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Make Doll Ornaments Using Paper Towels

Updated on March 5, 2020
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Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.

Paper Towel Angel Ornaments

There are so many ways to make dolls, so why not make a doll ornament using a sheet from a roll of paper towels? These ornaments can be made to look like angels, babies or fancy ladies. So use them on a Christmas tree, as decorations for a bridal or baby shower, or hang them as a mobile in a baby or girls room.

The little girl in me has always loved making dolls. Growing up, my sisters and I made paper dolls out of pictures cut from a catalog; made baby dolls by wrapping tiny cucumbers in silver maple leaves; and fashioned dolls by stuffing socks. In this article I'm going to show you how to make doll ornaments using single sheets of paper towel s.

I guess you could use this same method to make handkerchief dolls, cloth napkin dolls or wide lace ribbon dolls, but in this article Ill be limiting the tutorial using paper towel sheets. The ordinary craft supplies that well be using are: sheets of paper towel, food coloring to dye the towel, embroidery floss or string and wooden beads.

Supplies Needed:

Plain white sheets of paper towel
Food dye
Colored embroidery floss or string
Wooden balls or wooden heads
Sharpies to draw on face
Narrow 1/8”-1/4” ribbon
Hair: embroidery floss, moss, hair, etc.
Optional: beads, feathers, fine wire, tiny buttons, etc.

Preparing to Dye Paper Towel

Prepare the dye solution by adding drops of food dye to water in a small container. Stir to mix. Remember that the paper will dry a lighter shade of color than when it was wet. So make the dye solution a bit darker than you think you want your doll to be. You may want to make a couple of dolls without adding the color, those are beautiful also.

Dyeing the Paper Towel

Dye only about one third to three fourths of a sheet of paper towel by gathering one end, hold and dip in a solution of water and food dye. Gently squeeze out excess solution, smooth out the sheet and lay it flat to dry.

Dye Paper Towels a Bunch of Different Colors

While I was at it, I made dye solutions in many different colors.These were smoothed out and laid flat to dry. This was so much fun that I kind of got carried away. Here are just a few of the sheets I dyed.

Making A Paper Towel Doll

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Pictures 1 through 12

1. Sheet of paper toweling. 2. Sheet folded in half. 3. Make a reverse fold from the side, so the folded edge meets the center fold and the side of the paper towel meets the underside fold. 4. Sides folded in towards the center. 5. Fold the colored end of the sheet up, leaving 3 ” of the white back side showing. 6. Gather all the thicknesses together, wrap and tie with a piece of embroidery thread. 7. Form sleeves. 8. Draw face on wooden ball. Add hair, etc. 9. Glue the head above the sleeves. Glue a loop of ribbon behind the doll head. 10. This may help you to see how the paper towel is folded, better than the photo above. 11. Pretty in Pink 12. The angel, separate the white ruffle behind the dolls head to form the wings. Form a circle on one end of a 4” piece of fine wire and glue to head, to make a halo.

Angels in all Colors

All the same, but different colors.

Little Paper Mache Angel Using Paper Towels

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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