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Mario and Luigi Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on June 19, 2013

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi are legends in the gaming industry, probably being the first major stars to emerge from the genre, being first introduced in an arcade game called Mario Bros. in 1983.

Mario Bros. was developed by the same two men - Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi - who developed Donkey Kong, one of the original gaming hits in all of history (PacMan was another). As a matter of fact, Mario

was first seen in Donkey Kong before getting his hit gaming series, which remains wildly popular even to this day. He was first called Jumpman before his name was changed.

It wasn't until home versions of Mario Bros. were released that the two characters really gained in popularity, as the video game industry imploded in 1983. It was an arcade game before it became a hit on home gaming systems, which were just starting to come into their own as a desired product at the time.

The unique look of the Italian brothers, including the mustaches, has helped them to be easily recognizable to anyone who have ever seen them, and are very popular among children adults alike to this day.

They make great printable coloring pages that include various scenes and objects which make them a lot of fun to color.

Below there are several printables to give you and idea of what the coloring pages of Mario and Luigi look like, with some of them individually and other of them together.

Mario and Luigi Birthday Printable Coloring Page

While this printable featuring Mario and Luigi showcases a birthday cake with only one candle, any fan of the duo would be glad to have this fantastic image to color in when celebrating a birthday.

The coloring page could easily be printed out for however many children are at a party so they all could enjoy the activity.

The smiling faces, present, cake and decorations make it a perfect design to capture the attention of the children and get them experimenting with all sorts of colors to fill it in.


Mario and Other Characters Flying

This is as close as it gets for the way Mario looked in the early years of his fame, and really hasn't changed all that much, with the exception of unusual circumstances which may change his appearance some.

But even when he changes, there's just something about Mario that leaves no doubt as to who he is.

In this coloring page Mario is flying about with some of the other characters in the gaming story, with a couple of turtles and a dog which will delight the children.


Mario with Fiery Basketball

As Mario grew and his character experienced an expanded role, his persona changed with it at times, as this more aggressive look on his face shows. The addition of cool things like this basketball all lit up with fire.

These types of elements that were added to the game really enhanced the experience, making it even more fun and compelling to play; it made it a little harder as well.

All of this makes the Mario printable even more interesting, as it did the game.


Luigi with Racing Car

Boys will especially be drawn to this fun illustration where Luigi has some type of attitude as he stands in front of the racing car.

Even though Luigi will be fun to color in, it's that car that will be the highlight of the experience for children, as it offers all sorts of opportunities to be creative with different colors to make a more customized version of what a specific child imagines he would want.


Mario Riding Motorcycle Coloring Page

It wasn't planned this way, but it is fitting to see this wonderful illustration of Mario riding on a motorcycle as if he's waving goodbye to us as he goes.

That aside, it is another fantastic printable design that offer a variety of color options for children to use.

There's no doubt this action picture will inspire and draw children in, especially with the friendly, beckoning persona of Mario to help in the process.


Mario and Luigi

Looking around for some printables of Mario and Luigi sure brought back a lot of memories. Along with Donkey Kong and Pacman, they are the first video games I remember seeing and playing on a consistent basis, and seeing them again sure made me feel like I'm not quite as young as I used to be.

Nonetheless, the experience of Mario and Luigi was a pleasant and fun one for me, as it has been with most people that were engaged with running, flying or swimming the little characters through all sorts of obstacles in order to save the Princess.

What's not to like about that, and it's not something any of us who played the game will soon forget.


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    • Screen Shot profile image

      Screen Shot 

      5 years ago from New York

      This is pretty cool. Seeing that this is 2013, this actually makes it the 3oth Anniversary of "Mario Bros.". Hopefully Nintendo will honor this Anniversary in some way.


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