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Lego Homemade Halloween Costume

Updated on September 7, 2013

Lego Homemade Halloween Costume

Boys just love legos, at least most of them anyway. Do you think your son would like to be turned into one of his favorite toys? Itâs actually easier than you might think to make a homemade lego Halloween costume.

And the best part about it? It cost next to nothing to make. I donât like it when I come across homemade things where the materials cost almost as much as it would to buy it new from the store. That is why when I look for homemade projects, I always make sure that it is going to cost very little or I wonât do the project.

Materials That You Will Need

A large cardboard box that will snugly fit the size of your child without being too oversized on their frame

Between 8 and 12 solo cups depending on the size of the box

Red paint (spray paint works best for fast coating and ease of the project)

All red or all black clothes to wear underneath the box.

Glue (hot glue would be the best)


For easy cutting, measure and draw a circle that will be large enough that your child’s head will fit through on the smaller end on the box. This will be the top. Draw another circle on each side where the arms will go through. Draw a square on the bottom end of the box that is at least 1-2 inches smaller than the size of the end of the box. Cut out the circles and the square.

On the front of the box you will be attaching the solo cups. Line up the cups in 2 rows spaced evenly apart and mark where they will be placed. Generously glue the cups into place where you made the marks.

Lay the box down, preferably on something you don’t mind getting paint on. Do this outside if you are using spray paint. Follow the directions on the back of the can. Usually you will lightly spray several thin layers, allowing 10-15 minutes of time to pass between each layer, long enough for it to dry. The reason for this is because drips will occur when too much paint is used in one spot at a time. Letting it dry in thin layers should prevent most of the dripping from occurring.

Adding a Little Pizzazz

If you want to get really creative and you have the time, try adding a trick or trick box (instead of a bag). Instead of using a large box, you can switch it out for a shoe box. Duck tape the lid of the shoe box shut. Cut out one end and add the solo cups. The solo cups will have to be cut in half to make it smaller, or smaller disposable cups will need to be used. Paint it in the same manner as the costume. Cut slits 2 inches down from the opening and pass through the middle of the box with ribbon or rope from one side to the other. Knot to keep in place. You may want to reconsider reinforcing the openings for the handles with duck tape.

Now It's Time to Put it On

After it is dry, the Lego homemade Halloween costume is ready to wear. Have the child put on the clothes, in either solid black or solid red. Put the Lego costume on over their head.

That's it. A creative and easy Halloween costume that is sure to get lots of compliments! Have fun!

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