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No Sew Fleece Blankets

Updated on February 11, 2009

Starting the blanket

These are literally the easiest you'll ever make. I had seen the technique before and actually tried it on a pillow but I made a couple errors that caused me to think this is far more difficult than it is. I re-learned how at my Mothers of Preschoolers program today, and I wanted to share.  Take two pieces of fleece, the size depends on who you are making the blanket for. An infant would probably need a yard, a toddler a yard and a half. Two yards for a lap blanket would be great. Pick two colors that go well together - you can see that my materials for two blankets are pink & blue with white for a background. 

Cutting the fleece

Cut the selvege edges and line the piece of fleece up, right sides out. Trim if needed. Cut a 4 inch square out of each corner. You can make this 5 or 6 inches if the fleece is huge, but smaller than 3 inches makes it difficult to manipulate. You'll notice that I pinned the edges at the cuts, just to stabilize things as I worked.  

Making the cuts

The nice thing about this blanket is it's very forgiving. A little uneveness or rough cuts aren't a tragedy - as the old folks say, it will never be noticed on a galloping horse. Now start on any side you like and line your yardstick (or appropriate inch-marked material, I used my cutting mat) up four inches in.

Now cut up at roughly 1 inch intervals across the edge.  

Now tie the blanket off

After you've cut, tie the top and bottom strips one by one. You judge whether or not you need to tie one or two knots. As it's washed and used the fabric will work together and prevent any untieing.  

Finishing the blanket

I highly recommend cutting and tieing one side then moving on to another. It makes it much less likely to have an accident where the thing falls apart (another reason I pinned the corners). It's quick and easy, and one small blanket will not take more than an hour to complete. Get your friends and a pile of fleece and make a bunch to donate to a birthing center or pregnancy center - that's what my MOPs group did.  


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    • Teresa Gunderson profile image

      Teresa Gunderson 9 years ago from Joliet

      Thank you, Dink96! I love these blankets, and there is fairly little "movement" despite no stitching. That doesn't mean that you couldn't stitch them if you wish, but I have a feeling if you make one you'll be pleased.

      My four year old has had one since infancy and still adores it. I have honestly never noticed it moving, although I can pull the layers apart if I try.

      These are great for gifts, that's for sure, and since you can make them in all sizes (and there are so many patterns & colors in fleece!) they're good for just about everyone.

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 9 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      These are adorable! And so easy even I could do it! But do the two fabrics ever "move" since you didn't stitch them together at all? I don't have kids, but what a great project to give to the fire dept. for kids or an afterschool program etc. Thanks.