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Makedo Find and Make Space Pod

Updated on December 6, 2014

When I was a child my parents got a new refrigerator and of course it came in this really big box. My brother and sister and I had so much fun making forts and using it for all sorts of imaginary games. I think we were very sad the day the box got thrown out. But it was well used and had served its purpose for several weeks.

Fast forward to today and I just recently got the Makedo Find and Make Space Pod for one of friend's children who was having a birthday. He loves to make things and I know that his parents are very much into recycling so I thought this would make the perfect gift.

I went to the store and got a bunch of boxes so he would have some material to start his new 'project'. You would think that I had given him the most expensive birthday gift because he couldn't wait to get started making the space pod.

As a matter of fact his father decided that he wanted to join in the fun and so it became the perfect father and son bonding experience.

What I Like About the Makedo Product Line

First of all it helps children get involved with good imaginative play and they are using cycled materials. As well these kits are not very expensive so you can buy several different ones and you won't break the bank. The other good thing about these kits is that once the child gets tired of what ever it is that they have made, they can take it all a part and start all over again with another project. This is definitely a great toy for children who love to build things!

Makedo Kit For Three - 165 Pieces
Makedo Kit For Three - 165 Pieces

Your child can make anything with this kit that includes 73 pins and clips plus 17 lock hinges and two safe-saws. Get some cardboard boxes and watch your child's imagination unfold.

Find and Make Plane
Find and Make Plane

Your child can create an airplane using recycled boxes and paper. There is a poster, instructions and sticker sheets included along with 15 pins and clips plus 2 lock-hinges and a safe-saw.

Toysmith 08654 Find & Make Robot Kit
Toysmith 08654 Find & Make Robot Kit

If your child is into robots why not give them this kit to make a robot! Instructions are included along with a poster. All they need are some recycled boxes and paper. Comes with 15 pins and clips, 2 lock-hinges, a safe-saw along with stickers.


A Box & Some Imagination!


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