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Nancy Jo Graham, Artist

Updated on October 24, 2014

Artist & Floral Designer

Welcome! I am a practicing artist, floral designer and a teacher with a Master's degree in drawing & painting. Included here is a look at some of the art and plant and floral designs which I create. It is my hope that this work will move you, inspire you or communicate with you in some positive way. Most of my work is influenced by my love of color and nature. I hope you enjoy.

I thrive on being creative in many ways and will be posting some new work soon. Check back! Soon to arrive is more about my floral work and window box and container plantings.

To contact me, click on my photo on the upper right side of this page, then click on "Contact Me".

What I Do

The words on the painting say it well.

Art Work

I love to draw. It is the immediacy of it that I treasure so much. When I am working, my fingers are so close to the tip of the tools which are making the mark on the paper that I feel completely immersed. Wouldn't you love to be drawn into and consumed like this by something you are creating?

We all have our own talents that can be expressed and shared with others. I feel we are happier if we are able to do work which encourages us to use our own unique skills, whatever they may be.

Colored Pencil Drawings

Until recently, most of my work has been done in color pencil. I have been working in this medium for over 35 years. Here is one of my color pencil pieces with a bit of paint added. It is done on paper and measures 30" X 20".


Here is a close-up view of a section of the drawing above. The flowers in this vase were inspired by roses, heliotrope and pepperberry, with a few imagined things thrown in.

Closer still

Here is an even closer view.

Many people have said that my work does not look like color pencil, but rather watercolor or soft pastels. This is because I like to use paper with very little tooth, in other words: extremely smooth paper. In fact, quite often I will use a soft paper intended for printmaking. I prefer pencils with a harder lead that sharpens to a fine point. I fill in the color meticulously in several layers and then rub it in with my fingers or a blending tool. All of this leads to a finished drawing which doesn't always show the actual mark of the pencil.


Here is a close-up of the spiral on the left side of the piece. It is made up of stylized tulips, calla lilies, peonies, roses and berries.

Oil Pastel

For the last 35 years, my color pencil work has been very subtle in it's color and line, but here is an early anomaly: a very dynamic piece that spilled out of me in the early 1990's right in the middle of all the delicate line work.

It seems I am now returning to that brighter, more intense palette and a bolder technique. Is my mood changing, or am I changing my mood by being bolder with my art? The next few pieces will show you what I mean. They are my latest works.

Oil Pastel and Paint on Wood

Donated to a benefit sale.

Oil Pastel

A Small Gift

Another Small Gift

These two small paintings went to someone as a pair and were a "thank you" present.

At Work in My Studio - Here you can have a glimpse of my studio and a mixed media piece.

I made this piece for a charity auction and I missed it after it was gone. It was such fun to create.

Imagine all the Beautiful Things You Can Create!

This was created for a corporate product demo.

Floral Designs

I love my work as a floral designer. In floral design, flowers and plant materials which would not normally be seen next to each other in nature are able to be combined and manuevered to enhance and draw attention to their individual qualities. The close juxtapositon of so many different colors, textures and shapes of flowers never fails to fascinate me.

Here is a collection of hand-tied wedding bouquets for a ceremony in the summer.

Sketching to Plan For a Floral Design

Often, as I am consulting with a client about a floral design, I will "discuss" it in a visual way. Here is one example of a design for a bride's bouquet.

Centerpieces for a Brazilian Wedding

Floral Art: Flowers & Vegetables

Click on the links below to read more from me on floral design.

Here are links to some other pages where I have written about flowers and floral design. Click on these to read and learn more.

Custom Plantings - designed for private homes and businesses

Coordinating Pots

I Love to Create, Create, Create.

Teaching Experience

In addition to classes which I conduct on my own, these are some of the places where I have had the pleasure of teaching.

Floral Design Parties - in your own home: what fun!

One of the things I love to do is to bring flowers, tools, vases and my enthusiasm to your house for a floral design party. You provide the snacks and drinks and I provide the entertainment. Each guest leaves with one or more flower arrangements to take home with them along with a bit more knowledge on designing with flowers.

One of My Favorite Pastimes of Late - Drawing with Sketchbook Pro on my iPad

It's a Bit Like Advanced Finger-painting - Here is a bit of whimsy.

Sometimes I use Sketchbook Pro to help myself plan floral designs.

Please sign my guestbook. Thanks for visiting!


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    • JakTraks profile image

      Jacqueline Marshall 6 years ago from Chicago area

      Absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed this lens!

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

      What lovely art. I love your use of colour and the mood your compositions evoke.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      ms graham your designs are magic. specially floral wave...................

    • profile image

      selfdefenseclique 8 years ago

      your artwork is really colorful and yet so calming, I really enjoyed seeing your artwork on the different sites and it was so easy to do this through your site, this is a pleasurable and easy way to get to know an artist's work.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Dear Ms. Graham,

      I was very impressed by your photograph "Blue Bouquet" on Flickr!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      I seriously can't believe your drawings are colored pencil - they are so fantastic! I really wish that I could draw like that!! ***** for sharing your love of art with us. And thanks for stopping by Organizing a Room! :)