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Best Liquid Craft Glue: Liquid Fusion Glue Review

Updated on February 18, 2012

Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue

The other day I needed to glue some plastic rhinestones to chipboard backgrounds. I must admit, I swear by gluestick for most projects, but you really need a stronger hold for bulky embellishments like this. Lately I've been growing fond of mess-free adhesives like the Xyron or a glue runner. For small embellishments the Xyron can be a hassle, so I reached for my glue runner. Uh oh, out of runner tape! Hmm, well I'll just use tacky glue... *squirt* eeeww! I rarely use the stuff, so it had separated into a goopy, globby mess. No good.

Then I remembered I'd picked up Liquid Fusion on a whim some time back... gosh, probably two years ago now! I'd opened it at the time, used it on a couple things, and tossed it back in the drawer. So I didn't have high hopes for it - but lo and behold, it worked like a dream! The consistency was still perfect, flowing but almost gel like for easy dots of glue where I needed them. A good solid press with my fingers and already I had a decent hold. After the minimum suggested drying time of 2 hours, they were on there rock-solid. And the best part is, despite the nice strong hold I didn't get any of the funky problems you get with super glue - no horrid fumes and no "crackling" of the silvery back-coating on my plastic rhinestones.

The Best Glue for Rhinestones and Bulky Embellishments

Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue 2oz
Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue 2oz

I must admit, I'm a bit of a bling queen and I work with rhinestones a fair bit, so I'm no stranger to the problems of finding a glue that'll give the slick surface a strong hold without warping the reflective coating. As a result I've grown quite reliant on the self-stick kind. But I was under a deadline and the project really needed these big blingy rhinestones. I was thrilled beyond belief to find a rhinestone glue that just plain works!


Liquid Fusion is the ideal glue

More details about the features of Liquid Fusion Glue

Liquid Fusion is the perfect multi-fuction glue - that is, if such a thing can be said to truly exist. Every crafter knows that at some point in their lives they will need to glue just about everything to something else. That's what makes us who we are - insatiably crafty! No glue can be said to be truly perfect of course, since there is such endless variety in gluing needs: what material is being glued, how long a dry time, how strong a bond, how it looks when dried, etc. But in my experience Liquid Fusion comes as close as it gets.

  • As I mentioned before, Liquid Fusion glues bulky embellishments well, which is impressive by itself - but it handles simple paper collage ephemera with nearly as much style and grace, making it a great multi-material glue.
  • Liquid Fusion dries fairly quickly, in no more than 1-2 hours. For the strength of the glue, that's quite quick, and the bond is reasonably firm within as little as 20 minutes. And that's just for bigger jobs like the rhinestones - for paper-to-paper gluing jobs, it's dry in a matter of just a few minutes
  • Liquid Fusion creates a strong bond - not as strong as JB Weld and other epoxies, but much stronger than any other nontoxic glue I've ever tried. Strong enough for 95% of my crafting projects.
  • Liquid Fusion dries completely clear, with relatively little shine. You can see little smears of it in my paper projects such as my art journal, but you have to look fairly closely.
  • The fact that Liquid Fusion is nontoxic means several helpful things in crafting terms; first, and probably most obviously, you don't need to be careful about ventilation when using it, and there's no icky noxious stink. And then there's the fact that it doesn't do that weird corrosive-looking thing to things like rhinestone backings. And lastly, it's washable with just mild soap and water, meaning you don't have to worry if you get it on your fingers or a paintbrush.

Glue Review On YouTube

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    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 

      8 years ago

      That looks really handy for some of the modelling I do - I must have a look and see if it's available in the UK.


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