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Nikon Macro Lens: Great Close-Ups

Updated on October 25, 2014

Ever since getting hooked on photography a couple of years ago, I've been fascinated seeing subjects up close. That hasn't meant coming up to people and taking their photos from 3 feet away. No, my subjects are living in another little world normally right out of sight.

With one of my very favorite photographic gadgets, a macro lens (Nikon calls them Micro lenses), I'm able to see and photograph things in minute detail. Whether these subjects are flowers, insects or just abstracts, I am getting down to nature in a big way with this amazingly specialized camera lens.

What's so fancy about a macro/micro lens?

  1. This type of lens is referred to as a prime lens, meaning that its focal length is fixed, unlike a zoom or telephoto lens which have a variable focal length.

  2. Superior glass is used in the optics, and the lenses are heavier than non prime lenses.
  3. Normally they'll have a larger maximum aperture enabling low light and shallow depth of field photography.

There are many more things that make a macro lens desirable to any type of photographer, so we'll get into those in time. If you don't have a dedicated close up lens or you have a point-and-shoot camera, don't despair as most small cameras will have a dedicated setting on the dial (usually an image of a flower) for close ups.

Why a macro lens is worth it

Prime lenses are more expensive than telephoto or zoom lenses, but what you get in return is a lens that can do a host of things most others can't. The image quality is exceptional, combined with a fast, maximum aperture of f2.8 and a 1:1 reproduction ratio meaning that this 105mm certainly delivers on all counts.

It comes with VR (vibration reduction) or image stabilization and SWM (silent wave motor) for smooth focusing making this particular model of lens one of the best available.

It's definitely worth every cent and has ended up being one of the three most used lenses in my camera bag. To see images shot with it go here for: flowers | insects | oil and water

Dream lens

With my dream lens, I'm able to appreciate our beautiful world in ways many people don't know about, and I'm often told that I talk to the insects! Well, why wouldn't I? I'm only a few inches away from them and believe it or not, they do communicate back, responding to a shutter click with a nod of the head (a head that may only be a little bigger than a pin head!). Whether I do, is another matter!

Great lens, great quality, great images, great gift and great fun!


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