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Turn Simple Wire Shapes Into Big Jewelry Ideas

Updated on June 10, 2012

Learn To Make Your Own Wire Jewelry

I've taught jewelry making for quite a few years. I've taught wire work, beading, clay, metal and lots of other skills.

These days I concentrate on teaching wire work. There are so many creative things you can do. Begin by learning to make some simple shapes.

Make a bracelet or necklace with figure 8s

Putting it all together

Once you learn to master simple shapes like the figure 8, you can build a bracelet as easy as 1-2-3.

You'll need basic jewelry making tools:



-Round nose pliers

Use bold 16 gauge wire. Try buying some copper wire from your local hardware store. It's easy to work with, inexpensive and copper is a cool jewelry look. Once you get good at bending and twisting wire, you can buy something a little bit more expensive.

Practice making figure 8s


-Cut 1&1/4 inch pieces of copper wire for a figure 8 that's 1/2 inch in length.

-Use your round nose pliers to curve a loop beginning at the very tip of the wire.

-Rotate your pliers into the wire. Your loop should use 1/2 of the wire.

-Curve a loop at the other end on the opposite side. -

-When you're done, you should have a figure 8. (If it doesn't look like a figure 8, keep practicing)

Use your figure 8s to make a simple bracelet or to connect earring parts together.

Put them together to make a chain for a pendant.

Use your creativity.

You can turn simple shapes into big jewelry ideas.

This necklace looks complicated, but it's mostly figure 8s with bold and dangling shell frangia beads (longish beads with side-drilled holes at the top)

Simply make as many figure 8s as necessary to get the length you need, connect the 8s, then wire the beads in place. I also added a few zig-zag shapes and swirls for a hint of drama and elegance.

I added a simple shepherd's hook clasp made with the same 16 gauge wire.

Your necklace doesn't have to be this wild and bold. You can find some simple stone frangia or add some simple round beads. It's all the same simple idea.

Here are a few more simple ideas

I've been writing online jewelry making articles for a while now. Here is where I get to share them with you. I try to make them step-by-step easy. Hopefully you'll pick up a tip or two

Make a simple bracelet with simple figure 8 shapes

Simple figure 8 bracelet
Simple figure 8 bracelet

Here's an easy bracelet you can make with copper wire figure 8s. Just make enough to fit your wrist. Connect them and add a charm. You can make a swirl with wire, drill a hole in a penny or buy a charm at a jewelry supply or craft store.

I used a hammer and an anvil to flatten the figure 8s in this bracelet. It gives the shapes a slightly different look and texture.

You should leave your mark where ever you go!

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    • profile image

      Sherry 2 years ago

      Very Cool! I pinned a while ago but just now looking. Sorry I didn't look sooner. Great simple instructions! Love it!