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44 Craft Ideas Using Crayons

Updated on January 23, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

You'll find that there are so many things you can do with crayons besides just coloring with them. Until I started on this article, I really hadn't noticed or looked for projects to do with melted crayons. And it never occurred to me to make a craft using crayons themselves. I love any and all of these craft projects.

In this article I'm going to share with you pictures and site names that feature crayon projects or crayon art. The beautiful art above is shown on Exploring Creativity. For more information on this project, watch the video below.

1. Melted Crayon Wall Art

It amazes me that this melted crayon art isn't difficult to achieve. Find out how to make this piece by going to Child Central Station.

2. Crayon Scratch Art

This is an art project that kids love to do and the results are always amazing. Find the instructions for making this crayon scratch art at kids activities Blog.

3. Color Block Candles

The tutorial at BRIT+CO shows us how to make these color block candles. I was really impressed when I read how they were made. Be sure to check this out.

4. Autumn Leaf Rubbings

This is one of my favorite crayon projects. I think a framed set of these prints would make a great gift. Find the instructions for doing these leaf rubbings at make and takes. An outstanding art project.

5. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

You can make these elegant Easter eggs by following the tutorial at Housing a Forest. Made with hot eggs and crayon chips.

6. Color Ring Bowl

This bowl would certainly be a nice and appropriate centerpiece for a teacher appreciation luncheon or a kids party. Imagine how else it could be used and then go to the celebration shoppe for the instructions.

7. Crayon Roll-up

By using the directions found at Chocolate Cranium, you'll be able to make this neat and useful crayon roll-up to keep crayons together and safe between coloring projects. Very useful to have along on road trips to keep the kids busy.

8. Heart Garland

You can use this garland for so many occasions. Think Valentine's Day, a baby or bridal shower. or a patio party. Find the instructions at My Greenbrae Cottage.

9. Framed Family Initial

This is a perfect example of how you can make an inexpensive and yet very impressive piece of art. Use colors that fit your decorating scheme to make it really impressive. Go to frugallife to get the basic instructions for this project.

10. Melted Crayon Background

11. Melted Crayon Colored Eggs

The kids will love coloring Easter eggs like this. The directions are found at a bird and a bean.

12. Luminaries

I think these luminaries are just beautiful and would be a great decorating aid for numerous events. You'll find the instructions at AUNT PEACHES.

13. Avant Garde Art With Crayons

I might have to go out and buy more crayons because I absolutely love this piece. At momtastic you'll get the directions for doing this art, and also ideas on how to get different looks.

14. Pointillism Art

Kids love to do dot art and this will be a project that they will really enjoy making and displaying. You find the directions on the Helping Little Hands site.

15. Rainbow Crayon Wall Art

This piece of art would look appropriate in any room of the house or even at the office. You'll find the directions on the 52 KITCHEN ADVENTURES site.

16. Melted Crayon Cross

A beautiful classroom project for the Lenten or Easter season. Follow the instructions at Housing a Forest to make these crosses.

17. Stained Glass Leaf

This will be one of the kids' favorite melted crayon art projects. See how this project is done by going to No Time for Flash Cards.

18. Crayon Name Craft

Here is another great broken crayon project that would look nice as a decoration for a child's room. Find the directions for this craft at dollar store crafts.

19. Batik on Paper

This is a great idea on how to give your art or scrapbook pages special with a batik look. I think this would look great as a background paper for other artwork as well. Make your own batik on paper by following the instructions at craftster.

20. Magic Painting

I'm sure the kids will enjoy making this "work of art" because of how magical their picture appears. You'll find the directions for this project can be found at PAINTING LILIES.

21. Melted Crayon Heart Art

Did you notice how different the wall art looks by just arranging the crayons in shapes? I like this piece a lot also. You'll find everything about it on the the brown eyes have it site.

22. Crayon Embossing

This method of embossing will be of special interest to scrapbookers, but others will no don't enjoy using it also. For the instructions for this crayon rubbed embossing method, go to Splitcoaststampers.

23. Melted Crayon Antlers

All it takes is a little imagination and you'll be able to make a melted crayon art project that is uniquely yours. Rockabye Butterfly has the instructions.

24. Bottle Cap Candles

These are really cute little candles. I wonder if they would float in a shallow bowl to use in a centerpiece. To find the instructions for making these bottle cap candles, go to the craftaholics anonymous site.

25. Melted Crayon Sun

So many of the new homes now have all-season rooms. This sun project would be a perfect compliment to the décor in that room. Go to teal & lime for the instructions.

26. Colorful Rainbow

I really like this project and i think the little kids would love it. It might be a better craft to do at home than at school because a lighted candle is used and an adult has to be present. I wouldn't want to be responsible for a whole classroom of little ones melting crayons. Find the instructions for this project at learn create love.

27. Nature Study

I'm really impressed with this project from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. The instructions include ideas about how to use this idea when studying nature subjects. Very nice!

28. Crayon Wall Art

You'll find the instructions for this simple and easy wall art at OneCreativeMommy. The kids will want to make their own wall art too. Easy enough for them also.

29. Teddy Bear and Crayons Ornament

If you like to make small gifts for your child's teachers, to give for Christmas, you might consider making Christmas ornaments like this little Teddy Bear and Crayons ornament. You'll find the directions for making this ornament at

30. Melted Crayon Painted Rocks

An inexpensive and interesting project for the kids to undertake. They will love doing this. The instructions are found at The Artful Parent,

31. LOVE

You'll be proud to display these tiles that spell out the word "Love." See how easy this project is to do by going to the Unknown Mami site.

32. Teacher Appreciation Frame

Give the teacher a photo of her class or a photo of her family in a beautiful, colorful frame like this. You'll find the tutorial for making this frame at Mama Made It.

33. Streamer Necklace

This would be a great idea for a kid's birthday party, to give as a favor to the guests. Maybe they could make the necklaces as an activity too. Go to Crayola to see how to make these streamer necklaces.

34. Pyramid in Color

A great visual when teaching about the pyramids in Cleopatra's time. Go to Crayola for this lesson on form and structure.

35. Broken Crayon Candles

These are really very beautiful and could easily be given as gifts to teachers or grandparents. Find the tutorial for making these broken crayon candles at instructables.

36. Kids: Melted Crayon Art

37. No-Sew Crayon Wrap

Have some crayons, in their no-sew wrap, tucked in your purse for those times that your little one needs something to divert their attention. Find the instructions to make this wrap at small +FRIENDLY.

38. Alphabet Crayons

A beautiful and colorful gift for a child. Or I can see these alphabet letters used in a child's or baby's room as decorations. Find the tutorial for making this project at LETS EXPLORE.

39. Pinecone Crayon Holder

Not only will the kids love using this pinecone crayon holder, it will serve as a nice Thanksgiving décor. Find the directions for making this crayon holder at the Amanda’s Parties TO GO! site.

40. Hanging Valentine Hearts

Hang these where your Sweetheart is sure to see them. I really like this project. To make hanging Valentine hearts like these, follow the tutorial on the FLOWER PATCH FARM GIRL site.

41. Father's Day Gift Tie

A loving father will be proud to wear a gift tie made especially for him by his little son or daughter. See how you can help your children can make a special tie for their dad by going to kids activities blog for the tutorial.

42. Cupcake Holder

Make your next child's birthday party one to remember by making crayon cupcake holders. You'll find the tutorial for making these cupcake holders at amanda's Parties TO GO.

43. Sunburst Mirror

The kids will be arguing over who gets top hang this sunburst mirror in their room, so to satisfy everyone how about displaying it in the family room. Find the directions for making this mirror at Crafty Confessions.

44. Back to School Crayon Wreath

This would make a nice back to school teacher gift because the kids will love it and it'll look nice in a classroom. Find the instructions to make this wreath at I can TEACH my child.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 5 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Very interesting ideas. I like the chunky crayons especially, and I love learning how something so common can be reused in uncommon ways.