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Making Sea Glass Jewelry From Your Beach Walk Finds

Updated on October 23, 2015

Have A Treasure Trove Of Beach Glass Gems?

Do you have some gems and wondered how to turn them into prized pieces of jewelry? Or maybe just curious about how to make this type of craft. Glad you arrived, let's look at how to bring out the beauty of your beachcombing finds and turn them into personal masterpieces of wearable art.

Some jewelry artists drill into their sea glass, while others use a wire wrap method to make their pieces.

Findings, the parts which hold jewelry together can be made or purchased and used to create the pieces, and these, plus your gem, are the materials you need. Additionally, the right tools for a finished project, and a setup (my daughter-in-las has a cabinet, table and chair setup in the garage) complete the beginnings of this fascinating hobby.

Making Necklaces and Earrings

Experts share their tips and tutorials


You will notice that many jewelry artists prefer silver wire when creating beach glass jewelry. There is something about the look of frosted glass and the gleam of silver as well as the way it showcases the common green and translucent whites. If you are new to using silver wire, or wish to refine your methods, this book is a how-to in working with your silver metal wire.

If you collect it, why not learn how to make your own jewelry to showcase your beautiful finds? The recommended book below leads you through the process of using silver wire to create fine results.

How To Create Earrings And a Pendant From Seaglass

Drilling Holes in Your Beach Glass Gem

The wire wrap method is one of the two favored ways to turn your finds into a piece of jewelry. It preserves the form of the gem and avoids the problems of breaking, that drilling might cause. An artist can also use the scroll shapes of the fine metals wires to add to the beauty of their creation. If you are interested in learning this method, get a book to help you.

There are helpful, inexpensive ebooks on every topic, and this craft is no different. Take your skills to another level with expert insights; eBooks are an easy way to get the instructions and information you need to accomplish many skills.

Wire wrapping is the way many stones are made into jewelry items without damaging them through drilling.

For many traditional uses a drilled hole is necessary

That brings up many questions...

  • What if you want to drill a hole?
  • How do you keep the piece from breaking?
  • What is the best way safety procedure?

A few quick and easy tips to get you started, here. If you need more detailed guidance, think about taking a class or purchasing a complete book on the subject.

If you intend to drill through the glass, gather these supplies:

* shallow, oven proof, glass baking dish

* kitchen sponge

* variable speed Dremel brand drill

* Dremel Diamond Point 7134 drill bit

The sponge and the water go into the baking dish. Place the piece of glass to be drilled on the sponge and hold in place while using the drill at the lowest speed to carefully make the hole, pressing down until the piece is somewhat submerged, continue drilling until the hole is almost complete, then ease up pressure to complete.

The article information, written by Shirley Graves, a jewelry artist from the Mentor, Ohio area (who seems no longer to be online), is one of the most expert and clear directions I've seen.

Her concise tutorial helps many would-be jewelry artists who want to create a pendant from their sea glass finds. Read the more detailed articles copied directly from Shirley's writing to gain some insight into successfully drilling the holes necessary for fitting the jewelry findings.

This drill is most highly recommended brand by expert jewelry maker craftspeople. In almost every tutorial advice source, this is the tool that is most mentioned.

Techniques And Tips

Particularly if you intend to drill into your gem, use one that is 1/4 inch thick or less. Remember that glass is fragile, so handle accordingly.

Martha Stewart recommends using a No. 61 diamond bit.

Water is used to prevent cracking and overheating.

The Top Tool To Use For Drilling The Holes


Some experts feel the battery powered Dremel drill doesn't have enough power and advise the use of the electrical plugin drill. Most recommend the Dremel Diamond Point 7134.

Remember the basic safety rule of using safety goggles when drilling

Tool Tips

  • Drilling water worn glass is a skill, and practice improves that skill, so keep at it.
  • Using less pressure on thinner pieces of glass help to keep them from breaking.
  • Ease up the pressure slightly when nearing breakthrough in the drill hole.
  • Thicker glass may take longer than you think for drill completely break through.

How To Drill Your Gems

Have You Made Your Own Seaglass Jewelry?

See results

Locate Gems For Your Projects

While much of the fun of finding a lucky piece is the result of combing coastal shores, not everyone has the time to walk the shore for the time it takes to get a collection of sea frosted glass. Yet, you will find some collections coming up for auction on eBay. Check the sellers and the descriptions to see if some of these might fill your jewelry making or crafts requirements.

If beachcombing is not in your near future, you might want to get your supply of treasures on eBay. If you think you might be walking beside the ocean soon, why not get a guide on hunting for beginning your cache?

Good luck!

Crafty Ideas

What do people do with the glass they find?

  • They etch it.
  • They make mosaics with it.
  • Christmas trees ornaments decorated with it
  • Decorate hair sticks.
  • Make jewelry, of course.
  • Simply display their collections, for the beauty of it.


A Very Lovely Necklace With Wirewrapping

Shows what you can do, combining different methods, materials to make fabulous jewelry
Shows what you can do, combining different methods, materials to make fabulous jewelry | Source
Wiresmithing -The New Look Of Wire Art
Wiresmithing -The New Look Of Wire Art
An innovative technique presented by an accomplished jewelry maker. Create contemporary and unique pieces.


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    • Ilonagarden profile imageAUTHOR

      Ilona E 

      4 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you! I appreciate the shares.

      I agree that there is something so relaxing about the sight of the seaglass, and don't know if it is the soft frosty look of it or memories associated. -Probably both!

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 

      4 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Very lovely jewelry! My mom and I used to like to collect beach glass, and had some very pretty pieces. However, we did not make jewelry with it; we glued it onto clear glass (heat-resistant) jars and made candle holders. When lit, they glow like stained glass windows. Ours were abstract, of course; neither of us had the artistic talent to create actual images.

      Pinned and shared!

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Claudia Mitchell 

      4 years ago

      Wow - these are stunning pendants. I was lucky enough to find a piece of sea glass on our last trip to the beach. There is something relaxing about sea glass, maybe reminding me of sitting on the beach or just it's color, I'm not sure. Nice hub.


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