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The Shocking Truth about Drawing Manga

Updated on December 13, 2011

Your Fortune Lies in Furry!

Come on, Anime is nice and all -- it certainly might be helping the fortunes of both animation and comic books as we know it -- but for all intents and purposes, we're still importing a culture that most of us couldn't even hope to be a part of.

Even worse for budding American Artists (and anyone else who can't claim any Asian blood), people can tell the difference between "Real Japan Manga Taste" and "Baka Gaijin Roundeye" in a heartbeat, and avoid it like the plague!

The reason? A lot of people who want to draw manga are... no surprise here... manga fans. Young manga fans, especially. Drawing manga (or any other type of sequential art, really) requires a lot of "invisible" structure underneath that isn't always obvious to younger readers.

Furry art, on the other hand, is universal; people have been drawing animals for as long as they've been drawing, period, There's no such thing as "Fake Furry Art", just good furry art and bad furry art -- and it comes from all over the world too, not just Japan!

And for whatever reason, furry fans are usually older than the average manga fan... so it's less likely that an "amateur" furry artist will mess up basic proportions or foundations the way an an amateur manga artist might.

(Oh, and if you plan on becoming famous? Good luck trying to stand out in a homogenized art style like Manga! By the way, your artistic rights are much better protected outside of Manga. Check out the stuff about the "Tokyopop Manga Pilot Contract" if you don't believe me.)

Anime and Manga have their moments, but when it comes down to it, if you have to start drawing ... go with furries!

THIS is what Anime gets you! - Life in the Artist's Alley

Artist's Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta
Artist's Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta

hen most people say they want to work in "anime", they usually end up drawing fanart.

Now, there are some very talented people who draw fanart, but the truth of the matter is that you're trading short-term windfalls (it's easier to sell a character people already know and like when you're just starting out) in exchange for long-term satisfaction (... but nobody's going to hire you to draw Naruto full-time).

If you plan on being a serious artist with a career, you're going to have to draw more than just pinups of characters you like, and the more you depend on fanart to make money, the less likely you'll have time to work on the kind of artwork that'll secure you jobs, merchandising contracts, licensing, etc.

The worst part? People who ARE doing original art often end up competing against these fanartists... which makes it all that much harder to be original!

With furries, on the other hand, the expectations change drastically..

Get started with the Furry Fandom! - (Seriously, this book is full of freaking amazing Furry Art.)

The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, Issue 4
The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, Issue 4

A beautiful art book containing several artists' pieces! A delight for any furry fan!


Even Manga Artists are Drawing Furries!

Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals
Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals

This book is done in part by the same artist of TokyoPop's Peach Fuzz... that's right, an American manga artist is getting in on the furry action, too! How much more proof do you need?


Want to draw incredible Manga? - This book helps you create and design characters in any style!

Manga Matrix: Create Unique Characters Using the Japanese Matrix System
Manga Matrix: Create Unique Characters Using the Japanese Matrix System

This book gives you the tools you need to create rich characters and monsters like the pros!


Chibis and Catgirls and Furries, oh my!

Wondering where the pretty pictures on this lens came from?

Go check out the sci-fi, furry comic Last Resort, or some more of Jigsaw Forte's lenses!


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