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My Favorite Acrylic Yarn

Updated on December 30, 2017

I Love Yarn

Caron Simply Soft Review

Caron Simply Soft is my favorite light worsted acrylic yarn for several reasons: low cost, luxurious hand, and colorful palette.

Low Cost

Simply Soft is available in most craft stores, larger Wal-Mart stores, and online. If I run out of a color, I can quickly and easily get more unless a color is discontinued. Just recently, Simply Soft went on sale at Michael's for $2.99 a skein, so I bought the lovely watermelon pink you see at the right.

Luxurious Hand

I often buy fabric, yarn, and clothing by feel. Yes, it is important that things look good; however, it is more important that they feel good. I can sometimes be seen touching and squeezing yarn in a craft store (rather like the housewives in the old Charmin commercials who couldn't resist the softness of Charmin tissue.) Simply Soft is as soft as my favorite (and more expensive) bamboo blend yarn. If you associate acrylic with a scratchy feeling, give this yarn a try. It really is soft.

Colorful Palette

Simply Soft has a slight luster, so colors look vibrant. The color selection includes warm and cool tones as well as neutrals. I personally consider a yarn to have a wide color range if it contains enough colors to make a Dr. Who scarf, and this yarn passes that test. (See below for colors and pattern links.)

In Conclusion

I recommend this yarn with just one note: The label calls this a worsted weight yarn. It is, however, not as substantial as Red Heart worsted or Wool Ease worsted. The soft texture of the yarn makes it feel lighter. I use it as a DK or sport weight yarn with needles no larger than size 7 (U.S.)

Here's What I Used for One Project:

Smaug’s Stolen Treasure Scarf: A Crochet Pattern from FiberFrau
Smaug’s Stolen Treasure Scarf: A Crochet Pattern from FiberFrau

This scarf is made with Caron Simply Soft in autumn maize color with gold jump rings.

Design in Simply Soft
Design in Simply Soft

An Original Design in Caron Simply Soft

Because this yarn has such lovely colors, I sometimes buy a skein just to play with the colors. The picture to the right is a small shawl or large scarf in watermelon with peacock accents. I may make another in two pastel or neutral colors to further test the design.

Choosing Colors for a Dr. Who Scarf in Caron Simply Soft

Because this yarn icomes in so many colors, I plan to use Simply Soft for my next Dr. Who classic scarf. I made my first scarf from the odd and ends I had on hand, since I knit it during an ice storm and couldn't get to a store to buy more yarn. The next scarf (all that garter stitich is good "therapy knitting") will be closer to the authentic colors from the television scarf.

  1. purple: Plum Perfect
  2. brick: Autumn Red
  3. olive: Forest Floor
  4. charcoal: Charcoal Heather
  5. beige: Bone
  6. toffee: Chocolate
  7. mustard: Sunshine

Two great resources for knitting Dr. Who reproduction scarves are WittyLittleKnitter and Dr. Who Scarf.

Have you used Caron Simply Soft in a project?

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    • kimberlyschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel, MLS 2 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      I may need to amend this hub. I'm doing a scarf with Vanna's Choice acrylic and finding it so soft and lofty that it's a pleasure to work with. I'm betting it will wear better than Simply Soft, too, but my research is still incomplete.

    • profile image

      Donna Cook 3 years ago

      Great review! Caron is sooo soft compared to Red Heart Worsted.

    • jennabee25 profile image

      Jenn Dixon 3 years ago from PA

      Caron is a great choice for acrylic. I'm working on a sweater using it now.