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Making a Fairy Chair - They Do Need To Sit Down Ocasionally

Updated on October 26, 2013

Furnishing my fairy garden

It's raining outside, a lot. And it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. But days like these do have their advantages I guess as they are perfect for crafting. A few days ago I made a fairy house, it was a super fun thing to do and I decided I want to do more (more fairy houses and other fairy things) and as I did have a few materialist left over from that project (there's no way in hell I would go out and gather them today) I decided I will try my best to make a chair for the fairy.

This is my first time attempting to make a miniature furniture so it's quite a intuitive, I didn't really plan it ahead I just kept on adding things as I was making it so I guess this is a good project for beginners (since I am one)

So lets make a fairy chair shall we?

All photos on this page are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to Pin but do not copy photos without permission.

Let's Make This Chair - And hope it won't break

I started out with the basic chair outline. I had one branch of cypress and I used it to make the chair frame. I didn't take any real measurements - I was making a chair for a specific fairy and you can see her on the picture. She is sitting down so I tried my best to make a chair that would be perfect for her. I cut 2 extra long pieces of branch and 2 short ones for the legs. I did the same for the seating, two sticks were shorted and two were longer.

With cutting pliers I made a small dent on both sides the seating sticks and on one side of the leg sticks - I made the dent on the place where the sticks will be connected.

I used a glue gun to slowly glue the sticks together. Don't assemble it right away, let the glue dry before putting the whole chair together. Now while the glue gun did work out pretty well (I did have some issues though) I recommend you use glue for wood as it will make sure your chair won't fall apart.

I used the beige sewing thread to add some detail to the chair. This worked out really well as the glue from the glue gun wasn't all that reliable but the thread secured the structure in the end.

The Fairy Feya

Schleich Bayala Feya
Schleich Bayala Feya

I just love Feya, the way her body is positioned allows me to place her sitting in the chair, relaxing in the house... In this edition she comes with a horse but you can also get her standing straight (without the horse).


Keeping Up With The Good Work - And finishing up the chair

When you are done making the chair structure, and it has had the time for the glue to dry you can continue making the seating cover. I measured up the length of the seat and cut a few pieces of the twig and glued it on with the glue gun. Easy peasy.

I wasn't sure how I would make the back of the chair but then there it was just laying on the table... A nice piece of the bark. I trimmed it down a little for it to fit (somewhat) into my structure. Again I used glue gun but I am sure wood glue would work out better.

Now we need some bling. More cypress! I think it did add that final touch to my little piece of furniture.

As it is raining the first photoshot was made indoors... My bonsai helped a bit. Thinking about it this chair works well with this bonsai so I just might have to do another to go with my fairy house.

The Little Throne

Fairy Furniture I Would Love in My Garden - Magic everywhere

G & F MiniGardenn 10046 Fairy Garden Miniature Metal Vine Bench Outdoor Statue
G & F MiniGardenn 10046 Fairy Garden Miniature Metal Vine Bench Outdoor Statue

While I do love my chair a bench would also be great. I can see my fairies hanging out and chatting.

Miniature Fairy Garden Birdbath Cement
Miniature Fairy Garden Birdbath Cement

A miniature birdbath would make a great addition although it probably wouldn't be called the birdbath in the fairy world (no bird would fit in it). Bugbath probably?

G & F MiniGardenn 10030 Fairy Garden Miniature Mini Bridge, Rustic
G & F MiniGardenn 10030 Fairy Garden Miniature Mini Bridge, Rustic

If I could only make a real stream and put this bridge over it. Priceless. Maybe this will be my next project?


My Other Fairy Projects

I hope the list will grow

Currently I only have one other project to share, a simple tutorial on making a house for the little magical creatures. Hope you will enjoy it.

Making A Fairy HouseSee Tutorial


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