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How to: Get Popular ? How to: Get famous?

Updated on November 9, 2012

Music is the answer!

Have you dreamed about being famous rap artist, or even dance,pop,techno music? Now, with this Hub as an guide and page with several crucial tips, YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO BE FAMOUS. Being famous means that you do, or have done, something that people have remembered...Music,videos,video-clips,web-sites,activities- these are all things that CAN make YOU FAMOUS!

Making music, in these days, became a lot easier than it was ten or twenty years ago.So, within knowledge that ! SomeoneYou are about to learn TO CAN BECOME FAMOUS BEAT-MAKER, SINGER, OR EVEN PRODUCER would say : "Sadly." , someone would say:" Gratefully!" , but I say... Well, those who weren't been able to buy expensive pianos,violins,guitars,drums - now can exploit their talent and put their work on to social networks and share it/them over Internet. Making music, and the music as a term, became a little bit ruined by the fact that everyone can be an music artist now. But, beside that - it is a certainly an good thing for talented beat-makers and rappers, for example. This hub will show you, and guide You a little bit, how to make YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTAL,MUSIC AND HOW TO PRODUCE IT !

Making the "beat" or insturmental...

There are lots of programs that offer editing,sampling, and producing sound. One of the most popular names of music editor/sampler are : " FL Studio " (previous "Frutty Loops") , and "Reason" (little bit more advanced) , for production of those I recommend " ACID Workstation 7.0 " program because of its friendly-user interface and it's integrated things that you can do with your "beat", "vocals", "back-vocals", and to render the final version of Your song. Usually, these programs are widely used by many rap artists, and producers.

Now, let me explain to you what are - basically - definitions of "samples", "sampler", etc...

  • Samples - are parts/cuts from some song (usually 4/4 or 8/8 tact) taken from jazz, pop or similar and putting them in to SAMPLER. Once they are inserted - sampler is rendering them by the adjusted tempo, and that's it - now you made your PATTERN. (one - 1 )
  • Sampler - as I said, contains lots of samples of kicks,snares,hi-hats,music cuts(melodies), bass lines , etc ... And once you've made your first pattern, you can move to the second - pattern.
  • Pattern - one beat/instrumental contains up how many You want patterns.More patterns You have, C.P.U and memory usage is increased, BUT Your instrumental is "richer" by different kinds of "loops"!
  • Loop(s) - are made in Sampler and they are usually drums and bass-lines that are repeating in one song. PATTERNS ARE MADE OF LOOPS!
  • Play-list - is made of different patterns (loops) and you "draw" the "lines" that represent different patterns. For example, to make it clear - the order of playing your loops/patterns makes Your instrumental. Now, once you have two,three,four.... thirty patterns/loops , you can make the order like : At the beginning pattern 1 (you can rename them) is playing for some time (adjusted by the tempo) , after pattern 1 play-list will play the next one that you have "drawn" on play-list.
  • Automation - is the thing that is connected to "recording" and user/artist can automate the turning on or off of some samples like drums,hi-hats, etc... or effects / plug-ins!
  • Effects - the name is telling what is the usage of it.
  • Mixer - You can make more than one (Master) Chanel and you can link your samples in your loops with Right click on desired channel , and then "insert/ling this channel to the sample" . After this move, you can insert different kind effects and plug-ins for the selected sample.



First step : Making instrumental

So let's see, what do you need to make an instrumental- musical background, for your very own SONG! Before you start rapping or singing, you have to make an original beat. Logical. Of course, you can download it form Internet, but no one who did music that has downloaded background music, has ever became famous.So having an original beat, made in FL Studio (or "Reason") will - and IS - much,much,much more respected by everyone ; not just by producers, publish houses,artists (singers) and world-wide demo-artists, but also by WORLD WIDE PUBLIC! Sharing,publishing,and advertising Your "products", developed in "FL Studio" - you will gain popularity. Be patient - gaining respect (especially between hip hoppers).

Starting with your sampler on screen, samples inserted by default, and sample browser on right side; you need one more thing to make visible. Clicking on "View", and selecting "Playlist" - will make Your play-list (of patterns/loops) VISIBLE ENABLED. If you have some issues with your sound,or you want to change your way of sampling(processing) - click on "Tools" -> Options and then select "Audio" (output). You will have a drop-down list, with "ASIO4ALL" and your audio hardware selection.Crucial thing is processing of your samples, and the way it's done.So, my advice - make sure that you have the proper hardware/software selected/.


Second step: Producing insturmental,voices,adding more sounds - RENDERING/FINISHING YOUR VERY OWN SONG!

ACID ... People would think that is about drug, street name "ACID", for L.S.D ! But it's not! It is far far far from that. " ACID " is the name of program for production, that is "on work" when you finish your work in FL Studio (in this example). In "ACID" program you will produce or post-produce your instrumental, and additionally - use it for making great songs with your microphone input.You can place as many as your R.A.M Random Access Memory and C.P.U allows you to. I recommend to put, as "first track", your instrumental previously made in "FL Studio" ,and then, to insert another one for primary vocal. After that record first "back-vocals", and then second one also "back-vocals" but recording things like (yea...aha...for real... What? etc.. ). When you are finished with adding,recording,tuning,adjusting your instrumental,voices,back voices,and effects (along with pan and other things...) you need to RENDER (File/Render Audio As...) and there you are.Your FIRST OFFICIAL SONG/COMMERCIAL/OR WHATEVER! WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL , FOR BASICS AND:



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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Yes, indeed. It is very easy to make great music in nova-days. Anyone can be an "artist". But only true ones, can be a real artist with they own cut-samples, loops, hand made melody...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub!

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 

      8 years ago from Winnipeg

      Its interesting how easy it is for anyone to make music today. You have really great examples here on just how to do it! I grew up with an acoustic guitar and just learned to play along to the songs on Am radio, and for me that was enough. Today you have to do so much more it seems.


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