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Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Wallpapers

Updated on June 26, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood Products

Wallpapers of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

The story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf has captured the imaginations of children since it was written or viewed as a film, as it's a timeless story of having the need to watch for those who are not what or whom they outwardly seem to be.

And many times those people could be out to do you harm in some way, as portrayed by the wolf in the story. To accomplish that they position themselves as someone close to you, like the wolf did outwardly with Little Red Riding Hood's grandma.

All of that lends itself to designing some interesting works of art to help visualize the story. In this article we'll look at wallpapers we can put on our computers or other screens which look at the tale from a variety of angles.

Many of the images unveil an interesting part of our human nature and time on this earth. Sometimes what is considered a story for children, can, through various means, actually be a powerful testament to much deeper elements or our lives.

I believe Little Red Riding Hood is one of those stories, and after viewing this compelling wallpapers, you'll probably agree with that assessment.

Using wallpapers like this can be good reminders of watching out for people and things in life that can harm us, as well as being fantastic visual experiences in and of themselves.

Little Red Riding Hood Wallpaper of Her Walking in Forest

The story of Little Red Riding Hood was one of deception and safety, and this wallpaper of her walking in the woods alone on her way to or from her grandmother's house reflects the safety factor in the tale nicely.

Even the pointed limbs on the trees suggest this isn't a safe place for a young lady to walk alone in, as does the mist lingering around her.

When viewing her in this illustration you get the feeling she's staring right at you from under her hood in a way that implies she's wary and not trusting.

As for the art work itself, I think in relationship to Little Red Riding Hood, it looks really fantastic. The red cloak standing out against the backdrop of the ominous forest works very well, as it does in helping to give definition to her white dress underneath.

This would be a great wallpaper to view from time to time.

little red riding hood wallpaper
little red riding hood wallpaper | Source

Wolf Hiding Behind Tree

One interesting thing I discovered when looking for some Little Red Riding Hood wallpapers was that virtually all of them were of when she was walking in the woods. The exceptions to that were those that were more humorous depictions of an interpretation of the story. There is one below we'll look at in a moment.

As for this one, the wolf looking partially out from behind the tree points to the duplicitous nature of the beast, and even Little Red Riding Hood not being too disturbed as she looks at him in the forest seems to say she is slow at learning from her encounters with his deceptions.

Again we have the mist in the forest pointing to danger for the young lady.


Giant Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

I really like this wallpaper of the giant wolf approaching Little Red Riding Hood. Even with the evil red eyes looking at the helpless girl, she remains in a posture that says she still doesn't know the danger presented by this unwelcome visitor.

To me it points to a learning experience of needing to understand what it is in life we're facing and what it exactly represents. Almost to the end in the story of Little Red Riding Hood she never rightly discerned the situation because of the wolf's cunning.

As for the image here, it's a terrific one that could be used to remind use to accurately access all of our circumstances we face and not to be naïve or in denial.

Other than that, it's simply a very cool wallpaper to have on your computer or other screen.


Little Red Riding Hood Riding on Motorcycle with Wolf

As for a more reckless look at Little Red Riding Hood, here she is humorously being seen as enjoying the ride on the motorcycle with the wolf as he takes her to a place where he will ultimately consume her for a meal.

That he has that in mind is evidenced by his hungry tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth.

The smiling face of Little Red Riding Hood implies she is again disregarding all wisdom and entering into the experience naively.

Again though, the story and lessons aside, it is a great wallpaper that would be fun to look at and share with others. It's very well done as far as a piece of digital art goes. Even here the mist lingers in a dark forest, pointing to the fact that no matter what scenario Little Red Riding Hood finds herself in with the wolf, it isn't going to end well for her.


Wallpaper of Little Red Riding Hood Killing Wolf

For those desiring a different outcome for the encounter of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, this wallpaper gives that, as she takes a sword and drives into the back of the wolf as he lies on the ground.

The hood covering her eyes seems to say this wolf didn't know the inner strength she had to deal with him, and now he's paying the ultimate price for it.

Looking at the face of the wolf you get the feeling he isn't being depicted in the strength he tries to assert he has to those he deceives. Here he appears more nerdy as seen by the glasses hanging on his snout.

Even the clothes in this illustration seem to point to the idea that he's a wannabee rather than the real thing.

Those wanting to feel some empowerment would like to have this as a wallpaper to view and remind themselves they aren't helpless in the challenges of life.


Little Red Riding Hood Wallpapers

There are a surprising number of fascinating wallpapers of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. If you want others besides those shown here, just input the phrase "Little Red Riding Hood wallpapers" and a lot more will be offered as options to choose from.

Most of them include the themes seen in this wallpapers, but they are depicted in different ways and styles.

When looking for some Little Red Riding Hood wallpapers I had no idea it would trigger some of the thoughts and lessons from the story I shared with you here. I just wanted to see if there were some cool images to put on my computer.

Whether you want to think about the lessons associated with Little Red Riding Hood or not, the fact is the wallpapers are cool looking, and provide some great visual delight in and of themselves.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      7 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      beautiful red riding hood wallpaper. Love them.


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