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Nikon underwater camera reviewed and compared

Updated on March 14, 2013

If you are looking for a Nikon underwater camera or want to know how to turn your existing Nikon digital camera in to a Nikon underwater camera you have stumbled across the right site.

This lens is dedicated solely to Nikon underwater cameras, so if you want to know what the best Nikon underwater camera is or know how to use your current Nikon camera for underwater photography then please carry on reading.

Nikon S30

If you are after a cheap and cheerful Nikon underwater camera the S30 is the camera for you. This nifty little camera has a 10MP sensor, a lens with a focal length of 29mm - 87mm, 2.7 inch screen and can be used to depths of 3m.

The optical quality of the Nikon S30 isn't great but it is labelled as a "family camera" that is designed more for fun and capturing mediocre images as opposed to creative images.

If all you want is a Nikon underwater camera with which to have fun and take snaps of your kids playing at the pool or down the beach, the Nikon S30 is well worth considering.

Nikon AW100

If you want a Nikon underwater camera that is more powerful than the Nikon S30 then I suggest you take a look at the Nikon AW100. The AW100 is an impressive point and shoot camera that boasts a 16MP sensor, 5 times optical zoom and a large 3 inch LCD screen.

As you'd expect the Nikon AW100 is tough, durable and built to last. It is a well made compact camera that will provide many years of service. Nikon claims the AW100 can be taken down to depths of 33 feet, can be dropped on to solid ground from 5 feet and can be used in sub zero temperatures, so it is one bullet proof camera.

The image quality of the AW100 is very good and it is possible to capture some stunning images, even under water. The low light capabilities of the Nikon AW100 is something that you have to experience to appreciate.

Using a standard Nikon digital camera as a Nikon underwater camera

If you want to use a Nikon underwater camera you may not have to buy a specific Nikon waterproof camera after all. Oh no, it may actually be possible to use your existing Nikon digital camera to take under water photographs. This means you can use your top end compact or digital slr and benefit from the manual controls to capture those stunning images.

If you own and use a Nikon compact camera you can buy a generic "plastic bag" type waterproof case that you can use with all Nikon point and shoot and compact cameras. There are a few manufacturers of these type of waterproof cases, however the best one is made by DiCAPac.

DiCAPac waterproof case

The DiCAPac is a tough and durable waterproof case that will ensure your Nikon digital camera remains safe, secure, and most importantly dry, when taking images in and around water. DiCAPac claims you can use your camera in this product under the water however it is something I have never tried as I am afraid to risk it. I use the DiCAPac around the pool, at the beach and in all other places where I need to prevent water splashing on my camera. The DiCAPac is totally splash proof and it is an excellent and cheap product to use when all you need to do is keep water off your camera.

There are other types of "plastic bag" type waterproof cases for Nikon cameras, but the DiPACac is by far the best.

If you actually want to use your existing Nikon camera for underwater photography, as opposed to just keeping the water off it, I would suggest spending a little more money and buying an underwater case or housing for your specific type of Nikon camera. Cases that are specifically designed for a certain model of Nikon camera will ensures the camera fits the case correctly, which means your camera will remain dry, and also allows easy access to all the important features and buttons you are going to need when the camera is inside the case.

The cases themselves are tough, built to last and totally sealed to ensure can't reach the camera. These waterproof camera cases are available for all the popular Nikon models so there is sure to be something for your specific camera.

These waterproof camera cases aren't cheap, but then again neither are digital cameras so it is well worth spending the extra money on something that is definitely going to keep your camera safe and sound. Besides, having easy access to all the controls and features of your camera when it is in the case is awesome and once you start capturing those stunning underwater shots you will soon see the additional cost of these waterproof cases are worth every cent.

Below are some of the popular Nikon underwater camera cases:

Nikon J1 waterproof case

Nikon P300 waterproof case

Nikon Coolpix waterproof case

Ikelite waterproof case

If you are serious about underwater photography and want to capture the best images possible, you are going to need an Ikelite case for your Nikon dslr camera. The Ikelight cases are used by professionals, which is a testament to how good they are. The Ikelight cases are tough, durable and built to last. The Ikelight cases allows easy access to all the settings and features of your dslr camera, which means you can tweak the exposure quickly and efficiently without missing any photo opportunities.

There are loads of accessories and add-ons for Ikelite waterproof cases, such as powerful strobes, which you can buy to improve your underwater photographs further and take your skills to the next level.

Ikelite waterproof cases aren't cheap, but they are the best money can buy and if you are serious about your underwater photography the case will soon earn and pay for itself.

Do you shoot with a Nikon camera?

If you shoot with a Nikon digital slr camera you are going to need some accessories to get the most out of it. For a "one stop shop" of all Nikon photography equipment check out the above store.

If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas, rants or raves please feel free to note them in my guestbook.

Similarly, if you have any experiences of Nikon underwater cameras (good or bad) please feel free to let everyone know and note it down here. Thanks.

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