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Memories Book - Create One for Your Baby

Updated on October 4, 2013

Memories Book - A Scrapbook of a Life

Why not break out your scrapbooking creativity and create a memories book for your baby. Or one for someone close to you as a gift.

This is a great way to commemorate your child's life. I made one for each of my girls. Now that they are older (teenagers) they look at them from time to time and add pictures or momentoes that are important to them.

A memories book can be a great life gift and fun scrapbooking too.


Starting Your Memories Book - Scrapbooking Fun

They both start on page one with information about them - birth date, weight, etc. The first picture showed them as a 'bulge' and then there is the ultrasound where you could see that I was actually carrying a human baby and not just gaining weight.

From there its anything and everything that says something about the development of this new person - as it interests you. Certainly in later years it will interest your child.

You can take note of the hit song on the day your child was born and put the lyrics in - you can find it here.. You can also put in material about what the fashions of the day were.

On a personal note, you can add a page telling your child what their name means; its easy to find on the What does my Name Mean page.

Scrapbooks to Use

Here are some really nice scrapbooks you can use to start making a Memory book for your child. Then your creativity takes over

How to Start a Scrapbook - Basic Steps

Basic steps of how to start a scrapbook from a very practical point of view. Also includes some examples as created by the presenter.

Scrapbooking Page Supplies

So how do you include things to make your Memories Book as unique and beautiful as you want it to be for the new little one?

You can get all sorts of themed pages - for example ones for new baby or first birthday. There are also ones that surround a theme such as a holiday or a sport or back to school or many other topics. These make great backgrounds to pictures and momentoes that you put into a memories book.

Special Scrapbooking Papers

Here are some nice pages to use in your Memories Book - themed or just pretty.


Adding to the Memories Book

What to scrapbook into the Memories Book? Well start with those first pictures - newborn pictures, baby with mom and dad, baby with gransparents. toddler, and on and on.

Many more opportunities come up when school starts. There are those one of a kind art projects; gold star work and report cards. Hey, maybe even that first note home for getting into trouble. WHen your child is all grown up these are the things that will be humerous memories. Just remember to label them all. Years later you don't want to be saying 'hey who is that with our kid', or 'when did that peice of art get created'?

You can get labelling tools to use to make your memory book - there are all kinds of scrapbooking materials out there to help.

Labelling Supplies

These scrapbooking supplies will help you with labelling the pictures and momentoes you add to you Memories Book.

Do you scrapbook? Have you made a Memories Book for your or another child?

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    • emmaklarkins profile image

      emmaklarkins 6 years ago

      I encourage everyone to do this! It is so much fun to look back on.