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Make a Rocketship

Updated on December 27, 2014

In search of Inspiration

I was desperately trying to keep my son and daughter entertained on a busy weekend whilst the wife was away shopping, when I started to wonder whatever had made me decide to be an aircraft designer...where did it all start?

Well in the far and not so distant past I made a rocketship at school..... so eureka I thought, why not fire up my sons brain cells a little and make one with him....

Rocketship preparation
Rocketship preparation

Prepare the stuff

On a mission to boldly go where no nose had gone before, I delved into the re-cycling bin to emerge with a plastic bottle, whilst my son came back with the baby bottle.

Now we tussled with the ethics of whether it was ok to use the baby bottle or not...especially if mum came back and found one of the bottles was missing.

Whilst my son tried to convince me, my daughter snatched the bottle and gave me that tear glazed look .... that made my heart wobble......

So the plastic bottle it had to be....

Rocket Body
Rocket Body

Fill the bottle and run

So I handed over the paint... as he wasn't going to let me do it.

Watched as he poured some in carefully and then added a splash of water and some frozen peas. As he quite rightly pointed out, peas were essential if it was to make some noise when it flies to Mars.

He then closed the lid, gave it a squish and then zoomed about the room shaking it to the sound of Shakira on the radio.

The body of the rocketship was now a gleaming red and much more importantly for my sanity there wasn't a hint of red paint anywhere in the room.

In search of boosters and windows

We looked into our craft bucket to see what we could find... and came to the conclusion we couldn't use seashells because that would be silly. So off he went into the kitchen and came back with a fine selection of round items that could be windows....

a) Buttons .....

But they were still attached to my shirt!

b) Assortment of bottletops ...

But the milk and washing up liquid bottles in the fridge were not empty!

c) A beer bottle or two....

Possible... but I wasn't going to drink three bottles of beer so we could use the bottle tops.

In the end I went into the attic and came back with some old packaging bits and pieces that could be neatly cut and painted.....

Ready on the launch pad

Well after sticking all the bits together it was ready for it's maiden flight.

Having decided it was heading for Mars to meet Martian Mickey Mouse ...(NASA hope you're watching....), we gave it the obligatory countdown and then ran about the room father waving rocket emphatically, son making the rocket booming sounds and the daughter toddling behind as the chaser plane I assume i.e. desperatly trying to keep up.

We landed on Mars and duely went for a spacewalk to find Martian Mickey had gone on holiday... so we flew back ready for tea before mum came back.

Well it's waiting on the launch pad ready for the official naming ceremony when mum comes back from her shopping. Suggestions accepted...

Krazy Katz
Krazy Katz


Well as my daughter wants to leave her paw prints behind on this webpage.... here it is... Now can I please have that baby bottle.... .:)

Click for further details...

Name the rocketship...

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