and as the lava traveled it attached itself to trees... thus the huge rock that my model does "Honor".


PS... if you got this far on my lens? Would you do me a very lovely favor? Drop a comment above and let me know what you thought?

Ohh that would just be wonderful. Smile






Accept the blessings that are there for you,


"The Frog" 24x20 oil on canvas

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Goodbye My Almost Lover


Take time for things lovely...

lest they disappear too quickly


A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover on Amazon

One Cell in the Sea
One Cell in the Sea



Love A Fine Frenzy's - "Almost Lover" like I do?

Here is the cd.



"Art Deco Art Stencils and Pencil Drawings of Dragons"

Fantasy Art Warrior Women

"Art Deco Art Stencils and Pencil Drawings of Dragons"

Art deco

art stencils

I paste my heart on the Milky Way.

I will steady the ladder

hold it safely

for you

my pegasus

to see the view.

I take away smiles from all the dragons.

Pencil drawings

dragons made to know my conquering ways.

I am the master of my own shadow.

Fantasy art

warrior women

they meet me at the gate.

I laugh and leave them candy

lest they melt away.

Art deco

art stencils

how do I paste fantasy fairies

securely on the moon?

I melted my dragon

erased his confidence

right when I needed him most!

Back to the drawing table

I suppose

dragons can be drawn again

smiles reassured.

Drawing fire from his breath

fantasy art

warrior women conquer all.

I do not resent my dragon

I draw him freely

and yet

I make sure he understands my power.

I am a warrior

I hold my own pen

I draw when and whatever pleases me.

I take my pencil

draw a dragon, a fairy, a ghost of me.

I pick up all the stencils

art deco I have planned

I remind myself of my own worth.

I do not need to fit in an envelope

I would not travel well anyway.

I take my glass

fill it to the brim with dreams

toast the shadow of a dragons past

no matter the flames

or drama he screams out.

I am a warrior

a woman of fantasy

it rests very safely in my heart.

Ahh it all does please me so

my stencils on the moon.

I sit atop it now

reviewing all my former postings

still silent

yet smiling

as a ship sets sail

being led by a dragon

on the Milky Way.

21 March 2007

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Silk ll" 40x30 oil on canvas

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Check out:

Fantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art


My blog for poems:


Sarah Brightman - Fleurs du Mal

Great Goddess, Celtic Goddess, Mermaid, Nature Goddess

Great Goddess, Celtic Goddess, Mermaid, Nature Goddess, Herb Goddess, faeries, fairies, mermaids, sorceress.. the list goes on.

Mystical fairies give advice on life's stumbling blocks
promise nothing
except to tell you what is logical.

Map faery tale adventures
tiny angels will light your way.

Take it all with a grain of salt
sprinkle it with fairy dust.

I take a notebook with me everywhere I go now, just like Leonardo. It sure has made a difference. I used to fear I would not be able to come up with fresh ideas. Now, with this notebook by my side I can't seem to shut them off. I almost feel kind of coo coo at times to be honest.

I covered my ears
spent the rest of the day silent
sifting through memories
and burning old letters.
I chasten the tag a longs
those things that haunt
they crowd out my mentors

The meanings seem translucent now
Do not waste those lessons
note them well
post them on the refrigerator
with a magnet made of ice.

I fell into this holy space
resting in my Lily's calm.
I wonder if she knew it.
in time.
I have learned a lot
and am still searching.
Lily is me
and I am Lily
and everyone else.

The struggle was not in the forgiving
not on Lily's part
the struggle was in accepting forgiveness
and counting herself worthy of such a gift
of being made to feel whole again.
Being able to say those words
"I love you"
how could she dare?
How could I?
I am Lily and she is me.
She simply was not worthy
not to her
and it was assumed by her
not to anyone else.
No she would not say them
those words I love you
not for a very long time.
She could not see that flower
and I was not allowed in the garden.

Knowing every single day
that Lily would be here
her loyalties needed to be well spent.

Resting in my Lily's arms
I am Lily and she is me.

Want to make fairies and mermaids more real in your life?

Dragons and demons, goddess women, dear little pixies fairies, elves colouring pictures, elves in folklore and myths, yes oft times sweet mythical fairies fill a watercolor sketchbook that is mine to create.. and I do, I create my visions and dreams, legends that are mine to know whatever I want them.

Legends of mermaids, fantasy fairies, Santa and the Easter Bunny...
Magic is yours to know, close your eyes and remember when you KNEW for a fact they existed.

Want to make fairies and mermaids more real in your life?

Legends of mermaids and other delights are right there within your grasp. Its true, just believe fairies and mermaids exist and you will indeed hear their darling little laughter.

You remember the tooth fairy don't you? Didn't you imagine the most glorious gown on her? I did.

Never lose that magic.

I have a Squidoo lens about How 'I' get to that creative, artistic space.

I open my basket and what do I find there? Creativity because of the desire to know it. .

Fantasy is as real as you decide it can be. I try to write a lot about my visions... of what is in my heart and things of beauty that inspire me. How 'I' get to that creative, artistic space.

I truly believe that we can rescue our own selves from a host of sadness by tapping into that creative space. Tiny angels light our pathway. Stars shine and we are blessed by knowing we are alive.

Such a gift.


The goal it to make this life experience one of magic.. to know and fully embrace that space that we dream of and attain the vision that is meant to be ours.

Make it an elegant journey. Why settle for less?

Connect with the beauty that is yours and has always been there for you. Why not hold out for magic? It has always been yours to know. I tell that to myself....

more on my Squidoo lens, Fantasy Art|Beautiful Women Goddess Art|Creating Art|Fairies in Art|

found at:

"The Frog"
24x20 oil on canvas
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Tell me of your fantasy adventures and if you find magic in mine.

Tis a splendid thing to take a day to map a fairy tale adventure.

Feel the possibilities of magic

Lets Share in the Adventure of Creativity. How do you find those special moments of helping the butterfly in you come out of its cocoon?


PS.. post a comment and I will return the favor asap.




Aloha - Tell me if you like my lense...

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      DanielBrooks 4 years ago

      your lens is quite touching to soul

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Kathy, I will have to come back as there is so much here to visit. Wonderful sharing of art and artists.

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Final Fantasy Real Emotion - I love it! You truly have a wide range of talent. In fact, as a go down your lens I see favorites - hard to pick one. Very lovely work. Thanks for sharing your work on this lens.

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Final Fantasy Real Emotion - I love it! You truly have a wide range of talent. In fact, as a go down your lens I see favorites - hard to pick one. Very lovely work. Thanks for sharing your work on this lens.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      coming back to share some angel blessings.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Whew, it was already 2009 since I was here and now returning with angel dust. I'll have to linger a while.

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      jseven lm 5 years ago

      You are very talented, great poems!

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      Kathy, your artwork and your verse truly touch the spirit. I, too, believe that we can rescue ourselves and that we are worth the time and effort to do so.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      Beautifully written! It would be easy to spend hours here reading and listening.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      if i have to buy all the things i like, the house will be full of stuff.

    • kathysart profile image

      kathysart 5 years ago

      @awakeningwellness: Thanks!

    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 5 years ago

      A beautiful lens with so much to enjoy...the video of swan lake was breath taking!

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