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Pictorial Maps Have Made a Significant Impact in Our History

Updated on August 30, 2013

When it comes to maps, there are assortments of types that are available nowadays from the very highly technical Microsoft Virtual Earth to ones made about climates, the streets of an area or even the political scene around the globe. It is definitely valid that individuals are still using maps to portray varying viewpoints of the globe, but not every map fits into the category known as illustrated maps. With these types of maps, the core feature is the visual depiction of the region that is involved. This means that other than just the physical attributes or formation of civilizations, we get a more concentrated set of images made to give us a feel for a specific area. This is certainly useful in terms of getting a useful understanding of a specific area and that is why so many individuals even today desire to have these excellent maps.

In order to understand why these kinds of maps have held such a uniquely useful role in the history of the world, it is crucial that we understand that generations before reading became a widespread skill set, humans made use of drawings to convey information. This means that in ages past, maps with images made a lot more sense than maps with words because far more people could understand pictures and totally grasp their intended meaning. You might recognize in these early maps a recording of all the churches in a specific region during an age when a certain faith was the top institution of a country. In other instances you might see images of different animals that would live in certain parts of the world so that people would understand what to capture when they visited a certain region.

On those very first maps, the drawings were made from the viewpoint of someone gazing downward from a high area such as a cliff or a tree. This is because prior to the arrival of flying craft, people had method to enable them to obtain a good concept sense of the total terrain without being higher than what they were looking at. Later on, as the first airplanes were built and then decades later satellites, mapmakers also known as cartographers) would still seek to create an even easier to grasp lay of the land. These early maps, however, played a critical role in forming society's understanding of the world we live in and from that history we have developed far past what we ever dreamed possible.


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