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Make A Winter (Christmas) Village with These Free Printable Models

Updated on July 2, 2014

Do you see the little houses (and the church and the schoolhouse and the rest) decorating this Christmas tree? Aren't they beautiful! And what I particularly love about them is: You Can Make Them Yourself.

Yes - the templates and instructions for making this wonderful Winter Village are available free at

As Martha observes, making a Winter Village for Christmas is a seasonal tradition in many countries. At Christmas, family members would gather together to create a Christmas village from card, glue, scissors and general creativity. What a great tradition!

It's one I want to share, which I why I've created this lens - all about crafting your own Winter Christmas village. As well as Martha Stewart's cottages, there's Santa's North Pole workshop, a Dickens-style Christmas shop, a Winter Village diorama... You'll want to make them all!

Image Credit: Martha

Start Building Your Winter Village with this Little House - Martha Stewart shows you how.

Image Credit: Martha

... Here are Three More Cottages for Winter Village...

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

Out of One of The Houses Comes the Town's Mascot: Miss Winter-Village - "Hi! Welcome to our town! Let me show you around."

Image Credit:

"What I Love about My Home," says Miss Winter-Village, "Is That - On a Clear Day - You Can See All the Way to the North Pole!"

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

"I Love Horses," says Miss Winter-Village, "I'm Friends with This Wonderful Horse Who Lives in the Village... - "His name is Cherry."

Breyer "Peruvian Paso" Beautiful Breeds Ornament - 10th in series
Breyer "Peruvian Paso" Beautiful Breeds Ornament - 10th in series

"Cherry the Christmas horse has an amazing story to share," says Miss Winter-Village, "It's told in the lens featured below."

Cherry's Story is illustrated with more free printable models, so please come and browse. They'd make a wonderful addition to your Christmas Winter Village.


Near Cherry the Christmas Horse Lives Another of Miss Winter-Village's Friends...

"His name is Hermann," she explains, "And he loves Christmas and is *really cute*!"

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

Hi Hermann! "Hello!" says Hermann, "Good to See You in Winter-Village.

"The house behind me is my home here. You can make one just like it for your Winter Village - all you need are these 2 sheets of pieces."

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

How to Make Hermann's House

  1. Print out both sheets to the same scale. They're free to print for personal use.
  2. Glue both sheets to thin card. Alternatively, you could print the pieces directly onto the thin card.
  3. Cut out the pieces carefully. Don't forget to cut downwards from the tab labeled "f" all the way to the end of the white space labeled "g". This is very important!
  4. Fold the walls of the building at right angles to the white base. You'll see the building coming together at once!
  5. Start to glue (or tape) the pieces into a 'house shape'. Glue the tab labeled "a" to the wall labelled "a," and so forth.
  6. The house seems to have built itself - except for a 'gap' in the wall between "f" and "g." No problem - just insert the 'spare' piece of wall you cut out earlier. (This is the 'loose piece' that's one window wide and is topped with 'half a gable').
  7. Now for the portico (sheet 2). Fold it as though you were making the draw of a matchbox. Now glue it to the front of Hermann's house, over the existing front door.
  8. The attic room is one of Hermann's favorite places, don't forget to include it. Fold the attic room piece into a square, glue the tabs to make it into a box with both ends open. Two sides have a triangular 'nick' - slot that over the roof and glue in place. The attic room is now in place, though 'open to the sky'. Brrrr! Bit cold for winter - so glue the attic room's roof in place to make it snug and warm.
  9. Now you have made Hermann's house, you can see why he loves it so much. Isn't it great? "Don't forget that it's Christmas so you can decorate my house how you like," says Hermann, "You could spray (or glue) some snow on the roof, or add a Christmas tree, or anything else you want. Merry Christmas to you!"

Image Credit: Public Domain

"I love Christmas," says Hermann, "I *LOVE* Christmas. I can't do without Christmas. Christmas is the highlight of my year. I have a pet snake (a real life rattler) who loves to sit in the branches and watch out for Santa. I'm sure Santa comes to my house each year, because I try to make it Christmas-all-year for everyone I know. Seasons Greetings!"

Let Miss Winter-Village Take You to the Town Square. "It's Amazing How Beautiful Winter Village Is," She Says - "There's so many great seasonal activities to jo

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

C'mon See Winter Village's Wonderful Christmas Toyshop!

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

Miss Winter-Village Also Likes to Shop Here - (Her uncle runs the store; there's always service with a smile, never mind the weather or the crowds).

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

Miss Winter-Village Shows You the Town's 'Funky House' Quarter - "We like to make new Christmas traditions as well as celebrate old ones; we love these fun 'mod

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

"In Winter Village, We Even Have a Spa!"

Avon Frosty Pals Light up Fountain Penguins Christmas
Avon Frosty Pals Light up Fountain Penguins Christmas

(Decoration, not a slushie/icecream maker).


Everyone is Welcome to Join in the Christmas Party at the Winter Village Town Hall... - (But you'll have to make it first).

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

"Welcome to the Winter Village Christmas Party!" says the Mayoress, "Seasons Greetings!"

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

"As you may guess, in Winter Village, we love Christmas trees. Come and see the one we all decorated in city-hall."

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

The Christmas Parade Always Ends at the Winter Village Church. - "The vicar welcomes everyone," says Miss Winter-Village, "Hermann and I help him give out care

Image Credit:

"Before You Leave Winter Village," says Miss Winter-Village, "I'd Like You to Meet Winter Town's Founding Father." - "Here's the mansion he shares with his wife

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

And here's the Founding Father, his wife, and their friend.

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

"How our Founding Father Discovered Christmas"

"(Told to me by B. Canterville)."

Ben was a wonderful [guy]... but, for a long time, he didn't celebrate Christmas. And you have to understand in the late 1700s not very many people did. More people celebrated New Year, and there were more religious holidays than there are now, but Christmas was often forgotten. Ben had been adopted, and whilst his adoptive parents did celebrate Christmas, when they died (of old age) Christmas sort-of died with them. The rest of the family made Christmas so unpleasant Ben decided it was kinder to everyone if he 'bowed out' of the holiday and left it to them.

Ben married a wonderful lady called Meg, who understood about awful relatives who made Christmas into a nightmare [and not of the Tim Burton variety]. If Ben 'thought Christmas was probably best celebrated by others', she agreed. But the [household did celebrate Thanksgiving, in an era when many people didn't. So it's not as if Ben was against holidays; it's just that bad foster relatives had ruined Christmas for him]...

Ben and Meg (and their household) left North America for England, where they were introduced to the Crown Prince... George. George loved Christmas. He started planning next year's Christmas presents in January. He loved to [help with the Christmas goose, and Christmas pudding making in the kitchen, and the washing up afterwards]... He loved Christmas [decorating, he loved Christmas giving]... He had a policy of providing [free Christmas dinner to anyone who came to one of his houses asking for a meal]... He loved to go to church and listen to the priests talk about how Christ was born today, as the son of a human mother but also the Son of God. [Some call this the "miracle of the Incarnation"]. And when George heard that Ben and Meg didn't celebrate Christmas, the first thing he did was invite them (months in advance) to his own Christmas and [put them on his Christmas list]...

"But I should not wish to spoil the day for you," Ben insisted.

"[Huh]..?" said George.

"A holiday is not pleasant when one is forced to celebrate it with those who dislike one," said Ben.

"I don't invite people who dislike me," said George, "I've had enough of that from my birth parents. Only people I like come to Christmas with me. And that includes the beggars and [street kids]... and other people who [need some Christmas cheer]... I don't invite people who only come to guzzle my [turkey or ham]... and sneer at me."

Ben admitted that he certainly never went to anyone's Christmas party (or any other gathering for that matter) with that intention.

"So please come to my Christmas lunch," George urged, "And Meg and your household. And if you don't like it, you don't have to come again next year."

Ben & Meg (and their household) did accept. And it was a truly glorious Christmas - with everything Christmas ought to have, including good friends sharing love and happiness together. "Verily," Ben remarked, "George showed how Christmas should be celebrated, and never did I neglect the holiday again. Indeed, I understand now why this holiday has survived so many centuries, and so many efforts by misplaced-piousity to abolish it. It survives for it is a true holiday, and when truly celebrated, one [indeed, wishes it were Christmas every day]!"

Each Year the Founding Father Sponsors the Town's Nativity Scene.

Image Credit: Papermau.blogspot

Here's a way to present your Winter Village...

Image Credit: Martha

Merry Christmas! - Are you going to build a Winter Village this year?

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    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Indeed it is a great idea :)

    • ghoststorylover profile image


      5 years ago

      How cute, I want to try this today! lol

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      What a fun thing to do during the holidays with the family.

    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 

      6 years ago from Orange County, California

      What an adorable Christmas idea!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These a very pretty

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you so much for visiting my pages and appreciate your squidlike and comments too.

    • microfarmproject profile image


      6 years ago

      I enjoyed your lens. Thanks!

    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 

      6 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Great looking lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I like these printables for Make A Winter (Christmas) Village very cool.


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