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Cool Lego Designs

Updated on January 28, 2012

Legos have for a long time went beyond being only a creative toy for children to play with, as adults with a creative side (and a lot of time) have embraced the little connective blocks as a form of expression, and have built some amazing sculptures as a result.

Some of those I've included below are actual kits made by Lego for people to experiment with, although most are made from scratch by people almost obsessed with the art form.

Others don't take it quite so seriously, but get a lot of enjoyment out of designing some pop culture characters that were part of their lives as they grew up.

Those are the ones more realistic for most of us that may want to try our hand at a Lego masterpiece.

Another thing to keep in mind concerning Lego designs, is in some cases they are group projects built over a period of time to celebrate an important event. So while we can enjoy the result, it wouldn't be something the vast majority of individuals could create, as it would take an enormous amount of time.

Sci Fi Lego Character

As Alien is one of the more popular and successful Science Fiction film franchises, it's appropriate that the creature itself would be the focus of fans of the show in their Lego choice. Very creative in the choice of Legos used.

Lego Alien Design

Here is probably one the most recognizable characters of the gaming genre, who almost single handedly put put the gaming industry on the map. I know about Donkey Kong and Pac Man, but as far as expanding the base and growing the industry, Mario stands at the top. Great Lego creation of the character.

Lego Design of Mario

As for difficulty and appearance, this is obviously not the top of the line for Lego art, but I added it to the mix just to show how anyone can create something interesting with Legos, and it doesn't have to take an engineering degree to do it. I do like the way they creatively made the "G" in the company name.

Legos of Google

This Lego creation of Buzz Lightyear was performed by 3 builders from the consumer products division of Disney. Buzz stood over 5 feet tall, and it took about 40,000 lego bricks to construct him. About 250 hours was dedicated to building Buzz, to give you an idea of the commitment made to these larger designs.

Buzz Lightyear Lego Sculpture

Lego Kit for 1960s Beetle

This is an example of a kit created by Logo a person can design. That's of course why you can have all the pieces included in it. This would be a blast to make, and it brings you back to a day when these cars had a strong fan base. Nice!

I wasn't able to find out how many Lego blocks it took to create this elephant doctor and patient, but it appears to be a huge sculpture, assuming the scale in relationship to the room is real. But it is an amazing and difficult piece of art to build, and very unique. I really like it.

Elephant Doctor Lego Creation

Wall-E Lego is definitely a geek creation, as it was designed and built at Trossen Robotics. Along with the Lego parts, it included a Lego NXT Mindstorms Robotic System for brains. It also has
Labview's NXT-G software in it. Very cool.

Wall-E Lego Sculpture

Talk about awesome. The idea of creating an engine like the 32 valve dohc v8 with Legos as a work of art is amazing. All you can do is look at it and enjoy it, as the quality speaks for itself.

32 Valve dohc v8 Lego Engine

Yellow was an interesting choice of the artist for this Spilling Guts design. The photo of the sculpture adds even more to the already compelling creation, including the dark of the stomach, the shadow on the neck, as well as the shadow on the pectoral muscle area. Using the Lego blocks as the spilling guts works to me. The arms and hands also look great. Terrific image of somewhat disturbing subject matter.

What a magnificent Lego sculpture of Jesus, based on Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen's Resurrected Christ. It reportedly took 40 volunteers at a Swedish church approximately 18 month to complete the project. Outstanding job, to say the least.

Spilling Guts Lego Sculpture

Lego Sculpture of Jesus

It was astounding to see the amount of commitment and talent used to design and build these amazing Lego sculptures. To say the Lego company and its creations has went far beyond its early years would be a vast understatement. This is just a tiny tip of the iceberg as to how large volume of Lego sculptures and creations there are out there to enjoy to look at or build.


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    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 

      6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Awesome! The time that has to go into these works of art...


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