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My Journey as an Artist

Updated on April 22, 2013

My Journey as an Artist

An article about how I became an artist and a practising artist. Thus, not forgetting what is most important...which is having a relationship with God and people. It was the birth of my son that inspired me to be an artist today. I had always toyed with the idea of being an artist but did not really follow through until my son was conceived. It was through struggle, patience and totally surrendered to God that helps me to be where I am today. I am truly grateful with the support from my husband, doctors, family and friends that helps me through this journey. My son is truly a gift from God.


My Journey

It all begins from within...

My story as an artist begins when I first conceived my son 7 years ago. It was painful but yet fulfilling journey to be parents. However, I'm not here to talk about being parents (this would be another topic) but as to how it all started.

Way...way before my son came along, a group of us wanted to put a show or an exhibition together. I remembered, we even theme it "Five Loafs and Two Fishes". We wanted to have 7 women artists to put up this show and celebrate our spiritual life with God.

Well now, how did my son comes into picture? It all started with the dream of having a child. It was not easy for me to conceive as I had a history of cysts and fibroids thus previously had a miscarriage. I had to go through many tests and medical help in order for my husband and I to have a child. To cut the story short, my son was conceived.

Each time as I went for my check up, the doctor scanned the progression growth of my baby. I started to sketched every stage of the scanned image of my child's growth. I did not think much about that but all I knew it was special to me and I wanted to document every stage of my baby's growth.

Well, little did I know my friend prompted the idea of having the women show again. My son became my inspiration. The sketches that I have done was transformed into paintings! It was such a joy to work on the paintings and I found a new passion besides being a designer.

My Canvas - Useful Art Materials

Some of these art materials that were used in my paintings. Such as Gel Medium, Laser Printing, Tracing Paper, Acrylics and canvas. However, one can also find useful art materials to create different effects.

Art Books - Some art books that might get you started...

Tips on how to use Gel Medium - Multiple ways to use Gel Medium

There many ways one can use Gel Medium. You can use it as a glue, as a varnish, as a medium to transfer image to another surface. Give it a try!

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