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How To Make A ScrapBook Page

Updated on October 23, 2014
linfcor profile image

Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Basic Steps To Create A Scrapbook Page

Have you ever wondered how people put together a scrapbook page? Have you ever seen a scrapbook and wondered how someone put it all together?

It is easy to take those photos out of the box or drawer and create a wonderfully artistic scrapbook page. There are only a few steps that will help you create a wonderful piece of artwork that will be a treasured legacy for generations to come.

Have you ever been looking through some pictures after someone passed only to realize that you had no clue who or what the pictures were? You literally did not know how important any of those old photos were, so maybe you threw them away, out of frustration.

More than that, you went looking through an old magnetic album, only to find that the pictures had become faded or ruined. What a shame?

Maybe you have some pictures just sitting around, unorganized and as time has passed, you have forgotten what year they were taken, or who was in them.

It's time to create a scrapbook with some wonderful pages.It's fun and rewarding to put your pictures and memorabilia together to tell your story. We are going to guide you through a few easy steps to help you get the creative juices flowing.

You only really need a few tools and supplies to get started.

Sort Through Your Photos

A Great Family Night Project

Sorting through your photos is a first step towards making terrific scrapbook pages. Gather them up from where ever they are and sort through them. Make up your own catagories. They might include vacations, birthdays, holidays, by child, ect. just seperate them into various piles.

This is also the time to get any pictures out of any magnetic albums.Your pictures will yellow and actually the paper will be destroyed. Save whatever you can. You can gently remove the pictures with dental floss behind the image. If you are afraid to remove the pictures, scan them into your computer and print them.

You can store them into shoe boxes or specially made boxes to store photos. Some have dividers that you can label. You are now ready to get started.

You can sort them by year, by location, by event, by topic or by the people who are in them. It's up to you !

The Elements Of Your Scrapbook Page Or Layout

Scrapbook Pages 101

Scrapbooks usually have some kind of theme.Your scrapbook might be about a vacation or years of a vacation, a holiday like Christmas, a person like one of your children, an event like a wedding or graduation. It's up to you how you create the events of your life. If you theme a scarpbook, then the elements of the pages or layouts in your album are actually telling a specific story. Keep that in mind as you create your layouts and pages. Your pages will reflect your personal taste, your artistry and will be cherished for generations. Each page has specific common elements to consider as you get started.

The elements of your layout or page include

*Photos-matted or unmatted

*Page Title

*Journalling sections


Basic Scrapbook Supplies And Tools

There are only a few basic tools that you will need to get your pages started. You can always add to your pages. The idea is to get them achived in a safe page. Make sure that all your tools and papers are ligin free and archival safe. They should say so on their wrapping.

  • An Album These come in so many sizes,colors and designs at all kinds of price ranges. Just chose the one that fits your budget and needs. There are basically two main types of albums. One has rings much like a looseleaf binder. The other type has posts and are generally expandable. I like the expandable album because I can always add extra pages.
  • Page Protectors They should be in the size that matches your albums. They can be loaded from the top, side and bottom. Quality counts and you should purchase the best ones that you can afford. When you purchase your album, no matter what size, usually 10 page protectors come with it. I always buy extra page protectors at the same time, so that I have the right ones. Keep a note somewhere what kind of page protectors that album took. That way of you have to go back to get more, you will get the correct ones
  • Scrapbook Paper Comes in an endless variety.Chose paper with basic colors to start.Keep all scraps for future use
  • Glue or Tape You will need a special glue for scrapbooking or a double sided tape
  • Scissors And or a Paper Cutter Again there are many options to chose from
  • Markers and Pens these are special pens and markers made for scrapbooks, they can be used to journal, draw and color.

Scrapbook Albums - Create A Special Memory

The types of albums and their sizes vary. You can find one to suit every taste and theme. There are as many colors and variations as your imagination can think of.

Step 1-Start With Your Pictures

Decide What Your Page Is About

Take the group of pictures that you would like to scrap and select the best pictures. Remember, every picture does not have to go into your album. Omit any out of focus pictures or duplicates. Chose those pictures that convey your memory and the event. If the picture needs it, you can remove some dirt and fingerprints with a special microfiber cloth. You are selecting 1-4 photos for each side of your layout.

You can draw attention to your photo by enlarging it, adding extra mats, using printed or fancy mats, adding embellishments,like photo corners, mounting them with foam adheasive or angling the pictures or other pages elements

Add some things like keepsakes, invitations and other things to enhance your page

Step 2 -Chose You Cardstock

Pick your paper To Get Maximum Results

Chose 2-3 colors or patterns of cardstock (paper).These colors sbould compliment your might chose green for gardens, blue for water pictures, ect. Remember, your papers should not be the focus of your pages. Be sure that the colors and patterns enhance the theme of your layout.

What Do Colors Signify?

* Yellow -joy, happiness,associated with the sun and light

*Blue-sadness, calm, peace,seriousness, or the sea

*Red-passion, energy, danger, anger, think of red hearts, stop signs

*Green-restfullnesssafety,harmony,growth,represents nature and plants

*Purple-power, nobility, richmess, romance, nostalgia, associted with royalty

*Orange- cheerfullness, warmth,suggests autumn leaves or the heat of the tropics

If you have photos with a very light background, matting with a darker color will provide a very nice contrast. Likewise, dark background photos look very nice matted on a lighter colored paper.

Step 3-Crop and Mat Your Photos

Snip here and there to make delightful layouts

Cropping is where you remove unneccessary or distorted background items. It keeps the focus on the main subject.Some backgrounds set s time or a place, so be selctive about your cropping.You can use a paper cutter or a scissor.

Matting is paper that is placed behind the photo. It is usually cut to fit around the photo like a frame. Decorative scissors can be used to "fancy up "the Mat.Good sizes for mats are 1/8-1/4 inch all around the photos.You can also add layered mats behind your photos.

The Title For Your Scrapbook Page

Every page needs one

The title of your page can be simply cut out or letter stickers. They can be as plain or as fancy as you want them to be. The titles on your two page layout should compliment each other and tell the story of the photos. The title can be in your own handwriting, it can be printed off your computer or from a die cut machine, If you put it on a strip of paper, make sure that the paper you use compliments your background paper.

The title can be placed almost anywhere on your layout, but make sure that where you place it, does not distract from your pictures.


One of the most precious parts of your layout

Journaling tells the story of your pictures.Create your journaling before you complete your page as an element so that you won't run out of room, Journaling is a very special and personal touch that you add to each page of your scrapbook. The best are done in your own handwriting. Remember, you are telling a story to your family. Having it in your handwriting, is like having you right there.

You can also journal on journal cards or tags. You can journal on your computer and add it to the page. You can journal on the cardstock of your background. The choices are only limited to your imagination

Use striped paper to tie in different colors on a single page


The Jewels of Our Pages

Get into a scrapbook aisles of any number of stores. Your mind will go to all the wonderful embellishments that are there. They are the eye candy for scrappers. I hardly ever leave my favorite store without new brads,stickers and a host of other things that really pop your page. They can also include stamped embellsihments that you can do yourself, tags, ribbons and so much more.

Use embellishments with care. you can get carried away !

Step 4-Your Layout-

The Fun Begins

Take your paper and lay it out on a work suface. I like to do both pages of my layout together so that I can see the whole picture. First lay out your pictures until you are satisfied on their placements. Add your title. It can be placed top or botton or even in the center. Place your journalling sections and any embellishments. Move them around until you are satisfied with the result. Finally glue or tape the elements onto the page. Place them in the page protector and admire your work.

When using patterned paper or multiple patterned papers on a scrapbook page, make sure to use solid paper strips to create a break in the elements

Scrapbooks Fast And Easy - Scrapbook Kits Are Perfect For Beginners

I know that lots of us are pressed for time, or just are gun shy about our artistic ability. So I say, take it easy with these great kits. You get everything in them! Scrapbooks kits are great for beginners and people who want to make a scrapbook as a gift. They are completely coordinated and you will only need a pair of scissors and some adhesive. They make perfect birthday or Christmas Gifts. Also great for wedding or baby showers !

More Scrapbook Page Tips

Here are more tips and ideas for all your scrapbook pages

  • Save your old birthday and greeting cards. They can be cut up and used on themed scrapbook pages
  • Poems can used instead of journaling for your scrapbook pages
  • Add a plain or colored envelope to house your journaling. Decorate it with washi tape, ribbon, or a simple button
  • Walnut distress ink adds a touch of definition on the edge of any element on your page
  • If you are using a bright color under your pictures, balance it with a muted colors as your background

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    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      6 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @RoadMonkey: It is my passion to create a legacy for the future generations of my family

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      6 years ago

      Scrapbooking is very important as a means of preserving family history and other memorabilia.


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