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Make Your Own Met-Married-Live Maps

Updated on June 16, 2013

A trend I've seen in home d├ęcor is the "Met Married Live" heart map frame. It generally consists of three heart shaped maps that frame out where a couple met, where they got married, and where they live.

Since my husband and I met, got married, and live in the same small town, creating one of this isn't as exciting as those who have maps from exotic locations and big cities, but with a little help from Paint Shop Pro and Webdings, I made it happen.

Even if your maps are small, you can create your own Met-Married-Live display with a few photo tricks.

First, find your frames

The displays I've seen are one long photo frame with three heart-shaped maps inside. When I walked into a local discount store and found these wooden frames for just $2 each, I knew they were perfect for my project.

Heart Shaped Frames

Don't let the shapes deter you! You can still use heart-shaped frames with rectangular holes or square frames with heart-shaped holes to create a masterpiece. If you're having a hard time finding frames, consider three silver ones mounted on a black routed board.

Rectangular Frames

Use a long photo frame to create a horizontal or vertical display with heart-shaped maps and plain black text. You can print it all right on your computer! Or, use foam tape behind the map hearts to make them stand out.

Find your Locations on the Map

I've seen some Met-Married-Live maps from far away places. An especially awesome one featured a military couple who met in Turkey, got married in Germany, and live in NYC. They were able to use maps that were zoomed way out, showing lots of roads and towns around the areas where they fell in love.

My maps aren't that interesting. We're from different sides of the US but managed to meet, marry, and live within about a 2 mile radius. I used Google Maps to zoom in to our town and mark our spots, and am already considering finding new maps with more stuff to see. They look a bit remedial, but they've done the trick and my husband loves them.

Add a "We Were Here" Pin

Since our maps were zoomed in so far, I used simple Webding characters to mark our spots with relevant icons. This is really easy to do in a paint program that allows you to add text. Set the font to Webdings and use the map below to select a character.

If you aren't using digital maps, try a tiny red sticker or even a map pin to mark your spots. I've also seen maps that were left blank, with no spots, such as from large cities.

Webdings Character Map

I used Webdings font, a standard in desktop publishing, for the icons on the map. Here are a few icons you may find come in handy for your own map.

Add Words to your Frames

If you have rectangular frames, you can print the heart shaped maps and words on one piece of paper. Print two copies, cut out the heart on one, and mount it with foam tape over the top of the original for a 3D effect.

If you're adding your words to an existing frame, you can use markers, paint, Cricut cut outs, or stickers. I used stickers for mine.

To center words, cut out each individual letter. Use a Post-It note to create a straight line, and arrange your stickers as you want them to appear. Apply the first and last stickers of your word or phrase, then add each additional letter in between. This will keep your phrase centered exactly where you want it.

Insert your maps, and you're done!

Insert your maps, and you're done!
Insert your maps, and you're done!

It still needs something...

When we moved to our new house, the off-white frames were hung perfectly on an off-white wall, but something is missing. I'm still deciding how best to fix it, but I think some paint and ribbon is in order.

Upload your craft to your blog or Flickr account and post the link here so we can see your creation. Enjoy!

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