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76 Awesome Crafts for Teenage Girls

Updated on November 28, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

I'm calling this article, More Crafts for Teenage Girls, because this isn't to take the place of the first article, Crafts For Teenage Girls, but to add more great crafts, that not only show a great photo of the project, but also includes the directions for making the craft.

In this article you'll find, among a number of other crafts, pictures and directions for making beautiful re-dos using old t-shirts, a couple of cute shoe re-do ideas and some jewelry ideas. I think you'll enjoy these ideas.

What could be easier than customizing your canvas shoes using Sharpies and alcohol, like the one shown above. Make your own by following the instructions given at Paris en Rose. You'll have to scan down about half way on the page to find this project. There are other iPhone ideas here.


1. Marquee: Your Name in Lights

See your name in lights!! I've found two marquee projects that are very similar, but there are differences in how they are made and how much it costs to make them. This marquee craft takes about three hours to make, but costs less than $10. to make. You need to know how to make the pattern for the letters, a computer thing. Find all the instructions on making this marquee at welivedhappilyeverafter.

2. Instagram Photo Cube

I know absolutely nothing about instagrams, but I know you teen girls understand what it's all about. So, I'm going to include this photo cube here, just in case it's something you might like. You can find the tutorial for making the photo cube at ANYKIND.

3. Marquee Letters

Imagine hanging this in your dorm room at college or on your bedroom wall at home. The tutorial, with step-by-step photos, is found at lovegrowswild. According to Liz, the author of this craft, it is an easy to do project that only takes a few hours. And that’s including paint drying time.

4. Fringe Net Tank

Girls, you can create your own cute fringe net tank by following the step by step tutorial that you'll find at Pop Champagne. An easy, no-sew project.

5. Zipper Bracelet

Some of these project are just amazing. I think this is one of the amazing ones because it's hard to believe that the bracelet is made with a zipper. Find the tutorial for this great project at cut out + keep.

6. Tank Top

Before you know it, the weather will start warming and you'll be ready to make some wardrobe changes. How about following the tutorial at Some Dreaming Tree and re-design a tee shirt, or two, into cool tank tops.

7. Pretty Pens

You'll love being able to find your own pens because they'll be the only "pretty" ones around. Make these super easy, but gorgeous pens, by following the instructions found at one good thing. These would be great to give as gifts to friends, teachers, parents, or anyone for that matter. Everyone will wonder how you did it.

8. Summer Scarf

Add color to any outfit with the use of quick and easy to make summer scarves. A nice way to re purpose a tee shirt that you no longer wear. Find the tutorial for this project at DIY CRAFTY PROJECTS

9. Studded Wrap Bracelet

When you start making these studded wrap bracelets, you'll find that you want to add studs to your leather purse, belts, shoes, etc. A very attractive addition to plain leather. Find the tutorial for this project at Creme de la Craft.

10. iPad Stand

Not only can you make one of these iPad stands for yourself, you can make one for everyone on your gift list. Follow the tutorial at Corner Window Crafts to make this outstanding and useful craft.

11. Laced Denim Shorts

My granddaughter came home from Indianapolis with a pair of denim shorts that she had trimmed with lace insets and they were so attractive that when I saw this project by BARE magazine I had to share it. You'll find the tutorial on that site.

12. Glitter Ombre Sneakers

This project is a whole lot easier than it looks. Go to teenVOGUE and follow the instructions given there to make your own sneakers into glitter ombre beauties.

13. Ruffle Shirt

A t-shirt re-do that is so much simpler to do than you would imagine from the photo. A very easy and very outstanding project with directions given at Tea Rose Home. This is one of my favorite craft ideas.

14. Lace Boot Socks

You're going to love making and wearing this project. So very easy to make, fine Craft Guide has an easy tutorial. This is a really popular look.

15. Mini Fabric Lamps

Dress up your bedroom décor with mini fabric lamps. You'll find a terrific tutorial for making these mini lamps at TAYLORMADE. So easy to make with clear plastic cups, string lights and fabric scraps.

16. Fleece Flower Pillow

Add nice big flower pillows to your bed for added flair. These fleece flowers are so easy to make and look so very expensive. Find the instructions for this pillow project at Come Together Kids.

17. T-shirt to Shrug

This is an impressive remake of a t-shirt. Simple and a very nice wardrobe addition. Find the instructions for making this shrug at WOBISOBI. A nice up to the minute style that you can easily make yourself.

18. Monster Bash

Make these monsters for yourself or to give as gifts. Everyone should have a monster bash! Go to seven thirty three for the monster instructions. Make these using fabric scraps or in your friend's favorite colors.

19. Sweater Boot Toppers

Use this unique method of changing the looks of your boots. Make the boot toppers using old sweater sleeves. You'll be able to have boot toppers for every different outfit you wear. Find the directions at In His Grip...

20. Tassel Beaded Flip Flops

Plain flip flops are really inexpensive, so buy a few pair and make them expensive looking by following the instructions given at Trinkets in Bloom. Check out and use one of the many beautiful trims available in fabric or discount stores.

21. Rhinestone Braided Bracelet

I love the looks of this bracelet, and to think that just by changing the color of the ribbon and thread, you can have a bracelet to wear with different outfits. Also this would make a great gift to give to your friends or Mom. Find the instructions at Trinkets in Bloom.

22. Rainbow Glitter Shoes

Make your own glitter enhanced shoes by following the directions at ILOVETOCREATE.COM. I sort of wonder how well the self adhesive tape sticks on fabric shoes, I think I would do this on a pair of man made or leather shoes.

23. Perler Bead Bracelets

These perler bead bangle bracelets are very attractive. With all the different colors of beads to choose, you could make a set of bracelets for a number of outfits. Find the tutorial for making these bracelets at Pink Stripey Socks .

24. Crayon Tissue Cover

Can you imagine how pleased a teacher would be to receive a gift like this from someone who made the gift for her? You'll find the tutorial for this perler bead crayon tissue cover at perler. Very impressive gift idea.

25. T-shirt Dress

Now you can easily make your own t-shirt dress in the colors that you love Go to Trinkets in Bloom to find the instructions. Imagine all the variations possible with this project. Perfect for a summer project.

26. Fabric Balls

If you want to impress someone with your crafting abilities, give them fabric balls like these. To make fabric balls like these, go to BIT REBELS for the instructions. A great gift idea. Different types of fabric would give a completely different look.

27. Go For the Gold Letter

Of course, if you'd rather have a pink or a purple letter, go for it!! Find the directions for making this decorative letter at ILOVETOCREATE.COM. The great thing about crafting is that you can make any project to suit your style.

28. Cool Studded T-shirt

Re-do your t-shirt in this fashion by following the directions at An unbelievable and easy way to re-do a t-shirt. Love it!! Be the first of your friends to wear this shirt and listen to the compliments.

29. Swimsuit Coverup

This is such a quick and easy swimsuit coverup to make, you'll really be surprised. Find the tutorial for making this project at Oh Sew Crafty Life. Really a cool look for something so easy to make.

30. Stackable Bead Rings

You can never have too many rings. You can make your own, in all the colors that seed beads come in, and that's a lot of colors. See how to make the rings by going to WOBISOBI. where you'll find the instructions.

31. Embellished Baseball Cap

If you love to wear baseball caps, especially on bad hair days, find the directions to make an embellished baseball cap like this at Trinkets in Bloom.

32. Sleep Mask

No need to be anything but stylish, even when you sleep, especially if any amount of light upsets your sleep. You'll find the instructions for making this sleep mask at Momtastic. A cute gift idea or stocking stuffer.

33. Desk Accessories

Make desk accessories using old calendar pages. See how to make this easy craft by going to Office Desk Accessory Crafts. Make the container using a cereal box. Very easy to do.

34. Braided Bead Bracelets

A different and unique way to make beaded bracelets. Follow the directions found at HONESTLY WTF to make these bracelets. I'm impressed with this craft because it puts a new twist on the string and bead bracelet idea.

35. Anthro Inspired Headband

You can have the look of an Anthropologie headband without the expense by making your own. You can find the tutorial for making this headband can be found at the seven thirty three site.

36. Tote Bag

If you don't have enough tee shirts to make all the crafts that you want, go to a Goodwill type store or garage sales and get them cheaply. Go to instructables to find the instructions for making these totes.

37. Beaded Picnic Favorites

I think these perler bead fruits and food would make nice keychain fobs. I'm sure you can think of other ideas for using these also. The instructions can be found at favecrafts .

38. Double Bow Necklace

For all the polymer clay crafts, and all those who want to learn to use polymer clay, here is a great project for you. Find out how to make a double bow necklace using polymer clay at Minted STRAWBERRY.

39. Ruffle Skirt

If you haven't seen this ruffle fabric yet, be sure to check it out at the fabric store. This is a super easy skirt to make because it doesn't even need to be hemmed and the waist band is elastic. Imagine how easy it would be to make a beautiful skirt and then go to V and co. for the tutorial.

40. Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is made so easily using old t-shirt fabric that you'll probably make a number of them to go with different outfits. Find the instructions for this project at madigan made.

41. Pocket Purse

Making a purse can't get any simpler than this. Find the super easy instructions at BEACH HAIR 101. Be the first of your group of friends to have a pocket purse like this one. A great made-it-myself project.

42. Studio 5 Infinity Scarf

Watch a video on how to make the Fringed Infinity Scarf at studio5. This is a very easy and exceptionally beautiful scarf made using an old t-shirt. This video shows three different infinity scarf ideas.

43. Ring Holder

You can easily make an attractive and useful ring holder using the top of a shoe box. Find the directions at can can dancer. You'll never again have to hunt for the perfect ring to accessorize an outfit.

44. Perler Bead Valentines

You can even make Valentines with these little perler beads. For the instructions, go to Camille Styles . A necklace or bracelet with a number of these hearts would be a nice gift..

45. Glitterized Star Hairpins

Make your own glitterized star hairpins by following the instructions shown on the Minted STRAWBERRY site. This project uses the glow in the dark stars. You can find them in packages at craft or discount stores.

46. Sequined Heart Headband

Cut your template as a heart, or maybe a star or initial, and then follow the directions at raegun ramblings to make a sequined headband. Use sequin colors that work with the outfit you're wearing.

47. T-shirt To Vest

You'll find so many outfits to wear this vest with. You can find out how to change a t-shirt into a vest by going to the WOBISOBI site for the instructions. This is a style that you can wear all seasons. Make them in a variety of colors.

48. Top Hat Decor

I just think this is such a cute piece of décor that would look great in a girls room. See how it is made by going to the Design Dazzle site.

49. Spiral Suncatcher

While making an elegant spiral suncatcher for your room, why not make a few extra to give as gifts? A spiral suncathcer gift would be welcomed by your friends or Mom or teacher. Go to NorthShore Days for the tutorial.

50. Button Belt

This colorful button belt is perfect for informal wear. But how about using gold or silver buttons to make a unique belt for formal occasions. Find the tutorial at MORNING CREATIVITY.

51. Chapstick Holder Keychain

Make this useful key chain and also have your Chapstick with you. This project would also be a great gift to give to a friend or family member. Go to Crafts Unleashed for the instructions.

52. Making Old Shoes Into New Shoes

On this site How to Make Old Shoes to New Shoes you'll find more than 25 different ways to redo old sneakers, heels, loafers and flip flops. Be sure to take a look at this site because I'm sure you'll find an outstanding way to re-do a favorite, but not too presentable, pair of old shoes.

53. Neon Dress

This is so cute. I can see making one of them for a swimming suit cover-up. You'll find the directions at can can dancer. A perfect summer dress that is cool and attractive for any occasion.

54. Headband

This beautiful crocheted headband can be made by following the instructions given at Pink is a color that looks great on everyone.

55. Bath Salt

Homemade bath salts are a really nice gift idea. The Ingredients are inexpensive and when put in a nice glass jar or bottle, you have the makings of a thoughtful and unique gift. Go to can can dancer to see how to make the bath salt.

56. Butterfly Sun Catchers

You can make beautiful butterfly sun catchers using sun catcher paints and transparency film. Find the directions and patterns for making the butterflies at Kids & Glitter. You'll love making these with an individualized look by making different wing designs.

57. Pleated Wrap Skirt

Easy as making an apron. You'll love how easy this pleated skirt is to make and the great tutorial at GRAND REVIVAL to follow.

58. Recycle Nail Polish Jewelry Craft Tutorial

59. Rag Rug

All you need are a bunch of fabric strips to make a beautiful throw rug for your room. Find the instructions on the craftaholics anonymous site. Choose colors that will enhance your tastes and decor.

60. Beaded Bracelet

This will be a fun project to do with friends. It is an easy and unique bracelet that can be made with any combination of beads and colors. Find the instructions on the CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS site.

61. Squeezebox Top

You'd pay a lot to buy this beautiful shirt at Anthropologie, but you can make one yourself by following the tutorial that you'll find at Welcome to the gOOd life. Beautiful!

62. Bow Cuff

This very simple bow cuff is so attractive. Go to the oopsey daisy site to see how to make one like it. Think of making the cuff in other colors also.

63. Pistachio Necklace

Well, you'd never know that this fashionable necklace was homemade, much less that it is made using pistachio shells. In the tutorial that you'll find at Crme de la Craft they use craft paints to paint the shells, but I think I'd use nail polish. There are so many different colors of nail polish and the finished "beads" would be shiny.

64. Flirty Fluorescent Feather Earrings

Can you believe that these beauties were made using duct tape? The colors and prints on duct tape makes it a great craft supply. Find out how to make these flirty feather earrings by going to BRIT + CO.

65. Pretty Pencils

Schoolwork,or any writing for that matter, is more fun when you have pretty pencils. You can make your own pretty pencils by following the instructions for making them at omiyage blogs.

66. Duct Tape Hair Bow

You'll find a duct tape in the color and design you love, to make an interesting hair bow. The directions for making this hair bow can be found at Tip Junkie.

67. Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet

My granddaughter made one of these when she was here on vacation and it really is a great project. You can make this beautiful bracelet using the instructions found at TWINKLE AND twine.

68. Beautiful Lace Scarf

Dress up a casual outfit or wear this lace scarf for a special occasion. You'll find the tutorial for making this lace scarf, and a couple other ways to wear it, at A Beautiful Mess.

69. Gingham Flowers

Although these flowers are made using gingham fabric, you can choose whatever sort of prints or solid colors that you want to make these flowers. Go to PINK PAPER PEPPERMINTS for the instructions.

70. 3D Floral Shorts

If you look closely you'll be able to see the three dimensional flowers on the shorts. See how to make them by going to teenVOGUE to find the directions.

71. American Print Shorts

You'll have so many occasions to wear an American print shorts outfit this summer. Be sure to make this project now so you have it ready for this summer. Find the easy to follow tutorial at NIFTY THRIFTY GOODWILL. Outstanding!

72. How to Make Scallop Edged Shorts

73. XOXO Pillows

Girls, you can dress up your bedroom by making these cute pillows for your bed. They would also make a nice gift to give someone you love. Find the instructions for this project at craftaholics anonymous.

74. Friendship Hairpins

You'll love these braided friendship bracelet bobby pins. Make different combinations of ribbons to accent your different outfits. An easy and cheap accessory. Find the instructions for making these braided hairpins at BEACH HAIR 101.

75. Paper Flower Pomanders

Besides this being a great addition to the décor of your room or apartment, this could also be used for Prom or a school function. Get the instructions for making these paper flower pomanders at Bird’s Party Blog.

76. Ric Rac Rose

I'm sure you'll be able to think up lots of uses for these ric rac roses. Make a bunch by following the instructions at The Ribbon Retreat. and then let your imagination go.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 4 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      I want to try the recycled nail polish. It looks so cool.

    • noner profile image

      noner 4 years ago

      The Double Bow Necklace is adorable.