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Thrill an Artist With the Gift of a Logan Platinum Edge Mat Cutter

Updated on July 4, 2014

I'm a girl, and this is my toy!

With a solo show to prepare for I was dazzled by the cost of matting and framing my mixed-media drawings.

Getting them done commercially would take all my projected sales funds, so it would come out as a wash.

Earnings are not the reason I make art, but without them I cannot continue.

The solution was to upgrade my handheld

wimpy old cutter device to get past the new stabbing pains in my hands. So I researched online. I attended an in-store presentation by the Logan distributor. He even let us try our hand at cutting mats on a series of devices.

Arthritis crimped my grip too, it became all too

evident. Although I can wield a mighty hammer for art and other household projects, I do make accommodations for jobs which require a tight grasp and squeezing.

My arm strength had been sapped by a broken arm in too many places to count, and I had yet to recondition both arms. The economy models all required more power than I could manage.

The Platinum Edge cutter head glides smoothly

on its guardrail, and as soon as I made one cut I knew I had found my mat cutter, because of the straightness of the cut and all the features of the device, such as mat stops (that stop the blade at a predetermined-by-me spot), the squaring arm, the level that raises the cutting bar just above the board for tiny last minute adjustments..

I've reviewed the mat cutter on Amazon.

With this tool I got my show work matted

and ready for framing. It was so handy for cutting the backing sheets to correctly mount the pieces. If I'm cutting styrene sheets rather than plexi it's easy to score and snap the sheets. For plexi I'll use an old blade and start scoring the cut, then change to a hand held cutter held against the straight rule guide strip of the Logan.

The actual work of cutting and sizing the show

pieces was done in a flash. Framing and matting is something I enjoy as a contrast to the intuitive organic process of art making.

I would still be doing hand flips if someone had given me this tool as a gift! No more cutting mats on hands and knees on the floor and occasionally feeling the box cutter or the hand held tool hangup and then jump onto the carpeting or wood flooring like happened in the past.

I would buy this same tool in a minute if I had it to do all over again, but I would also consider getting the 40" cutter rather than the longer one.

Alvin CL1755-D White Swing-Arm Combination Lamp
Alvin CL1755-D White Swing-Arm Combination Lamp

One of my all time favorite lamps to use in my studio.

One time my son helped me in a move and thanked me for the lamp as a thank-you gift for his work. Last time I visited my grandsons used it at their worktables where they worked on models.


This is the smaller version you might enjoy having. It's lighter weight but very versatile.

I like the weight of the 850 because it helps hold the cutter in place on the table.

Learn the features and master your projects in less time.

Good visuals for how to actually use the tool.

Stops are valuable aids in production.

Photo Gallery

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all photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair - last photo shows me in my studioall photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair
all photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair - last photo shows me in my studio
all photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair - last photo shows me in my studio
all photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair
all photos © 2013 Leslie Sinclair

Do you cut your own mats or wish you could?

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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      It's essential to have good matting and frames - and who better to decide what suits a work of art more than the original artist?