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Liquitex Versus Galeria Paint

Updated on January 16, 2013

Liquitex Versus Galeria

What is the difference between using Liquitex Basic Versus Winsor Newton Galeria Flow Formula Acrylic Paints. This is a comparative ment to aid people in making a budget decision of which brand acrylics to spend your money on. What can be done fine art with both brands and Which may or may not be better suited for your techniques. Who doesn't want to get the most out of their money when it omes to paints. I know i do and Im sure you do too.

New Blick Studio Acrylic review coming soon.

Liquitex Basic

Liquitex Basic are the bottom line Introduction to Acrylic paints one can get for fine art. If your looking to experiment as a hobby then these paints represent the best bang for your bucks when your not making a carear of painting and looking for excellent craft level acrylic paint. If your looking for a carear in fine art and looking to budget the paintings by buying basic to save money then its not worth it. There are a few things you need to know about Basic when working on Canvas. First off Its called basic for a reason. The blends of colors are not as fine as Liquitex Professional Grade. As a medium it represent the least amount of pigment suspended in the emulsion to create the paints. There is a reason why when using basic you can never get a clear layer with some colors like Viridian and Thelo right out of the tube. Even with Using Flow formula its really not the best of colors to use. Even with adding Gloss Medium and Varnish your not going to get the rich luster of Professional level Liquitex.

You can use these paints as an Underpainting that you will cover up with better colors or you can simply blend in Gloss Medium and Vanish into the paints to use them as glazes but the quality will be for ever lacking when you work on canvas larger then portrait size. You definitely want to keep Basic paints as is. Do not add water to them, Do not add media to them because it's a waste of media.

As an over all Brand I accept they are labelled Basic for a reason. The consistency of basic is way way way below the standard brand Acrylic Professional paints that Liquitex Sells.I would not even think to add water to this. Straight from the tube.

Galleria Paints

If you Are serious about Making Art on a budget best avoid the liquitex Basics all together.

Galeria Acrylic Paints - The Better Buy for the Budget Artist

Winsor & Newton Galeria are worth the money for the budget Artist. I use Flow Formula Galeria Acrylic Paints though personally I love the toothpaste container style paints better then the Plastic Galeria Containers. Mixing Galeria with water is a plas. These are not cheap like basic when mixed with water. I prefer using Gloss Medium and Vanish Instead of Water for paints if I have to add anything at all. I prefer to use the paints from the tube as is with some blending on the side. Despite not being the Liquitex Professional there is a vibrance to Galeria Colors.

Money Saving Tip Working With Acrylics

Don't Waste Money Buying Pallet Paper or Blending Pallet

I know a lot of art students out there are budgeting their paints as much as possible. College Cost enough Already with Tuition and Transportation. So any place were you can save a lifetime of money can be a great thing if you know what your looking for. Many Times students will waste their time and energy going to the Art Store, Micheals Craft or even Dick Blick and look for a Pallet. Your wasting your money. You will not find the best Pallet here.

Actually you're better off locating any Plastic Dish. Yes that's right plastic dishes for acrylic paints. Why would plastic be a good thing if plastic doesn't stick to Acrylic Paint? That's exactly the point my dears. Acrylic does not stick to Plastic. When Acrylic dries it is done and can not be reconstituted (brought back to life). Once Acrylic dries that's it you have to get it right while its wet. After that You can pour on top any other color and Acrylic will not mix. This way you can Reuse Plastic Dishes As Mixing Dishes. When you have built up enough Layers You can PEEL OFF THE ACRYLIC and your DISH IS CLEAN.

Better for your wallet in the long run to Go Plastic.

Where to get the PLastic Dishes?

Everywhere. You can Use taco bell containers nacho supreme plastic containers free when you buy lunch. You can use the cheap dishes from the 99 cent store, any Dollar Tree, or Dollar General. You can use the left over containers from JELLO CUPS or any number of over the counter containers. Plastic Left over containers from Buying Lunch at Your local Grocery Store. You can use your plastic Salad container as well for you Vegetarians :-) Even those Plastic Single Serve Ice Cream Dishes. As long as its Plastic you can Peel off your layers and trash the Dry Paint. I personally Prefer to use Orange Plastic Square Dishes but that's Just me.

Golden Acrylics

The best of the best Acrylic paints when you are serious about color and presentation. They are better then any Liquitex product. The Diamond of Acrylic Paints.

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    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 5 years ago

      Great advice. I didn't know dried acrylic wouldn't mix with new. I will have to try layer now so I can get the paint of my palette next time I paint. Great lens.

    • shreeve21 profile image

      shreeve21 5 years ago

      love this stuff! sadly the art store that carries the Liquitex has moved. it used to be like two blocks away :-(

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 7 years ago

      Nice lens and great advice!